How To Do The Harlem Shake Of Content Marketing

Harlem Shake, I think its safe to say that we all know how viral this concept went on YouTube. If you didn’t get to see it, head over to YouTube right away and simply type in Harlem shake and you should be able to find a ton of videos there. It might be a little weird and or crazy, but then it went viral didn’t it. A quick and short analysis of the Harlem Shake video shows various aspects of marketing and virality of the video. While we really can’t define what made this video viral, we sure do can come with simple concepts that can at least get our content to get the attention it deserves.

A quick analysis of this viral video shows that it not only takes people to start to copy the original, but also be creative. For a video to go viral on the web, people really need to take to it. From my analysis of past viral videos on YouTube and content on the web, I’ve been able to come to some sort of a decisive conclusion to what makes these videos and content go viral. Its how you strategize, who you choose, your means of communication and what you really market. I will do my best to highlight the various factors that will help you to take your content and or videos to the next level by making it go viral.

5 Ways To Do The Harlem Shake With Content Marketing

How To Do The Harlem Shake Of Content Marketing

Come Up With A Unique Strategy For Content Marketing

While videos are quite easy to replicate and add virality to, content can be quite boring and slow. That does not mean, you don’t have to try and not do anything about increase your reach and visibility online. The key to making your blog or content go viral is to come up with a unique strategy that no one else has tried before. Learn to adapt and develop at the same time, this gives you a competitive edge over others in the industry. Mixing and matching communication mediums is another great way to make your Content Marketing strategy unique and cover a wide range of  readers and customers.

Go With The Trend

Writing about something that is in trend or is being talked about can get you quite a bit of attention. Understand what people are most interested in reading at the moment and get their attention by writing about relative and similar topics. Keep updated with current trends by subscribing to Google trends and Twitter trends that cover the most discussed and most searched about topics on the web and the social network.

Don’t Be Afraid To Do Something Crazy

The one important concept with the Harlem Shake video is that you need to learn to be free. Don’t be afraid to try something new and crazy, your customers might just love it. While the Harlem Shake video is so different, you immediately want to Google up what the entire thing was all about. Videos like this go so viral that at time the source of all of this is lost in the mist of its virality. The important thing to keep in mind, is what the video can do for you and your business. So go out there and write something completely off the chart, but something that would stick with your readers.

Copy But Improvise Content Marketing Strategies

Coming up with a content marketing strategy all by yourself can be quite hard if you do not have a marketing background, there are various ways that you can accomplish this task. Content marketing can be both easy and hard depending on how much you know about it. The simplest form of content marketing it to copy your competitors strategy. Closely follow all that your competitors are doing, talk to fellow bloggers about what they are doing as part of their content marketing strategy. Build that network that will take you far in the content marketing space. Once you get to know more about what others are doing in the field of content marketing, the better you will be at formulating a successful content marketing strategy.

Team Up With Others To Add Virality To Your Content Marketing Strategy

Based on how good your content it, you can get other top bloggers and readers in your community to share and increase popularity of your content. You can simply write them an email, call them up, or simply hit them up on Facebook or Twitter and have them tweet about your new content. Articles increase in virality depending on who really tweets about it, your article or content has a better chance of getting more shares if its tweeted by the right people. For example, if you are writing a free eBook about blogging, who better can you ask to tweet about it than Darren Rowse? Building that healthy network and community is very important as it helps take your content further than you expected.

If you are a blogger looking to do some marketing, you don’t have to go to a content marketing agency or a content marketing company – you can simply build your very own content marketing plan.

This brings us to the end of How To Do The Harlem Shake Of Content Marketing. I hope that you will be able to create something that is creative and crazy as the Harlem Shake videos and not ask why content marketing anymore. If you found some use of this article, appreciate you share it on Facebook and Twitter.

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