Know The Selling Cycle To Master Affiliate Sales

Over 15 odd years ago, people used to walk door to door to sell a product. Gone are those days. With the birth of the Internet, selling and the process involved in selling has changed a lot. Almost everyone is a sales person today. Anyone with little or no knowledge of sales are selling affiliated […]

How To Write A Blog Post That People Would Read

Oh yeah! I bet everyone wants to write a blog post that people would read. Let me caution you that, this is not the only process but there are various other techniques as well. I am specifically talking about this method to you because, I use this system and it works well for me. What […]

Blog Monetization And Requirements That You Need To Know

Have you done blog monetization in the past? if not, do you know the various monetization options available to you? What are the requirements and what advertisers expect from a blog? Blog monetization is pretty much the best way your blog can bring in regular income if you are not just blogging to market. The […]

How To Increase Sales Once A List Is Generated

List building being one of the most essentials for any blogger or business. List building is nothing but lead generation online. Its the process of collecting email addresses. In some cases name, email and phone numbers as well. This entirely depends o the blogger or business or what their strategy is to pitch to customers […]

Digital Media Challenges The Opportunities Of The Future

Before smartphones and the Internet we all used to read information on printed media like newspapers and magazines. Do you remember the last time you did that? This has changed. We are overcoming Digital Media Challenges and looking forward to the future. When at a coffee shop, I’m either browsing the web on my iPad or on […]

6 Simple Ways to Get More Blog Subscribers

The question that I keep getting asked during every consulting service is, how do I grow my list Eddie? How do I Get More Blog Subscribers? Its simple. Don’t complicate things and make it easy for readers to find optins or subscription buttons on your blog. There are a few things that you need to […]

Basics Of Blog Post Optimization For Search Engines

Do you really think  blog post optimization is required? Think again. While most of us have been blogging for a while, it does not mean that we are doing everything that is required for our posts to be well ranked and also have a high conversion rate. There are various factions that affect search rankings as […]

The Secret To Affiliate Marketing Success: Stop Marketing And Start Selling

Affiliate Marketing Success. It’s Simple. Everyone wants to make money, be it from Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing Success Techniques, or Direct Sales. I prefer Affiliate Marketing Success over all other monetization methods for blog. While there are millions out there who are making $100,000 from AdSense and advertisements. I prefer to mix things a little bit. I do […]

Transparency The Key To Successful Affiliate Marketing

Transparency is not a smart strategy, its mandatory. If you are not committed to being transparent in your social media strategy, then you are going to face some major consequence not only from your readers online but also from the FTC ( Federal Trade Commission). If you plan on associating your self to any brand or product, […]

How To Use Social Media To Generate Leads

Both small businesses and enterprise business are often faced with a perplexing problem. How to use Social Media To Generate Leads? Your company, no matter what it does, sales is a requirement. Be it selling software, hardware or services for a diverse range of industries, you need to establish a social media presence that would drive […]