33 Hot Pinterest Traffic Generation Tips

While there are millions of bloggers who speculate on Facebook Traffic, Twitter traffic, and search traffic; its time to speculate on Pinterest traffic. Why? Because its one of the largest traffic referral networks available today. While you can see that pinterest is in the bottom of the list of social networks. Its constantly on the rise in traffic generation social networks, which means a lot for bloggers and businesses online. Pinterest writing from a picture, is simply a home for your visual representation for your content.

Pinterest growth july 2012

Pinterest Stats 2012

I’ve been able to look up an interesting infographic on Pinterest that highlights the social media statistics. This infographic was published by Huffington post, I am sure that they are pretty accurate. This only goes to show how much pinterest traffic you can generate to your blog or website. You will find the pinterest stats at the very bottom of the infographic.

Pinterest Traffic



Here’s 33 Hot Pinterest Traffic Generation Tips

While the tips listed below are not the only way Pinterest Driving Traffic to your blog, website or business. If you are willing to do some analysis and optimize your social media efforts you can even make some good affiliate sales and commission. Remember to engage with your readers and followers as engagement is one of the most important aspects to building a brand and loyal followers.

Pinterest Traffic Tips

  1. Pin infographics for maximum re-shares and likes which increase pinterest traffic
  2. Brand your pinterest profile with your blog name
  3. Keep your about section updated
  4. Link your blog to your pinterest profile, its dofollow
  5. Link other social networks like twitter and Facebook to your pinterest account
  6. Pin regularly and like regularly
  7. Re-share or re-pin occasionally
  8. Comment on pins regularly
  9. Create captivating and keyword right board names
  10. Install bookmarklet of pinterest to pin instantly
  11. Tag friends in posts
  12. Use keyword in hashtags
  13. Description on your pin is important for pinterest traffic
  14. Add link on link section of pin
  15. Create content rich boards
  16. Pin high quality images
  17. Add pins from your blog and other blog in same pinboard
  18. Add taller images. Tall images gets more repin
  19. Follow top pinterest users
  20. Follow relative niche boards
  21. Follow trends on what’s pinned the most
  22. Become an information source
  23. Pin content that have rich images
  24. Be yourself
  25. Let your readers know you are on pinterest
  26. Ask blog visitors to follow you
  27. Link to other boards
  28. Try and incorporate qr codes in your pins
  29. Pin videos to your pinterest board to drive pinterest traffic
  30. Encourage sharing
  31. Add pinterest buttons to images on your blog
  32. Invite board contributions
  33. Pin humor

While the above tips will help you to set up a good Pinterest profile, there are some free tools that you can use to make pinning easy.

  • Pinterest App for Bing Bar
  • Pinterest Bookmarklet for Chrome, Firefox
  • Pinterest for android and iPhone

Get these simple apps installed and start pinning right away to generate pinterest traffic.

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  1. SUPER helpful Pinterest resource Eddie, time for me to get cracking. I have resisted for long enough ;)

  2. Excellent article Eddie, I’ll have to share this for #SoMeSa.

    I haven’t done enough on pinterest it’s time to turn things up a notch.

    • Hello Darnell, Thanks for stopping by. Pinterest has been one of the largest traffic referrals, and I think we all as bloggers and marketers need to make best use of the system.

  3. Building on point #10 — the Pinterest pin it button works on iOS devices. If you have a Mac, you can have iCloud transfer it to your devices. Then you can pin content while on the go via the Safari app.

  4. Love this post. Pinterest really is proving to be a great platform to use and you have provided some brilliant tips to use it effectively. Thanks for sharing on Bizsugar.com

    • Hi Sian,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog. Appreciate your comment. I never used Pinterest much before, but the traffic potential the network holds is much higher. So I come up with creative social media campaigns from time to time to get traffic and targeted marketing and bloggers to my blog.

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