Musings of a Product Manager, Author & Entrepreneur

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    Musings of a Product Manager, Author & Entrepreneur

  • How To Start A Successful Blog In 2022

    Dreary morning commutes, endless gazing into the computer and living for the weekends. Sounds like your life? Well, you are not alone. Corporate careers are great. Except for the 2-week vacations, tight deadlines, lousy pay and slow career growth. If you want to escape the daily 9-5 grind, STARTING YOUR OWN BLOG is one way […]

  • Pre-Seed Funding: Start With The Basics

    A successful startup company contributes to the country’s ecosystem in many ways. While many great ideas reside in the young entrepreneurs’ minds, not all of them successfully get outside investment or internal investment sources. Pre-Seed Funding, also known as Pre-Seed Capital, is a form of external investing at a pretty early stage of incorporating a […]

  • Why Thrive Content Builder Is Every Blogger’s Secret Weapon

    Do you have content that’s created to impress your readers and have them coming back for more? Good. Cause you’ve got just about 30 seconds or less to impress them! 30 seconds. That’s all! Yep! There are millions of websites available on the web today and everyone’s creating great content with stunning images and videos […]