5 Tricks to Writing Blog Posts in Record Time

Ever been in a situation where you sit down to write and nothing pops in your head?

Having a writers block?

Don’t know what to write about anymore or may be you feel that you have exhausted all avenues of topics to focus on.

After blogging for some time it can get to you. You might start realizing that there is nothing more left to talk about.

It happened to me too and it will happen to you as well unless you plan well ahead.

It used to take me forever to complete a post and have it published. But over time after reading tons of posts on article writing, essay writing from expert writers and authors, I learned.

Today on an average I take about 2 hour to write a post, that includes spell check, grammar check and publish.

While you can still find errors on my post they are mostly due to oversight. With my hectic work schedule and blogging parallely, its quite hard to do everything perfectly.

At least I try my best to offer best for my readers. How do I do this is what this post is about. If you follow this strategy for a while and get used to it, you will be able to deliver posts much quicker, and that’s why I call it writing a blog post in record time.

Write Blog Post Titles One Hour A Week

Every Saturday after my fun filled Friday and partying, I get writing a blog post planner (which is an excel sheet tailor made for my type of writing) and start working.

Based on your categories I always try to write one post per category such that my posts are varied and not boring or similar to my readers. I think about one topic to write about or one customer problem to address.

The goal is to come up with as many blog titles as possible. One the best ways to do this is to read as many blog titles as possible. This will in a way give you creative ideas of how you can adapt your work.

Research & Bookmark References

Now that you have your blog post titles ready, its time to start researching about these posts and getting additional information. Take one post title and begin search on Google, try and get a sense of understand as to what you want to project in your article.

Try to come up with sub headings and start saving URLs where you find useful information.

Merge, convert and add your special sauce to your article. Now continue the process by reporting the same for every post title you have. Actually doing this only for the posts you want published during the week helps and saves time.

Write a Short Introduction

Lets say that you have about 7 posts researched, assuming one per week. Its time to start writing an introduction for each article about 250 words.

This helps you remember the direction of your blog post when you look at it during the week when you are really going to write the article.

This can be quite a bit tedious if your not focused, the best way I tackle this is to get a good cup of coffee and some pleasant music. It should easily take you an hour to complete this process.

Mind Map or Structure Your Content

Now that you have the blog post ideas in place, its time to start writing the actual article.

Every day in the week take about an hour to work on your blog post. Try to structure each sub heading as per your article. Make sure that the posts are flowing and are in continuation to the previous paragraph.

Once that is done, all you have to do is to write the content relevant to each of the sub headings. This will help you to complete the task relatively quickly and also ensure that your post is well structured.

Create Variations

Now you have completed 7 articles for the week, what about the following weeks? How are you going to come up with more articles. One of the best way to do that is to try and switch the focus on the post to another interest. Meaning, lets take a look at the example.

5 Shortcuts For Writing A Blog Post In Record Time

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This is just one example, the options are endless. It should be a breeze for you to come you with more creative ideas as you progress in writing articles.

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