Why Writing Ain’t As Good As It Used To Be

About a decade ago when blogging was not as big and popular as it is today. Only those who were good at writing got online or someone who had a strong technical background and knowledge of websites were online. Things have changed since the birth of blogging.

Anyone can start a blog with little or no effort and start writing articles good or bad. With blogging you don’t have to be good at writing and you don’t need any license to publish your work online. Writing has lost a lot of its flair, people don’t write as good as it they used to. Not because they have lost their ability to write, but simply because there are other people who have joined the community who are not good at writing.

Writing is losing its quality so much so that search engines like Google look for quality articles to rank and even have it as a criteria for search rankings. Writing does not come easy for everyone but if you can take a little bit of effort to reference a few guides or take up some classes you can soon master the art of writing and get the standards of writing up to where it used to be.

  • Everyone Is A Writer With Blogging
  • Everyone Can Become A Publisher Because Of Amazon Kindle
  • Not Everyone Takes Up Writing In School To Be A Writer When They Grow Up
  • Not Everyone Has English As Their Native Language

Everyone Is A Writer With Blogging

Ever since the birth of blogging and the knowledge that one can make money with a blog, everyone is taking up blogging. This has introduced the world with a whole lot of new writers that is reducing the quality of writing. Its not the writer that is losing his or her ability to write but non writers trying to write and fill the web with content.

We have top ranking sites in Google that are simply made up of mediocre content. Readers are often faced with reading poor material and bad writing because they are most often written by non native English speakers. These people most often do not have a strong command over the language and end up producing poor quality writing.

This does not mean that we have to live with writing that is not good. We can take small steps to ensure that we produce better quality content. Its true writing ain’t what it used to be, but with some training and education we can all do better.

Everyone Can Become A Publisher Because Of Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle opened up opportunities for thousands of dollars to be made from writing eBooks. Small business owners, bloggers started creating eBooks from their blog posts. There are new short story writers emerging every day and there are books covering simple things like blogging tips to full blown novels all selling anywhere between a dollar and $9.99 average.

Amazon kindle opened up the opportunity for everyone to become a self publisher. Anyone can write and publish an eBook these days and sell it at a price that they deem fit. Everyone is able to make money out of eBooks with the right strategies and techniques. Its important to note that not everyone is cut out for writing and when it comes to creating eBooks it takes a lot of skill and patience. You need to create structure and flow of content that is easily understandable.

Now that everyone is publishing eBooks this has brought down the quality of writing to a great extent. I’ve purchased eBooks from Amazon Kindle that I’ve simply thrown away because it was made of nothing worth, it had poor English, poor structure and everything was bad about it. But by reading books on how to organize and create books one will be able to do better. All it takes is a little bit of effort to make it big and boost writing to a whole new level.

Not Everyone Takes Up Writing In School To Be A Writer When They Grow Up

When I was in school, the English language and writing was never given much importance. The teachers focused more on the other subjects and the language was always sidelined. If my teachers had to impart the importance of the English language and the power of writing I would have been in a much better position and be able to create much higher quality of blog articles and products.

Its important that students in schools and colleges are taught the power of writing and a habit if you will is nurtured in schools so that when they grow up they have a command over the language and if they choose to write a book or even start a blog, they will be able to keep the writing standards high.

Even now there are not many English writing courses that teaches bloggers and publishers the art of writing well for the web. If only there were better systems writing won’t be as bad as it is today.

Not Everyone Has English As Their Native Language

One of the biggest reasons writing ain’t what it used to be is because most of the writers today are non English native speakers. This in some way plays a huge role in the quality of writing and the output they produce. Its important that non English speakers take up classes that helps them master the art of writing English.

Today, there are million of bloggers hailing out of India and not all of them can even speak proper English but they run blogs and are making thousands of dollars online. Not to say that all Indian bloggers are bad, but simply that extra attention to writing has to be made to improve the quality of writing.

In Summary, writing is not what it was a decade ago. Today anyone can be a writer and with the birth of blogging everyone has taken up writing, everyone is publishing eBooks thanks to Amazon Kindle eBooks and many of these writers are not native English speakers and not all of them are well educated in the language. Things might not be good now for writing but this opens up opportunities for us writers to be better at what we do.

Question: How good a writer are you? Do you work to make the community better? Do you think writing is not what it was 10 years ago? Share your thoughts and comments.

One response to “Why Writing Ain’t As Good As It Used To Be”

  1. Good post Editorial Staff!

    My two cents: I think that in addition to these new avenues for any one to become a writer, I believe that this trend is part because people want to absorb info quickly by reading a few paragraphs. If it is too lengthy, they discard it.

    This, I guess, has resulted in people being okay with mistakes made or if the quality of the post isn’t great as long as they get the right information. But then again, as far as I have seen, blog posts/articles written with better prose and good information (and longer formats) do tend to capture attention, like this one 😉

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