What Mom Never Told You About Blogging

My mom told me, Eddie – “take a look at all those moms who blog. They are so organized and plan everything in detail. Why are you so disorganized?” As the saying goes, you mom is never wrong. I took up a planner and began planning my goals and targets for the year 2016.

Things are much organized now and I’m happy that I’m able to free up some time in my schedule to focus on the smaller things that brings happiness to me.

Since my mom was so good at giving advise, I decided to ask her about blogging. I was stumped, there was so much she knew that she never ever told me when I started off 8 years ago. Blogging has been a learning curve for me for almost 8 years and I still learn new things.

Its exciting and fun but the journey to make money with a blog could have been much sooner if I’d known about the various strategies and facts about blogging.

There are so many tools like AWeber, SEMRush (I did a SEMRush review after I fell in love with the tool 7 years into blogging) and so many other tools and autoresponders.  Here are the key points that my mom forgot to mention about blogging.

  • It Can Be A Million Dollar Business
  • It Can Get You Famous Online
  • Anyone Can Become A Blogger
  • You Need To Have Knowledge To Share
  • Bloggers Are Essentially Writers

Blogging can make you millions of dollars within a few years of Investment.

It Can Be A Million Dollar Business

When I started blogging back in 2007 I had no clue that there was so much potential into blogging. It was not until bloggers like Pat Flynn started showcasing their review online did I realize how much money lies in blogging. Its a multi-million dollar industry where there are millions to be made with the right strategy.

Its not late, I’ve made my first $1000 with this blog and there is only good things to look ahead with this project. I aim at a $50,000 for the year 2016 and I have a few strong products in the pipeline to help me reach the goal. None the less, blogging is full of money and with the right attitude and a good product and high quality content you can make that money in no time.

This is one of the most important things my mom forgot to mention when I was younger and starting out as a blogger. I was not fully prepared but now truly believe in the potential of a good business model and making money online.

It Can Get You Famous Online

My mom has been a big impact on my life in both positive and negative ways. The second thing she forgot to mention about blogging when I was starting off was that blogging can bring you fame. I never knew back then you will get featured in news networks and popular newspapers.

As I contribute to blog today I see more and more bloggers in the spotlight. Paper mentions that are note worthy and news channels featuring them. This gives me hope that one day depending on how well I perform as a blogger and how much money I make as a blogger I too have the opportunity to become famous online and for the world to know me as a well known blogger.

I am not entirely sure how I will handle all the fame for I am an introvert. But I believe that it would good for business and anything that is good for business is good for me. I’d be one of the happiest people in the world if I get featured in National newspapers.

Anyone Can Become A Blogger

Anyone can become a blogger. I never knew this. When I wanted to become a blogger I looked around and was constantly second guessing my abilities. My mom never mentioned that anyone can become a blogger. As a guide we expect parents to shed some light on new things we try to pursue.

I was surprised and always believed that only writers became bloggers. But the hard truth is that anyone can be a blogger today. All you need to do is set up a WordPress blog and start writing. All it takes is hour of your time to get everything set up and ready to go.

I believe that my confidence level would have been much higher than what It was. None the less I am grateful that I started blogging because it has turned out to be one of the very few things that I truly love doing.

You Need To Have Knowledge To Share

Just maintaining a journal online wont make you a blogger. You need to be able to share your knowledge with others so that they can learn something from you. If you are a business its an different ball game. But if you are an individual blogger then you need to have something to share with your readers to grow a following.

Blogging is the art of sharing valuable information that others can learn from. If you have nothing to share then you do not have to blog. There are millions of blogs shut down each day because everyone thinks they can be a blogger and after a few posts in they realize that blogging is not for them for they have ran out of ideas to share with their readers.

Gaining knowledge and continuing to grow that knowledge will make you a much better blogger and improve the chances of you being a successful blogger.

Bloggers Are Essentially Writers

You don’t have to be a writer to be a blogger but every blogger is essentially a writer in a way. We constantly generate content on my blog and its writing information in a certain way so that my readers can gain value from it. I never realized that I was a writer until only day it struck me.

I am a writer.

I never realized I would say that and never in a million years imagined that I would write for a living. Even though my day job is focused at digital marketing I do all the writing on my blog and make money off of it. Something very important my mom forgot to mention, bloggers are essentially writers.

In Summary, Knowing these things now leaves me at a disadvantage. I’m part of a race where everyone is ahead of me. I hope this post gives you some insights into the potentials of blogging so that you can prepare your self for the future that lies before you.

Question: If you had known these things when you were younger or when you were starting a blog, would you have done anything to ensure that you had better results? Do you think its possible to still win in a race where the competition is well ahead of you. Let me know your thoughts.

2 responses to “What Mom Never Told You About Blogging”

  1. Hi Editorial Staff. Glad to get advice from your mom and fill-in-the-blanks from you.

    I have actually started over a couple of times. Sometimes I wish I had been more focused in on what it was that I really wanted to do, but I wasn’t, so I floundered for awhile.

    Don’t know if I’ll ever be famous, but who knows? Like you, I’ve settled down to making more attainable goals, rather than just stumbling down the path.

    Thanks for sharing, but I’m not sure I’ll come back if I have to do math LOL.

    All the best,

  2. Hello Editorial Staff,

    I too, am focusing more on my goals. Blogging has so many benefits. I think consistency plays a big part in being a successful blogger. You really have to ride the tide. I like to write so that’s what keeps me going. I also like sharing what I learn with others. It’s definitely a journey for sure. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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