5 Tweet Writing Tips to Increase Click Through Rate

The power of Twitter has been the most rewarding for bloggers in terms of driving Twitter Traffic and networking with peers.

An easier form of communication, one would say.

Twitter is a medium to create awareness for some, generate traffic for many and simply a tool to engage with like minded folks.

Social Media has been a blessing to online marketers as it makes it easy to take their content, products directly to customers world wide sitting at the comfort of their homes.

There is a lot one can do to market on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Here are a few tricks that will help you to get the most out twitter.

This post is more about how to write tweets to get the maximum clicks and Traffic.

If you can’t write well, or have a well designed blog or website the user will leave the moment they visit therefore increasing your blog bounce rate – which is bad for your blog SEO.

So before yous start marketing on sites like Twitter, make sure you have a well branded blog.

Once you are confident that the user can benefit from your blog, then its time to start practicing writing your tweets.

One method I usually follow is to open up an excel workbook, if you are on Mac or you can even use Google docs.

Take up one of your recent blog posts and try writing at least 5 variations of your tweet.

While doing that try to follow the following tips as much as you possibly can. Sometimes its not possible to apply all the tips into a tweet, but you sure can add some.

Lets get started to writing better tweets, tweets that gets clicks.

Start Your Tweet With A Verb

Always try and start your tweet with a verb. Why a Verb?

Because verbs are action words, and if your tweet asks its readers to take action, and your readers are ready to take action, then they are most likely to click on your tweet message.

Proper grammar and sentence formation is key, do not write random words together as a tweet that does not make sense.

Your message has to be clear and well written.

Here is an example of a tweet that starts with a Verb.

Post Tweets as Questions

A good way to get readers to engage with you on social networks is to ask a question.

Ask a question to get an answer, ask a question that would question the readers opinion about the subject. Ask a question to know more about.

Avoid questions like what are you doing today? and How was your day? type of tweets, these don’t really get your tweets anywhere and are often ignored my readers.

Focus your tweet toward a target group and let them be specific.

Here is an example of one such tweet.

Solve A Problem

Let your message be a guide to solving some problem customers are facing. Its can be anything small or big, it can even be a bug fix for your software or products.

Customers are eager to know about updates, fixes and things that would make work easier for them.

Lets the tweets be directional if they are detailed information that you want to share.

This is a good example of a tweet that solves customer problem. How you ask? project managers are often faced with the task of managing their projects and assigning activities. This neat tools helps managers save time because of the easy to use UI.

Link First Content Next

Another interesting tip that I’ve been able to get out of tweet analysis and testing is that you tend to get more clicks if your URL is at the beginning of the tweet.

Try it and track it to measure performance.

this coupled with the tips I’ve mentioned above can be a big boost for you.

Here is an example tweet that you can use as reference.

Write Short Tweets

Even though Twitter restricts tweets to 140 Char, you need to learn to write short tweets that are easy to read.

One common thing I often found it that tweets are just about 140 char restricting a RT or additional variables to be used in the tweet.

Also by using as less words as possible you tweet look neat and crisp and your reader is immediately drawn to it.

Examples used in the above sections hold good for keeping tweets short.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Usage of hashtags was made popular with Twitter, Its a great way to focus your tweets to a specific audience.

Twitter users often follow hashtags for updates pertaining to a particular topic.

If your content is focused to that niche, then its a good idea to use a hashtag.

Examples used in the above sections hold good for usage of hashtags.

Get on twitter right now and tweet me @zabrocofficial and lets talk about how to write quality tweets.

6 responses to “5 Tweet Writing Tips to Increase Click Through Rate”

  1. Great resource here for increasing click rates on Twitter. Posting tweets as questions is definitely and under-used tactic but when done right, can create good engagement. Thanks for sharing!

    – Stuart

  2. Thank you Editorial Staff for these tips! I’m going to have to keep them in mind when writing my next tweets!

  3. Thanks for sharing this with us. Till now, I was sharing my articles on Twitter just like sharing on the other social networking site. Now, I know how to write a good tweet.

  4. Stuart, glad that we could agree on that point. Its a great way to engage your readers on social media.

  5. My simple suggestion would be to bookmark this article or simply take a print out and post it on your dashboard.

  6. There you go Nijanthan. All it takes is a little bit of research and you are already headed in the right direction.

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