Turn Your Small Business Into A Big Business With Email Marketing

Do you want to transform your small business into a million dollar business?

If your answer the to the above question is YES, then you your business needs to adopt email marketing. The money is in the list and without a list you cannot do email marketing. By setting up an optin form on your blog or business website and collecting a list or any other strategy or means you have at getting a list, it is important that you have a list. This allows you to talk one to one with your audience and pitch and even convince each reader’s differently based on their engagement and responses.

This advantage will help you grow your business and sell more products and services to your target audience. I’ve been learning a lot about email marketing that is allowing me to share my knowledge with you as well. I hope you find this article useful and help you transform you business from small business into a big business.

I have a couple of posts on list building when I launched this blog you can read them below.

Build a Permission Based List

The best way to build a permission list is by setting the sign up forms on your website, blog and social platforms where you get the permission of the subscriber to send them emails. This tells you that the subscriber wants to receive emails from you and you can use this permission to target them.

Its important to get permission from the reader or potential customer because they convert better and also you do not break any laws by being considered as SPAM. Its important that you stay off the SPAM list and convert better. There are so many other ways you can build a list.

  • Give away something for free when users sign up
  • Produce valuable content for your readers
  • Send email courses to subscribers and more

Buy A List If You Have To

You don’t always have to grow your list from scratch. There are various vendors in the market that have already built a list and have segmented them based on various criteria. These lists are available for sale and you can always purchase these lists to make the most out of the time you have missed out.

Sometimes you can simply network with bloggers and have them to send out your campaigns through their list. Not every blogger like to share his or her list, but its always an option that is available to you. I’ve tried out solo ads in the past and it has helped me a great deal to get new audience and subscribers.

Nurture Subscribers

Once you have begun the process of growing your list its time to start sending out your lead nurturing campaign. This is something that will get your subscribers used to receiving your emails and make them comfortable. It’s important to nurture you subscribers because this helps in increasing engagement rate.

An increased engagement rate means that you can get more people to buy from you. This plays a huge role in making money from your email list. This method is only possible if you have a permission list and you cannot apply this system when you purchase a list or using a shared list.

Segment Your Audience

Now that you have begin nurturing your audience, it’s time to start segmenting your emails subscribers and getting them on another list where you can target them. We will talk a bit more about targeting and selling in the next section. But for now lets focus on segmentation.  You can segment your post before you start a list or after the email is collected. While today there are some email service providers will help you to segment your list based on demographic, gender and so on, many do not offer that  feature.

To ensure that you get the most out of email marketing it’s important to segment your subscribers based on interest and gender this will allow you to target the right people at the right time.

Target Them With Your Product

Once segmentation is done it is time to start targeting each segment of the list so that you can sell them the right product. Imagine that you have a list for blog post updates, one for free eBook on hairstyles and one for gadgets. With this information you will be able to send out gadget related deals and offers to the gadget list and hairstyle related materials to the hairstyle list and your blog updates to another list.  This keeps your list active and reduces unsubscribe rate and even helps maximize your sales.

In Summary, Emails allow you to directly talk to people unlike blogging where you talk to a group or an audience. This is why email marketing is so powerful and can grow your business big. Adopting email marketing best practices and the various section outlined in this email will allow you to grow your list, target it and convert them to customers. And that’s growing your business from small to big.

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