4 Reasons Traditional Business Suck At Internet Marketing

Non-traditional is the new traditional. If you are old fashioned, then you will soon be eating dust. You might love your generation or the way you did things. At this day and time things are moving so fast that you need to stay ahead to keep up.

The younger generation understand and adapt but the older so called traditional generation are not able to see what’s changing and whats working. In an effort to adapt they try traditional age old techniques even on the modern web.

Its to no surprise that traditional business struggle when it comes to social media marketing. They are not doing what is required, they are doing what they know. To be able to see growth and positive results, traditional businesses needs to get out of their comfort zone and start trying new strategies and techniques to grow their business.

They Try To Go Traditional On Social Media

Once a local traditional business gets online, the first thing they try to do is apply all their traditional marketing methodologies. They are so used to traditional marketing and communication they just cant do any different. The best way to break this norm is to outsource your social and digital marketing efforts. This way you have someone who knows the digital world taking care of your marketing.

Its not a easy transition from offline to online world especially in the marketing space. You need to have a strong game plan accompanies with strong personnel to handle the type of work that an online business entails. If you want to be a traditional business and market that way on social media, you can be sure that your business is most likely to struggle and even fail in most of its marketing efforts.

They are Too Afraid To Make Any Changes

Another important reason traditional business fail to market in the online world is that they refuse to change. They cannot accept that a tweet is a way to notify customers of updates and information. A Facebook post can create impact in ways unimaginable and pinterest and actually drive sales and boost revenue.

Blogging is big and traditional media just cannot accept the fact that blogging can help increase awareness and reach on the social web. Businesses and marketers need to understand that Change is the only constant and in the online world it shows how true that fact is. If you want to survive and do well with social media marketing accept change and change. Apply methods that are nontraditional and be prepared to constantly change and evolve as your customers change. Your business depends on them.

They Want Results Immediately

The last factor that hinders traditional business marketing is that they expect instant results. Social media marketing takes time to nurture and cultivate a habit, even build a community and drive sales. When it comes to social media marketing, I always believe that there are various stages to marketing and sales. Unlike traditional marketing you need to nurture your leads, you need to hook your readers to generate leads as the competition online is fierce and you need to be competitive.

They Struggle To Find The Right Audience

Traditional business have been in existence for a while. And for the ones that are new the world of online marketing is much easier to adapt to. However, finding the right audience is such a big challenge for traditional businesses because of the audience reach their business has online.

In he offline world, things were much easier and simpler. The world of online marketing increased that ten fold. In an effort to adapt they soon find themselves promoting and marketing to the whole world and unable to narrow down on their audience. When this is not done right, sales and leads become a huge challenge and businesses struggle.

If you are a traditional business marketing online, I would like to know how are you coping with these challenges? what steps are you taking to avoid them? Share your feedback in the comments and join in on the conversation.

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