Why Thrive Content Builder Is Every Blogger’s Secret Weapon

Do you have content that’s created to impress your readers and have them coming back for more? Good.

Cause you’ve got just about 30 seconds or less to impress them!

30 seconds. That’s all!

Yep! There are millions of websites available on the web today and everyone’s creating great content with stunning images and videos to go with it.

But then, so are you!

So how do you stand out from the rest – provide information that’s long enough to impress Google, yet summarized smartly enough to entice the visitor at first glance?

You use a smart tool that can chunk content into instantly attractive material that your visitors will lap up in seconds.

The tool that I’m talking about is Thrive Content Builder.

Thrive Content Builder is a WordPress plugin, a “what you see is what you get” WYSIWYG editor. It lets you write and format content and instantly see the results of your work on the finished page. Unlike the WordPress editor, where you have to save and preview the file to see the final results, with Thrive Content Builder you can instantly see what your content looks like without navigating the screen to the preview page.

Plus, you can throw in a whole lot of extra elements that WordPress lacks to make your content shine!

If you haven’t experienced the power of Thrive Content Builder, come along with me and I’ll show you some of the cool things you can do with it!

Why Thrive Content Builder?

There are many premium WordPress themes in the market. But there’s none designed to help you create complex page layouts with ease – unless you’re  bit of a whiz with HTML and CSS. Even then, you’re probably going to end up spending a bit of time getting the right look and feel.

The creators of this plugin, Shane and team, have done a superb job of making the complex and cumbersome task of content creation attractive by letting you simply hit a few buttons or drag and drop items to achieve stunning results. You’ll understand why I’m saying this because THIS IS WHAT THRIVE CONTENT BUILDER CAN DO FOR YOU!

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Creating Content That Stands Out Using TCB

Add Eye-Catching Elements

You want your content to resonate with your readers? Maybe someone said a few nice things about your content or product. How do you show off that testimonial to the world? WordPress or any other content builder just won’t cut it! See what you can do with Thrive Content Builder.

Open up the editor. Click the Testimonial Content Element  on the right pane. Select an option from one of 9 cool ones. It will look something like the image below. Click inside the testimonial and fill it up with your own content. Its ready for use and took just under a minute to set up.

thrive content builder testimonial

Or maybe you wanted to show your readers the pricing plan for your product or service. Another click of the button and voila… you have a with 3 column pricing plan instantly available for setting up (options are up to 5 plans).

Thrive Content Builder Pricing

Or, maybe you wanted a responsive table? You know that its next to impossible to create one on WordPress unless you install another plugin. With Thrive Content Builder. Another click. Here’s a 4 column header to start filling up with data.

responsive tables in thrive content builder

I could go on an on… Other elements you can add to your content include:

Big Bold Call to Actions – Add buttons that will boost your conversions.


Timed Display of Call to Actions – Set the exact time a website visitor sees a call to action that is click worthy.

content reveal

Attention Grabbing Text Boxes – Highlight feature text, review summaries on your blog post in attractive styles.


Animated Countdown Timer – Entice your readers to click on your offer before it expires.


Click to Tweet Box – You could buy the ever so useful Social Warfare plugin, but if you’re cash strapped, Thrive Content builder lets you set one up at no extra cost.

Table of Contents – Google friendly content…in other words long winding posts are not necessarily reader friendly. Add a TOC button and hit update and your content is separated into chunks with quick links to access everything easily.

table of contents

Post and Content Grids – Need to create a gallery of images or categories of posts? You don’t have to install another plugin. Thrive will let you set one up in no time at all. Here’s one I created on my sister site.

thrive content builder post grid

Lead Generation – With so many elements on your site, I’ll bet your readers are thoroughly impressed and want more. Time to smack them with a completely customizable opt-in form. Like this one.

Lead Generation Form in Thrive Content Builder

Responsive Retina Ready Icons – Free to download and use icon sets to add to content elements.

Fully Responsive Videos – Got YouTube or Vimeo videos that just don’t play nice on mobile? Thrive’s got you covered. Just add the video URL and your videos will automatically turn responsive.

That apart, you can add:

  • Styled bullet lists
  • Content tabs
  • Responsive Google Map embeds
  • Star ratings
  • Feature Grids
  • Data elements like a progress bar
  • Content toggles
  • Widgets
  • Templates
  • Interactive pop ups
  • Social sharing buttons inside posts
  • Ready made templates
  • WordPress Content
  • and many many more great features.

Adding elements onto a post and adding text and images is fun. But what’s even better is what you can do with the content you now have on your site. I’m talking about formatting.

Formatting Your Blog Posts

Thrive Content Builder lets you change the color of text, the background of text, the fonts and font sizes; or even the line heights of select text with ease. Plus there’s the usual bold, italics, underline, strikethrough text, bullet, list, alignment options that WordPress offers.

Oh! You can also add quick links, change the margins and padding…. well you can see it all here in this contextual menu. Just click inside the content to activate it.

text element

Here’s the menu that pops up when you select an image.

image options in thrive content builder

As you can see, there’s a wide variety of options available and its all CLICK TO APPLY.

With the Thrive Content Builder Plugin, you’re creating content that look’s EYE CATCHING and you’re doing it in no time at all! And, you can see the results of your formatting as you do it! No save and preview required.

Your readers won’t just be impressed with what they read, they’ll be super delighted to share the content too! A double whammy with just ONE PLUGIN!

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Big Advantages with Thrive Content Builder Plugin

With so many many rich features at your disposal, you might become overwhelmed. But in reality, its no work at all. Even if you are not a tech savvy or a nerd or super creative, you can do amazing things with this builder: For instance you can:

  • Create any layout or landing page you want using drag and drop functionality.
  • Create content that is instantly mobile friendly and fully responsive.
  • Use animation effects to catch reader’s attention.
  • Create any number of home page layouts or sales pages in little or no time.
  • Create conversion focused contact pages.
  • Create media rich pages for showcasing your galleries
  • Replicate other fancy layouts and designs you’ve seen elsewhere on the web
  • AND
  • Get the SPEED advantage.

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With any other editor, adding one or more of these elements is going to affect your page speed. NOT WITH THRIVE CONTENT BUILDER!

Oh! And one other thing – picking up the Thrive Content Builder will give you FREE ACCESS to DOZENS of beautifully designed, conversion optimized LANDING PAGE TEMPLATES that you can customize and use on your blog. Read more about how you can create landing pages that convert like crazy with TCB.


It Ain’t Perfect!

Okay. So you have some idea of what’s great about the content builder. But there’s got to be a catch right?

Yep! Thrive Content Builder is not perfect. It comes with its own quirks and cranks. Its not a 100% compatible with other plugins and themes. The support group as always is helpful with fixes. But you can get quickly frustrated as they just don’t have all the answers right away. (Still some way to go be as good as the Studiopress guys!). But the support community is active and always helpful.

I personally found it a whole lot better to use Thrive Content Builder with Thrive Themes and Thrive Leads. However, there are plenty of users who use Thrive Content Builder with other themes as well.

Final Thoughts

As a content writer, writing pages and pages of text on WordPress can quickly dull the senses. I found Thrive Content Builder to put the spark back into writing. It let me play with content like I never thought possible and doing so was easy and fun.

As a website owner, I found that I could create kick-ass layouts with ease and design pages and content that matched the output I wanted to deliver to my readers.

I believe that if you want to create posts that will grab the reader’s attention in a flash and have fun while doing it, Thrive Content Builder can make that happen.

Its a choice I made 7 months ago and I’ve had no regrets since.

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