5 Reasons Students Should Start Blogging

There are times when I think I had missed out on my early years in high school and college. It would have been great if I had a computer and found out about blogging during my high school days. Today, I would be owning a blog that’s well over 10 years old and making me thousands if not millions of dollars in revenue monthly.

I started blogging about two years into my first job at HP. Work was good, people so-so and the politics was at its peak. And as a newbie at work I often ended up being blamed for everyones shoddy work. This made me realise that having a day job is not going to cut it for me. I needed to have something of my own where I’m in complete control and able to take decisions on a day to day basis. Soon, I stumbled upon blogging and here I am today.

With that said, I always believed that I was introduced to blogging at a much earlier stage of my life, I would have learned a lot more and done a lot more as I had a lot of free time on hand. I was quite smart for my age and amongst my classmates. It would have been a great experience to have made some money especially when all your classmates are from ultra rich families.

I would have been able to hang out with the cool kids in the class and been able to transform my life and built a powerful network of individuals.

I am happy with my life right now, as it turned out I did turn to blogging a space that involves a lot of writing. This has given me the opportunity to show people that can add value and contribute to a community especially when no one believed that I could achieve anything in my life.

Thanks to those who did not have faith in me and my abilities, I’ve pushed myself to achieve something that I could not. Students should start blogging, there are way too much opportunities out there that you are missing out on. Here are the five main reasons I strongly believe that students in High School or College should blog regularly.

Make Some Pocket Money

The first and the foremost reason students should start blogging because it helps you earn some pocket money that you can spend and enjoy your years at college. The investment into starting a blog or a blog based business is quite low with a high return on investment. You can start off small and with the right advice and investment you can make it big in no time.

I’ve read about bloggers who started blogging in college and paid off their college loans and even established a business for themselves that they do not have to take up a day job for a living. Every student appreciates the extra money that comes in for parties and also some savings for the future. It also helps take the pressure of our parents.

By the time you complete college you can easily save up and even earn upto $20000 in total. That is just about $500 dollars in 3 years time. All that you have to do is write on a topic that is profitable and also make your articles that are in demand.

Learn The Art Of Doing Business At An Early Age

Starting up a blog at a young age will help you learn the art of doing business online. While this is quite different from what we usually learn from our textbooks it does help us to manage and learn new skills. Gaining such knowledge at an early age that is not taught in class will help shape us into the future entrepreneurs.

You will learn how to be consultative, how to manage your finances when it comes to running an actual business and even more. You will do almost everything from marketing to managing to running your business. You will also reap the benefits that your business provides you. This will make you a better person and a good leader, one that provides and brings about new job opportunities.

Share And Gain Knowledge From Your Classmates

Blogging or running a blog based business will help you learn better. It will teach you the art of knowledge sharing that people learn way deep into their careers and some even fail to learn. Knowledge is power and should be shared for free with everyone. Students will be able to talk about their education, solving problems and helping out their fellow classmates and educating them in ways they cannot imagine.

What some cannot learn in class will be able to learn online because of what a blogger can do. Students soon become teachers and even help them pursue a new dream goal. Do what you love and you will succeed. You both gain and learn when you set up forums and open discussion groups where you have different ideas being shared and problems being solved from different perspectives. Before you realise that you are a blogger, you will find more of your classmates who have turned to blogging because of the benefits it has brought them.

Pays The Tuition

This is one of my favorite reasons why I wish and I recommend that students should start blogging. Not all of us are well established financially and some of us just don’t go to college because we cannot afford. I was from a family where education was essential but the financial support was not available.

My father struggled to pay for my education and back then, I was not open to the opportunities this world offered. Times were tough and I somehow made it through my college years with excellent marks in my core subjects. If students take up blogging they can save up money to pay for their college tuition, they can also support themselves without having to rely on their parents and even move out on their own and start a brand new life. The benefits of blogging is endless, take a leap of faith and start blogging today you won’t regret.

A Viable Option When You Complete College

A blog today is a gold mine tomorrow. It takes time for blogs to start making money sometimes it the older the blog the higher are your rates of success. As a wise man once said, a blog is like an aged wine, the older it is the better. When you finish college you will have a successful business that drives in thousands of dollars in revenue on a monthly basis.

Starting a blog early in your student life will help you achieve great deal of success by the time you have completed your education. Start now. Its simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Start a Blog
  2. Pick A Topic
  3. Start Writing
  4. Market Your Articles
  5. Monetize your Site
  6. Earn Pocket Money

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