Social Lead Generation Strategies To Grow Your Online Sales

Social leads are a big thing these days. As users of the internet the people tend to surf social platforms more than anything else on the web. There was a time when Google search topped that, but today its the social networks that are most visited and the sites that people spend most of their time.

As bloggers we are losing customers and visitors as more and more people are flocking to social networks instead of websites for information. Our blogs are becoming a little less of importance. With that said, eventually they do end up on sites but social platforms are even staying updated to keep readers more on their platforms.

Allowing publishing options like LinkedIn and Facebook Notes people are exploring these options as they come free of cost and an pre-defined audience attached to it. To counter this we bloggers and marketers are using social media marketing tactics to get readers to view our content.

We are desperate in getting readers attention that sometimes we even cross the lines and start spamming a little bit to get their attention.

This article focuses on various marketing strategies that helps bloggers and internet marketers generate social leads or simply leads using social platforms.

Facebook Contests

Facebook contests are on the rise and more and more marketers who use facebook marketing strategies tend to hold facebook contests that gets a user’s name and email to gain access to hidden treasures and sometimes something free of high value and at times it can be just a membership that allows you to access content that’s only made available to members.

Facebook contests tied with freebies work well for marketers. Giving away a course or an eBook is something that everyone loves and will be ready to grab if its of high value. The sign up volume depends entirely on how you nurture the reader to the page and how convincing your pitch is at the page.

Tools like wishpond allows users to easily set up social contests on facebook and within a matter of minutes if not hours you can have your contest up and running and begin promoting.

Twitter Leads Paid Promotion

Twitter is continuing to expand and open up its sponsored program to the world. While it took a long time before it came it India, now that its here millions of users can make good use of it to generate high quality leads. Twitter has different modes of advertisement. You can advertise to get leads, people can sign up right from their twitter feeds as they come across these twitter lead posts.

These posts look similar to any other tweet but get the reader’s attention and it works wonders when it comes to getting email addresses. Leads are a big thing, if you are not having a list then you are losing money. Start a blog, grow a list and make money, and by all means use social media to help you set up your empire.

If you don’t know where to find sponsored twitter options check out this url >> This will take you to the option where you can generate leads from twitter.

Social Sharing Locked Content

This is a very interesting concept and I like the way some of my blogger friends use this. From my understanding this is something that you do on your blog and not on the social platform.  Create high quality content and at some point where you think you share the most valuable info, the plugin allows you to lock the content and only accessible to those who use social media to share your content or sign up.

This is a great way because, if people know you and what you can deliver then they are sure to share your post. The premium version of this plugin ( Social Locker for WordPress ) allows you to export leads to CSV which you can later import to your email marketing software.

Social media has brought about so many opportunities to bloggers and markers and lead generation to grow your business has the highest importance. Being able to master leads using social media, it only gives us marketers the edge over the big players who spend thousands of dollars on paid marketing campaigns.

Blogging is fun and get even more awesome when you can implement creative strategies to grow your business and blog with little or no effort.

What are your thoughts on Social Leads? Have you used any of these strategies for lead generation or to grow your list? Share it in the comments below.

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