5 Questions You Must Answer In Every Blog Post

Why do you blog? Is it to make money? Or solve a problem? Or just for the fun of it. Blogging means different for different people. Not everyone is passionate about becoming a ProBlogger. Whatever type of blogger you choose to be, there are 5 basic questions that your blog post must answer. If your article does these five things then, they are worth to be called blog posts.

Gone are the days when people keep online journals, for that we have social networks. Blogs are being used to power websites and are used as a medium to share knowledge and create awareness. Businesses use blogs as a powerful marketing tool to drive growth and visibility online.

This post will focus on the 5 questions that every blog post should answer and I hope that you are in agreement with me as I share these with you.

  • Is the Content Helpful To My Community
  • Am I Talking To My Audience
  • Are My Resources Pointing To The Right People
  • Can My Readers Understand And Share My Blog Posts
  • Is My Voice Consistent

Is My Content Helpful To My Community

Anyone can write a blog post. But what does your blog post do. Does it add any value to the reader? Is your community finding your blog posts helpful. If your answer is no, then you really need to reconsider what you are doing blogging. Every blog post that you churn out should be adding some value to the community you belong to. When you write a blog post that is helpful to readers then you are making a difference in your community.

If your blog post does not answer this simple question, you might as well quit blogging right away. It will save you all the time and effort and the heartache that comes along in the long run. Blogging is not for everyone, there are million of blogs created every day and every day there are millions who quit blogging.

Am I Talking To My Audience

The second and the most important question you need to answer with your blog post is are you writing to the right audience? Its important that you target the right group of people to ensure that you get the most out of your blog post. There are people who have been blogging for years and yet to see a penny because they are all targeting the wrong audience.

When you target the right audience and your content is put in front of the right people you will automatically see an increase in engagement, conversions and new customers come in each day. That’s the power of targeting an audience. So is your blog post talking to the right audience, if not its time to re-assess and do some basic market research to find out who you need to be focusing on and how to go about getting the most of it. I’m sure none of us want to end up in a place where our content is published one day and forgotten the next.

Are My Resources Pointing To The Right People

Quite often we link to other bloggers and resources guiding our readers to something that is not our content or something that is alien to them. The important question to be asked here is, are we doing justice by only proving our readers with the best possible resource or we taking advantage and using paid promotions for our advantage.

In recent times it comes to light that several bloggers collect money to insert links into older blog posts that are performing well on the web. I’ve been approached with such opportunities in the past and have denied them which allows me to say for sure that this happen. Its important that we as bloggers take caution and only include resources in our articles that truly add value to our readers and does not manipulate them into doing something. Its important that you only link to the right bloggers and files that you entirely trust and believe with all your heart that your readers will benefit from.

Can My Readers Understand And Share My Blog Posts

There are bloggers who are too good at writing blog posts, there are bloggers that are too bad at writing blog posts and there are those bloggers who are stuck in the middle and somehow manage to get a post out every week. Wherever you stand within the three sections, ask your self this simple question. Can my readers understand what I write and will they share it. Are the words being used too complicated that people don’t know what they mean or is it full of errors that people lose interest. May be your content is not share worthy.

If you fall under any of those reasons you need to consider reevaluating your ability to blog and help your community. If your readers can’t understand what you write then what is the point of writing a blog post. If your readers think that the content is not worth sharing when you are not doing enough to create a viral impact.

Do an assessment and figure out what works best for your readers and write the type of content that your audience will understand and love and share with others in the community.

Is My Voice Consistent

Finding your voice while writing online is the most challenging task any blogger has faced. Its not easy to find your voice but once you do you can be the master of marketing and selling to your audience. As bloggers we need to maintain a consistent voice, we need to be able to deliver information in a way that is consistent from when we started blogging to three or more years down the line. Unless otherwise we decided to change our voice of communicating with our readers.

Maintaining a consistent voice will not just make your blog post stand out, it will resonate with your audience, it will be helpful to your readers and it will create the impact that you are driving to create in your community.

In summary, answering key questions in your blog post will make it more engaging, intriguing and something people want to read. Its vital to ensure that blog posts address customer concerns, solve a problem and much more without which there is nothing valuable you are adding to the community.

Question: Is your blog post answering these simple but vital questions? If not, are you planning on implementing them? How are you making a difference though your blog posts? Take action now before its too late.

One response to “5 Questions You Must Answer In Every Blog Post”

  1. Editorial Staff, many thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    It’s true that finding your own voice is one of the main things to do in writing. Because when you’re not sounding consistent, what is the sense in your writing?

    Your readers simply will not believe your words. Writing is as other activities need many practice and persistence.

    What do I do for mastering of my writing skills? I start run-off-the-mill writing, continue regularly using dictionaries, still reading not less than 5 new books every month and using great digital tools (TWords for tracking my writing and Unplag plagiarism checker for ensuring that my ready pieces don’t have any unintentionally plagiarized parts)

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