6 Tips to Build a Popular Blog

Who does not want to be popular?

We all do. We cannot ignore the attention it brings us bloggers.

The traffic, the blog money, the interviews/publicity. Wow.

To become a popular blogger you need to do the things that gets your readers attention.

You need to do things so that your readers start talking about you and your blog.

Ever wondered why bloggers like Ramsay and Neil are often mentioned in blog posts?

Its because they have built a reputation over time. And others who follow them mention popular bloggers because they prefer associating with industry experts than a nobody.

There are some things that you can do to improve overall popularity of your blog.

Blogging is also growing and developments in the field of online marketing is drastically changing.

Social media, apps, smartphone and mobile devices are making things a little bit more challenging than expected.

The point being you need to quickly adapt to change and take advantage of the being the pioneer in the field.

Businesses are forced to adapt to new technological developments or are left behind.

In the world of online marketing, if you cant keep up with the changing trends then you are losing customers daily and its going to be hard for you to catch up with your competitors.

While these tips are simple, they are focused to help you keep up with the changing trend and keep the audience informed.

Tip #1 – Personalize Your Marketing Messages

By personalize your communication and connect with your readers, be it in the form of emails, comments or even articles.

Writing quality articles is key, but what good is an article if you do not market it. Remember your not a popular blog just yet.

Its all about storytelling and how your readers are able to relate to the message your trying to deliver.

For those bloggers who have the knack to tell stories they do a good job at it. There are also bloggers like myself, who just give the message as is.

I focus on providing actual strategies and tips and how they can help business and bloggers.

At the end of the day, if you can understand the message I share on my blog and able to apply the tips in your blogging efforts then I’ve succeeded.

For me its simple talking about something your readers can relate to and slowly shift focus to the point your trying to address.

Tip #2 – Distraction Free Monetization

Blogging is all about information marketing. Its a form that businesses use to educate their customers about products and offers.

We bloggers take this to whole new level to make money by offering education material to readers.

This is the reason your blog is a content creation machine and content is king.

The current monetization strategies are slowly starting to fade away and several businesses are starting to focus more on the evolving trends to address and catch up with potential customers.

Gone are the days where bloggers over crowd their blogs with advertisements. We see a huge shift in affiliate marketing, product creation and more interesting monetization models.

My recommendation to you is to try to work out a unique and advanced monetization strategy that your readers would appreciate.

Try to keep your adverts away from the content you create, while you create a good blend of the various types of media available to you.

Tip #3 – Write Article that Add Value to your Readers

The article you write are like the pillars to your soon to be popular blog.

Writing epic blog post that add value to your readers is the key to your blog’s growth and popularity.

With the changing trends, readers no longer want to just read news articles or updates.

If you followed WordPress on the web you would have heard that most of the blogs that offered WordPress news had to shut down as they were not able to manage and make a profitable business from it.

As bloggers we are constantly learning and sharing at the same time. We don’t just write awesome stuff for the web, we also looking at other bloggers and educating ourselves.

Education is free on the web, and readers find it interesting to explore the world wide web to learn about various technologies and stay updated.

This provides us bloggers and business an excellent opportunity to make the most out of it and start focusing on articles that really matter, article that make a difference in people’s lives.

Try addressing a problem that users are facing in the industry your focusing on. May be people need more information on how to use a certain product.

For us bloggers that’s an opportunity.

Tip #4 – Invite Experts to Write on your Blog

Guest blogging, guest post, or guest articles, call it what you want but keep up a well written guest submission guideline.

This is something that will define the quality and the standard of the articles that you accept or have published on your blog.

With today’s trends and Google focus on the quality of links that your site points out to or points out from, its very important that you only get experts to write on your blog.

Look for bloggers in your industry. See how they are performing on their blog or social networks. They don’t have to have massive following or writing 3 articles a week.

As long as they are providing valuable information that should be good enough for you to have them write on your blog.

Learn how to pitch a guest post and you will soon find yourself requesting experts to contribute to your blog. This will get the attention of readers and soon your opinions would matter more than ever.

Tip #5 – Use the Right Marketing Platform to Popularize your Blog

How do you know that your blog is popular?

There are different parameters that you can consider to measure your blog’s popularity.

Traffic, leads, mentions and sales.

If you understand the blog funnel you will know that you first need traffic, then convert the traffic to potential customers then turn them into customers and then returning customers.

First things first. Select the top three marketing platforms where your audience is present and start sharing, promoting, engaging and connecting with your readers and industry leaders.

Traffic generation is the key to any blogs growth and success. Its essential that you build a traffic generation strategy and start working on it consistently.

The important aspect for any marketing success is to stay updated with upcoming applications and social networks and jump on the bandwagon right away and not way for the network to grow.

Its important to stay updated with new products and capture the target market right before your competitors.

Tip #6 – Create a Responsive Blog

If you have not already done it, then do it right now. Make your blog mobile friendly.

Be it a responsive theme or design, your site needs to not only be accessible on the different types of mobile devices, from smartphones, to tablets and portable PCs.

In this day and age customers don’t just use one device they use multiple devices for different situation. One for travel, for work and play.

Ensuring that your site is optimized for different devices will save your readers the frustration of viewing your blog.

Its all about user experience and customer satisfaction.

These are not the only tips that will take your blog from broke to popular. So I encourage you to experiment and test out different way to become popular.

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  1. Hi there, thank you for your post. Exccelent second point. I noticed the same after eliminating all banners from my blogs, that people staring to ask. I guess it’s true what they say: be aware of what you wish for, it might just happen. When you chaise clicks, you get clicks, when you chaise leads, you get leads. Regards, Matija

  2. Yes that is true. In this time and day we need to come up with creative monetization and marketing strategies to get build a popular blog and a rewarding one at that. THanks for stopping by and sharing your opinion. Much Appreciated.

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