How to Write Popular Blog Posts in 6 Easy Steps

A few days back, I wrote a post titled “5 Tricks to Writing Blog Posts in Record Time” after the social engagement the post received, I decided to do one similar to write a popular blog post.

These articles are solely focused on writing high quality blog posts and popular ones. The information is derived from analyzing a set of popular posts from different set of blogs.

Even though they are not huge volume of data they do give us a glimpse into what are the success defining factors of the posts.

I hope the information that I share here will be sufficient for you to come up with the next popular blog post.

What Makes A Popular Blog Post

There are various elements that can make your blog post popular. But the most is the external factors. For example, if you want your blog posts to be popular they need to have the following factors apply to it.

Top Search Rankings

When your blog achieves top search rankings and gets the attention of thousands of web surfers looking for information, your posts will automatically become popular.

In order to get top search rankings you need to learn to write SEO friendly blog posts.

Social Sharing

With the growing need for social networks, social sharing is a great way to reach more readers than ever.

Writing sharable content is very important and getting readers and subscribers to share your posts on social networks they are part of is vital to making your post successful or a popular blog post.

Active Engagement

When you find readers constantly engaging on your articles its a sign that you write quality articles and also that people appreciate and value your articles.

This is a great way to measure popularity of a blog post.

Encouraging and monitoring engagement on your blog and social networks can make your posts popular.

Quality Information

Writing quality articles is what is going to get your post to rank on the first page, get more social shares and even get some engagement.

Its imperative that your blog post having quality information that adds value to your readers.

So focus on writing epic articles before you focus on anything else.

Breakdown of Popular Blog Posts

As for on page factors that makes a post popular among your blog readers are as follows. These are my tips and from my experience this has worked well for me and for the clients I’ve worked for.

Step# 1 – Simple English

Use simple language.

Communication is the key to get your message across. Blog posts are ideas to get your ideas across to millions of readers.

often bloggers and even writers think using complex and fancy words can get readers attention and make them feel as though they are experts or some authority in the field.

This is not the case, as a matter of fact. Reader repel when they come across fancy words used in articles or blog posts.

Not everyone is an expert in the language and its only fair for you to write in a way that is easily readable and understandable.

Step# 2 – Personalize

The second most important step is to personalize your blog post to your reader.

You can simply achieve this by using the word “You” in your writing.

This will help the reader relate to the post and will make them feel that you are writing directly to them.

If you have not tried this before, you should. I’m sure the results and the spike in your article popularity would be massive.

Step# 3 – How-To Articles

Write an how-to article and if its something that people really like to know how to do, then I’m sure that it would become popular in no time.

How-to articles work very well because of the need for people to learn to do things that they do no know.

Not everything is available on the web. So if you can figure out what readers want and are willing to read, then you can write about them and soon find thousands of readers checking our and sharing your posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Step# 4 – Detailed Blog Posts

Taking a look at the organic search rankings I’m sure that you will agree with me that the top ranking posts are at least 700 words long, that is to give you an average word count.

Short posts aren’t always useful and also do not tend to rank well on search engines.

However, there are always a few exceptions and a few short posts do show up the the search results.

But hey the conversions are going to be poor on those articles.

Its important that you write detailed articles that people want to read and get complete understanding of what they came searching for.

Step# 5 – Create A Conversation

Blogs are a great way to engage your readers.

The best way you can start or create a conversation on your blog post is to ask open ended questions that would intrigue your readers to share their views and opinions on the subject.

You can even allow for options where readers can post images, video responses that would make your article even more entertaining.

Its all about getting your readers to converse with you.

Step# 6 – Validate Your Findings

With every article that you write remember to validate your findings. Especially, if they are facts and figures, do provide references so that readers would know that the numbers are true and not made up.

Blogging can get interesting if you choose to make it interesting. Some bloggers take almost a while week to come up with popular blog posts.

They do not write often, but when they do the articles go viral. blog is one such blog where every article is a popular blog post.

What Do You Think Makes Your Blog Posts Popular?

While these are my findings and my experience with popular blog posts.

What works best for you? What can my readers do more to make their next article a popular blog post?

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