Pinterest Traffic Tips to Take Your Blog from 0 to 100,000 Views Per Month

Pinterest is MASSIVE. Period.

While there are millions of bloggers who thrive on web traffic they generate from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

Pinterest is popular amongst bloggers who work with media, however these days even content marketers are finding ways to drive traffic to their blogs and businesses.


Because its one of the largest traffic referral networks available today after Facebook.

While Pinterest is has a different audience focus. Everyone can benefit from it if they know what they are doing.

Starting at the bottom of the social network list, Pinterest is the second largest source for traffic for bloggers big and small.

For example, here is a traffic generation board on Pinterest.

The way to building high quality traffic and following on Pinterest depends on how well you optimize your activities.

Reviewing over 50 profiles, I found that bloggers and internet marketers post a ton of stuff on Pinterest hoping they will drive visitors to their blogs.

While the technique might work, your not doing a great deal to ensure your someone who people want to follow in the long run.

Your soon forgotten because your not memorable.

To create a positive and reinforcing impact on your fellow pinners, you need to do more than just posting images on your Pinterest Boards.
Pinterest traffic is considered to be one of the most healthiest traffic after Facebook.

Create a Pinterest Board For Your Blog

One of the biggest mistake many bloggers make is create either topic related boards or life style related boards.

The best part of Pinterest is that you can mix match lifestyle related boards with your business boards.

Pinterest encourages creativity and thrives of it.

If you can learn to use images and boards to intrigue your audience, then you can master the power of what the social network can offer you.

For example, lets take Neil Patel. This guys has almost the perfect mix of Pinterest Boards.

  • He has Pinterest boards with the same name as his blog so as to identify better.
  • He has lifestyle boards, and other aspects he likes.
  • His presentation and how you draw in different type of people is amazing.
  • This gives him more opportunity to introduce his business and products to a wider audience.

How to Increase Your Pinterest Engagement by 275%
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Pinterest is All About Images

Images is what garners so many people to Pinterest. As bloggers we are known to create a lot of content.

Be it text, visual ( Images and Videos), and at times combination of both.

Its important that you create high quality images and always use an image to represent your content while submitting to Pinterest.

This is what that draws readers to your post and potentially drive them to your blog.

Your image should say everything about what the post might be.

Neil does a great job of using infographics to get people to read what he has to offer and convert those customers into leads and sales.

Engage on Pinterest

Pinterest like any other social network out there works as a community.

Your engagement with other pinners on the board or even the entire site helps boost popularity.

Comment, like, share, re-pin.

That should be your motto if your looking to generate traffic from Pinterest.

Replying to comments. Appreciating the value and quality of another work would go long way.

Network with fellow pinners and work on a collaborative board.

By choosing something that can be mutually beneficial you can again reach a wider audience.

Make your Blog Post Pins Easy to Find

Recently Pinterest launched something called the “Article Pins”.

This feature is quite similar to rich pins. Meaning, it allows you to add more details to your pin than just the article.

It comes handy when you have a product or a service location that your looking to promote.

Adding maps, and what not makes your pin even more interesting.

Business love this feature because of how mach value add they can pack into each pin they submit.

Create A Board For Contest & Giveaways

I need not explain the power of contents and giveaways.

By creating two separate boards for these topics you are clearly able to segment your readers based on who loves contests and who love to participate and share your product.

In way giving you insights into how much a user can promote your product.

This segmentation is something that you can even apply in earlier section I mentioned about mix and match your board interests (Unless otherwise they are two varied and might cause some sort of conflict of interest).

Get more Traffic from Pinterest

While the tips listed below are not the only way Pinterest driving traffic to your blog, website or business.

If you are willing to do some analysis and optimize your social media efforts you can even make some good affiliate sales and commission.

Remember to engage with your readers and followers as engagement is one of the most important aspects to building a brand and loyal followers.

  1. Pin infographics for maximum re-shares and likes
  2. Brand your Pinterest profile with your blog name
  3. Keep your about section updated
  4. Link your blog to your Pinterest profile, its do-follow
  5. Link other social networks like twitter and Facebook to your Pinterest account
  6. Pin regularly and like regularly
  7. Re-share or re-pin occasionally
  8. Comment on pins regularly
  9. Create captivating and keyword right board names
  10. Install bookmarklet of Pinterest to pin instantly
  11. Tag friends in posts
  12. Use keyword in hashtags
  13. Description on your pin is important for Pinterest traffic
  14. Add link on link section of pin
  15. Create content rich boards
  16. Pin high quality images
  17. Add pins from your blog and other blog in same Pinboard
  18. Add taller images. Tall images gets more repin
  19. Follow top Pinterest users
  20. Follow relative niche boards
  21. Follow trends on what’s pinned the most
  22. Become an information source
  23. Pin content that have rich images
  24. Be yourself
  25. Let your readers know you are on Pinterest
  26. Ask blog visitors to follow you
  27. Link to other boards
  28. Try and incorporate qr codes in your pins
  29. Pin videos
  30. Encourage sharing
  31. Add Pinterest buttons to images on your blog
  32. Invite board contributions
  33. Pin humor
  34. Create collaborative boards

Do you have any other tips that you would like to share? Why not tweet it to me @zabrocofl

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