7 Tips to Nurture Leads to Sales

The marketing sales funnel for the web talks about reach, action, conversion and engagement. This post assumes that you have already done the first three section and have built a list that’s ready for engagement.

List building is what businesses refer to response generation or lead generation.

Its the process of collecting email addresses or contact information so that businesses can make a pitch or an offer to achieve sales.

Some companies keep it to a minimum of name and email and some go to lengths of knowing up to 12 details.

This entirely depends on the blogger and what his or her strategy is to pitch to customers once they have built their list.

Of course a list is never complete, what I meant to say was once you have enough leads you can start your selling process.

This is the part where marketing ends and the sales process begins.

While many bloggers forget or don’t even know this, continue to market to potential customers. The potential customer has already signed up for your list which means you have convinced them that you have something of value to offer. Now you need to nurture them to become customers.

Blogger’s often don’t convert leads to sales very well even though they have a massive list is because they continue to market to a list instead of selling.

Follow a simple rule of 80/20, i.e. 80% percent of emails you send out tot your list should be content and the rest 20% should be selling.

Ask for a Contact Number

Once you feel that your potential customers have had enough time learning from what you had to offer, go ahead and ask them for their phone number if you already don’t have them.

Give the customer clear reasons and proof that you will not disturb them with unwanted calls.

Once you have the customers contact number, selling become far more easier.

You can either call the customer and sell the product yourself, or hire a virtual assistant and have them sell the product for you.

Personalization goes a long way, optionally you can get their Skype ID or Google Hangout with them over a virtual chat which will contribute to the next part of the nurturing process.

Offer an Hour’s Free Consulting

This is the second step to the lead nurturing process and this for sure will convince your potential customer to offer you more information than before.

This free consulting session will help you show your potential customers what your product is really all about. Remember the 20%, this section should be part of it.

FREE Consulting has mutual benefit, while the customers can get all their questions clarified, it gives you enough understanding of the customers concerns and make recommendations that might interest them and step it up and make a soft pitch.

Making a good sale all depends on your pitch and offer.

Make Your Pitch

This is the time, you actually start pitching the product to your leads. You have already given them a glimpse of what the product can do with the free consulting.

Making a pitch to the leads once they are introduced to the product and once you have had time to talk to them.

By now you have not only built up a rapport with the customers but also built a certain level of trust.

Its time to make your move and pitch the product to the customer.

The best way to do this is to set up an auto responder that talks about various benefits that can be derived from a particular method, or a solution to a problem.

Highlight the benefits the product can bring and also in what way the product can address customer pain points that you gathered during the free consulting.

Don’t offer discounts right away. When you feel the customer might not be interested in the product, then throw in the offers and value added bonuses that they would get if they act now.

Offer Value & Benefit

Making a pitch is not going to enough. You need to add value and benefit that no one else offers. That’s what makes your pitch irresistible.

Affiliate marketing has become so hard today as almost every blogger is an affiliate marketer.

Success depends on how well you can sell a product and what value you can add. Create your own bonus packs and offer it as value add along the product.

One good way to increase the chances of your sales is to tie up freebies along with product your promoting or selling.

For example: If you are selling an email marketing software. By offering free email marketing courses and templates, the leads would be intrigued to buy as it makes their overall email marketing much easier.

Close the Deal

Its time to seal the deal and make money. You have had enough conversations with the customers and marketed enough.

You have offered free consulting, value adds and made a great pitch as well.

Ensure that you use strong and convincing statements in your deal pursuit. Use case studies of how other companies and bloggers have achieved success using your product. Show them that growth and opportunities that lie ahead.

The customer will be so accustomed by now, they are bound to purchase the product from you.

Request Testimonials

Once a sale is complete your interaction with the customer does not end there.

There is more to marketing and sales. There is something called customer management and up-sell.

Request a testimonial from the customer and their opinion. You can later use these testimonials to pitch to other leads on your list. Testimonials can do wonder for you.

They also tell you more information about how much the customer likes the product and the development areas creating an improved product.


Its time to up-sell, offer a special discount on another product that would add value to the current product you sold.

May be support or extended warranty on the product.

Ensure the quality of the up-sell product is as good as the product you sold. Up-selling can be quite challenging and not every customer might be interested.

Do not be disheartened if up-sell does not work for you.

Often bloggers get so caught up in list building techniques that they forget what they have to do once the list is built. Nurturing your leads into customers is what the brings the money into your business.

Money is not in the list, its in your customer’s wallet.

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