The Essential Components Marketing Email Should Have

There is so much one can do with email marketing. Everything from making a sale to building rapport with potential customers. Email marketing hasn’t changed much from the day it because popular. I’m not sure when, but I’m glad that someone thought of the idea. We have to admit it is brilliant and pretty much makes millions of dollars for businesses world wide.

I will be honest with you and say that I’ve not done much in the email marketing space. This is going to change big time as 2016 is around the corner. I’ve some good plans for this blog in terms of email marketing and providing high value to my readers.

Its that time of the year that we all need to get start planning as to what we are going to do with our blogs. Its important to have a clear strategy and focus on delivering high quality material to our readers and at the same time making some good cash.

Blogging means the world to me and I will be making my plans over the next week and will be sharing my ideas and thought through a post as well for all my readers. This is something that I plan on doing each year so that my readers know whats in store.

Getting back to email marketing, today I would like to talk to you about some of the essential components of every marketing email or for that matter any email that a business sends out to its customers or from a blogger to a reader.

By covering these aspects you can say that you have taken a good first step in the right direction to email marketing. Now lets get into some details.


This is the section of content that you add at the very beginning of any email. Its usually a very small message that you would like to convey to your readers. I usually add a coupon code that my readers can use if at any point they need to.

You can share something more insightful or something that the reader will always find use with. It can be a link to your tools and resources or anything of such sorts.

This does not have to be elaborate, but I strongly urge you to take some time to plan this section well and write something that is strong and compelling as this is the first thing that your readers will notice as its right about the header section.

Pre-headers, many bloggers avoid this because they use “white emails” otherwise known as text based emails against the HTML emails. Email marketing software that are available today are able to optimize emails such that they will go out in the right format no matter what choice you make. Which is a big advantage for us bloggers and marketers.


Header is nothing but the place where you add your logo or the banner for your website. Just like a website has headers, so do email messages. By text emails do not use headers, HTML emails use headers extensively and get creative when the seasons are right.

Headers can be used to get the attention of the readers quickly as we know that visuals always gets the readers attention. Sometimes bloggers and email marketers even embed coupon codes in the headers so that they get maximum attention.

While I don’t think headers are that very important I’ve heard and read a lot about marketers making good use of this space. I would like you as bloggers and marketers share your expert opinion on this section. What has worked for you? Do you think headers are a big deal? Or can we do without them.

Subject Line

This is important because your reader is going to read the subject line of the email even before they open the email. This is something that is going to make them decide weather or not they should read the email. Its important to write a catchy and yet a luring email subject that triggers the customer or reader to want to open your email message.

Today’s email marketing software come with built in A/B testing tools that allow you to test out various email subject lines. But that does not mean you can ignore it. You still need to write the subject lines that draws the readers into your emails.

A/B testing does give you a good perspective on what works best allowing you to write similar emails and get the most out of your email campaigns. Do not ignore this section as it can make or break your email marketing campaign. A good tip to writing effective subject lines is to include action words like “join us,” “download,” “get your free,” etc.


I know that a lot of bloggers just collect emails, its not a bad thing. But you know what they say, its always special when you can add some personal touch to anything you do. Personalisation is a big part of your emails and by collecting both the name and email you can do some level of personalisation.

The reader would be delighted to see the email address to him or her rather than some general email that is addressed to a large crowd. Like the other points today’s email marketing software comes with tag inserts that we can insert all through the email where the name would popup if required. Personalisation can give you that extra push when needed to convert that ever needed sale. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Body Copy

This section of your marketing email is the most important. After the reader has been hooked on with the subject line, they take a look at the pre-header and header to get a feel of and confirm whom the email is really from. Once they are done that they soon start reading your email. Its important that you write high quality marketing emails.

Don’t just sell all the time, try to keep your emails simple and easy to read and understand. This simple strategy will help your readers to easily follow through your message and understand it. And before you know it you have begun the nurturing process and the reader is hooked on to your emails.


While there is a lot of dilemma around the use of images within marketing emails. I’m trorn between to use them or not. I’ve never really used an image in my marketing emails except for the header. I think the best assumption to go by is to use image only when its necessary.

An image can speak a thousand words and is good to get your readers attention. Even if you choose to use images in your emails I would request you to keep it to a minimum and get your readers to click  through to your blog or website where they can read more about the subject. You can alternatively direct your readers to landing pages that sell something or give something valuable like a private video teaching the reader something new they might not know.


This is something that you add to the end of your email or somewhere around the middle of your marketing emails. This will get the reader to take action while reading the email or once they have read the email in full.

It can be anything from signing up to a new course, purchasing a product or simply clicking on a URL to visit an old blog post.

Call to actions need to strong yet simple and it can be a button or even a simple link in your email. The point is all about ACTION. If you can get your readers to take action then you have achieved something that you wanted.

This is a must in any marketing email as its what we all work for in the end, for a customer to purchase something that we recommend or learn something we are teaching.

Social Sharing Links

Social sharing is something I  call the value add or the extra push that we bloggers and marketers demand from our subscribers. We want them to share our emails on the social web so as to get more readers to subscribe to our emails and help grow our list.

Even though the stats on this is not very high from time to time readers do share emails if they are of high value and has offers attached to them. This is something that will definitely help you grow your list rapidly.

Unsubscribe Link

This is almost mandatory to have in any marketing email. The main reasons we add an Unsubscribe link in the email is so as to give the user to the option to opt out when required. Also it helps readers from marking our emails as SPAM. It makes sense to unsubscribe than to mark someone as spam, especially if you do not want to read their emails.

Almost all email autoresponders and email marketing template come with the URL, if your’s does not have one please make sure its present. This can save you a lot of hassle and trouble in the long run. Make email marketing fun for everyone.


In 2015-16 its important that your emails are tailored to fit almost any device that is available in the market. Meaning, you should have your emails responsive and ready to adapt to a tablet, or a mobile or even a widescreen TV screen.

The reader should be able to view your email on any device he or she deems fit. As all of the above points this one also comes standard with most email marketing software. If your does not have one its time you switched to something like GetResponse or Aweber.

Creating marketing emails and having them reach your readers and convert them into customers is a big deal. In the first step to achieving that goal, these points will help you create the perfect email. What do you differently? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for the tips Editorial Staff. I’m updating my newsletter template so this will be a great guide for me to make sure I have all the right components.

    Have a great day and weekend.


  2. Hi Cori,

    Thats nice to hear. I too have some big plans for the email marketing section of my business starting in the new year. Still evaluating some of the email marketing programs.

    Let me know if you need any help of have some questions. I’d be happy to help out.

    Editorial Staff

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