Long Tail Pro Review: Find The Best Longtail Keywords For Your Content

Keywords are the most valuable assets of any online business. Get your keywords right and you’ve taken the first successful step to achieving your business goals. Get them wrong and you’re as good as gone!

If you want your blog, website, product, or business to be found in Google, Yahoo!, Bing or other search engines, you’ll need to get your keywords right and beat your competition to it as well.

The trouble with that strategy is that there are hundreds and thousands of users competing against each other every day to be seen on the first page of the search results.

Many of your competitors have probably invested plenty of time, money and other resources to make it to the top ten.

If you are not a big budget marketer, chances are, you don’t have the resources to compete and beat the big players.

Thankfully, when it comes to keyword research, there are some brilliant tools in the marketplace that lets you be the David to the Goliaths.

One such tool we are showcasing today is Long Tail Pro.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s first understand the significance of keywords.

Importance of Keywords – The Long Tail Ones

Keywords are terms or words that website visitors type into the search box on web browsers to find what they are looking for.

If your business targets the right keywords that users are typing into that box, chances are, you will be able to get that targeted traffic to your website.

Get your keywords wrong, and you will be losing visitors, potential customers, and money; not to mention the hours of work you put into your research efforts.

The importance of keywords is better understood with this simple example.

Let us assume you have an online shoe business that is targeting the keyword “black boots”.

This keyword has generated 5,000 impressions of which 50 visitors turned in a profit of $500.

This indicates that every visitor for that keyword is worth $10 for your business.

If you manage to rank #1 for that particular keyword on Google, you are most likely to generate somewhere between 18% and 36% click-through-rate (CTR), ( based on this case study), meaning about 900 to 1800 visitors per day, and at $10 a visitor, you could potentially be earning between 3-6 million dollars a year.

That’s awesome! But here’s the catch.

The reality is that short generic keywords like “black boots” are most likely typed in by visitors who are looking for preliminary information on the product.

They are not potential customers who are ready to buy. Furthermore, these short keywords are likely to be highly competitive and usurped by big brands leaving you out of the top ten if you are a small business owner or are just starting out.

On the other hand, if a visitor was looking for say “ Nike Air Max black shoes size 11”, (notice that this is a long tail keyword) chances are the user is most likely ready to buy the product and is looking for the right website to do so.

If you knew how to target the long tail keyword such as this one, this particular customer (and everyone searching for this keyword) will have landed on your website and turned in a nice profit for you.

Now imagine targeting one such long tail keyword for every post you create.

The traffic, leads, and sales will probably have you laughing all the way to the bank!

Targeting Long Tail Keywords

Now that we’ve established the significance of long tail keywords, how do you know which keywords are the right ones to target for your business?

Rather than relying on your own judgment, you need to make use of professional keyword research tools.

Let’s face it. Free tools can only do so much and in today’s fiercely competitive space, you’ll only put yourself at a disadvantage when you rely on them.

If you are serious about your business and want to be generating traffic, leads, sales and revenue consistently, you’ll want to be investing in the right assets – in powerful keyword research tools such as Long Tail Pro.

Who is This Long Tail Pro For?

Long Tail Pro, the intelligent keyword research tool from Spencer Haws is ideal for:

  • Anyone struggling to build an audience, generate traffic and leads to their website
  • Anyone struggling to find the right topic to write about in their blog
  • Anyone whose website content is not targeting the right keywords

Why Long Tail Pro is your SEO Rock

Long Tail Pro turns your SEO struggles into a competitive advantage by identifying:

  • keywords that have high profit potential
  • keywords with low and medium competition
  • ​in-depth competitive analytics for your keywords
  • your chances at beating the competition

And the tool does all this work within minutes!

How to find Long Tail Keywords with Long Tail Pro

Many free tools and even some of the paid ones in the market, generally require a learning curve.

Long Tail Pro is a great piece of software that is just hassle free and straightforward to use. There are simple, short instructional videos to show you how each feature works and if you choose to run through them, you won’t need to take a second look ever again.

Now let’s get to the main task. – Identifying the right keywords.

  1. Decide on a topic you are going to write about or create.
  2. Enter the related seed keywords or keywords you wish to target into the software. The big advantage with Long Tail Pro here is that you can search multiple keywords simultaneously, saving you plenty of time.
  3. Apply filters such as whether you want only exact matches or broad matches and what cost per click you want to target. These filters can be set as the default so you don’t have to type it in every time you input new keywords.
  4. Click Generate Keywords. In just a few minutes, you can choose the keywords you need to target.

Long Tail Pro also lets you check your chances of beating sites that are already ranking for those keywords in the top ten on Google.

You will be able to see at a glance factors such as inclusion of the keyword in the title, PageRank, number of links, age of the domains and so on.

Upgrading to the Platinum version of the software offers a more sensible, quick analysis of the competition. A single Keyword Competitiveness (KC) score will let you decide whether keep or eliminate a keyword choice.

That’s not all. This long tail keyword tool also lets you monitor your keyword rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing without bias.


  • Search multiple keywords simultaneously
  • Set filters and save them as your default configuration.
  • ​When building niche sites, you can instantly check if exact match domains are available (marked in green). No manual search for each keyword is needed.
  • ​Lets you see at a glance where your keywords rank in Google so you can make additional efforts to improve your rankings.
  • ​Easy to install; allows for use on up to 3 devices
  • Easy to use; absolutely no configuration needed


  • Long Tail Pro can be hard on your budget initially, but with the right keyword strategy, you should be able to cover the costs before too long.
  • Glitchy at times, but not so much as to render it unusable


Long Tail Pro is a remarkable keyword research software that provides deep insights in an easy to read dashboard to help you make the right keyword choices.

The Platinum version offers additional advantages such as the KC score, saving important keywords, and importing keywords.

Long Tail Pro is a tad expensive at $97 but it is a tool that is guaranteed to bring you returns many times over.

The upgrade to Platinum costs an additional recurring $17/month. Remember, targeting the right keyword for just one post, such as “ Nike Air Max black shoes size 11”, can bring in targeted traffic, leads, and sales that will easily cover the cost of purchasing Long Tail Pro.

That’s not all! If you find that the tool does not work as guaranteed, you are offered a 100% money back guarantee within 60 days.

Finally, on a note of caution, remember that no tool can guarantee you success overnight.

Long Tail Pro is a smart keyword research tool that, if used properly, will ensure that you confidently make the right keyword choices that will bring steady, consistent, success for your online marketing efforts.

Are you are prepared to take your first steps towards a profitable keyword targeting strategy?

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  1. Hi Editorial Staff,

    I am blogging since 2 years but never concentrated on doing keyword research which is a big mistake, I am hearing a lot about long tail pro these days, I think keyword competitiveness is the best feature in Long tail pro, thanks for sharing the details about it.

    I think buying this tool really help to become successful in blogging career in short time, thanks for sharing this information.

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