6 Landing Page Optimization Tips to Grow Your List

Bloggers go to great lengths to drive search traffic to their blogs by setting up expensive PPC campaigns, social media marketing and SEO.

While your homepage is definitely important it’s not the best place to drive in all that valuable traffic.

As bloggers one of our constant goal is to drive traffic, convert the reader to a subscriber.

For many to be successful, is to make money by blogging.

And as outlined in one of my earlier blog posts, bloggers are obsessed with list building and obsessed with ConvertKit, because of how much success it has brought bloggers and businesses worldwide.

Optimizing your landing pages with high quality content, graphics and call to action will define how many leads you’re able to generate from it.

Imagine being able to create a landing page that not only looks good but also converts.

What if you can ignore all the technical headache of having to pay a tutor so you can learn how to code or maybe even hire a developer to build one for you.

What better way to build a list than to set up a kick ass landing page and optimize it for conversion so you can grow your list rapidly.

Secret Formula: Landing pages + Call to Action = Massive List

Landing Page Definition

A landing page is any page on a website where traffic is sent specifically to prompt a certain action or result.

These pointers are derived from the analysis and study of some of the top landing pages on the web. While some defy all aspects of logic, most of them apply similar or the same pattern.

Catchy Headline

Headlines are the first thing a reader see’s when they visit your landing page.

A good landing page has a catchy headline grabbing the readers attention immediately.

A good case study is Darren from ProBlogger’s eBook landing page (aff link). Here’s what it says:

Give me 31 Days and I’ll Give You a Dramatically Better Blog… Guaranteed

Don’t you already want to read further?
That’s what a catchy headline can do to readers and its exactly what you should strive to achieve.

Product Specific Graphics

We are always torn between the dilemma of choosing the right type of images for our landing pages.

The best practice is to keep images to a minimal yet using the best image that describes your prodcut or your freebie.

Bloggers are known to of often giving away free eBooks and the best graphics that goes with it is a 3D image of the book.

Some bloggers add all sorts of banners and what not that distract the reader. Remember your goal here is optimize your landing page so that you can get more people to sign up to your list.

Alternatively create short introductory videos that talks about why the visitor should sign up to your list.

A small tweak like this can add so much value to your readers and your landing page.

Highlight Key Benefits

One of the most important parts of the landing page is listing out the benefits the visitor would get when they sign up to your list.

This is the most important aspect that lets the reader decide if they should or should not sign up.

Adding a bold call to action, highlighting the benefit is the best way to get the reader closer to signing up.

A different example: Daily Deals For Mommy’s Who Can Save An Average $200 On Daily Purchases

With this title you will will get the attention of almost all moms who are focused at saving money.

Listing out the benefits in bullets will make it even more convincing to the reader to join your list immediately.

Offer Free Samples

As a blogger I always like to offer something free that bloggers would need and use for their blogs.

For example: If you are running a blog or starting a new one, a good theme or design is essential. Hence offering a free website design will get the attention of readers and bloggers alike.

If you know your audience well then you know what they want and like.

For example: A food blogger share a collection of recipes in the form of an eBook. A DIY Woodworking blog, will share a connection of DIY projects that are affordable and professional.

What this does it filter out those who are not interesting only sending you the leads that are really interested.

This will increase the overall lead to sales ratio, meaning you can get more people buying your promotions or products.

Call to Action (Sign Up Forms) Above & Below The Fold

Placing the sign up both above and below the fold is mandatory.

Readers might not immediately decide as you do not share all the details upfront.

The readers will read through what you have to offer and then instead of scrolling all the way back up they use the form right below.

All you’re doing is making it easy for the reader to sign up once they reach the bottom.

Also don’t forget to add a clear link to your privacy statement.

Placing it right below the optin from will give the subscriber comfort that their information is not sold or shared.

Although most readers avoid reading a privacy statement its mandatory that you protect yourself and your blog.

Testimony from Industry Leaders

Put at least one good testimonial about your eBook from and Industry Leaders or an expert.

Get permission to use their name and testimonial before you do so.

This can be a big boost as it provides a sense of promise to your readers that even top bloggers or readers in the industry are finding value from your list.

Several bloggers claim that a testimony adds value and boosts up sign ups.

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