How To Stay Popular In The Blog World

You can go from a new blog or an silent blog to a popular blog if you put in the right effort. Blogging can work wonders for many, all you have to do is believe and work towards your goals. Building a popular blog is difficult, and maintaining popularity is a totally different thing.

Take bloggers like ProBlogger – Darren Rowse and Pat Flynn. These guys have been in the blog world for a long time and have established themselves as popular bloggers and remained at the top. While there are many other bloggers who during the last few years have popped up and have been very silent or even forgotten in recent times.

Staying popular in the blogging world can be a big challenge unless otherwise you are motivated at what you do. If you are a successful blogger or if you have built successful blogs in the past you will understand what I mean by challenge. This post talks about a few things that focuses on what it takes to keep your blog at the popular spot and keep going.

  • Network With Popular Blogs Who Are Already In The News
  • Have Authority Figures Talk About You
  • Produce High Quality Material In Your Industry
  • Become A Speaker At Popular Conferences In Your Niche

To stay popular in the blog world, be smart attend conf. network, and engage with popular people.

Keep Yourself Motivated And Keep The Momentum

Often bloggers lose motivation after a year or two into blogging. They start to think they cannot become popular bloggers and even if they do they cannot remain at the top as popular bloggers. The blogging world is highly competitive and there are new bloggers who gain popularity every day. This does not mean that they can maintain top position.

They rise and fall and there have been a a very select few who have been able to maintain both the motivation and the momentum that demands a popular blog. The simplest way I stay motivated is viewing the income reports of various bloggers both big and small. These bloggers are able to make a steady income month on month. Some like to read motivational books and some listen to music. What ever might be your motivation, you need loads of it to stay at the top of the popularity ladder.

Network With Popular Blogs Who Are Already In The News

If you have the secret recipe to start a successful blog, first share it with me 🙂 once you have done that you got to work on keeping it at the top which is a big challenge. As I mentioned earlier it takes a lot of time and effort. As a good rule of thumb network with the top bloggers in your industry, network with popular bloggers even if they are not in your industry.

This is very important because you need to stay connected with the folks who the top of the line bloggers as they are the most updated folks in the industry and they are always in sync with changes in the industry. If they are in the news, its important that you are connected to them for all the good reasons that is. This will help you get noticed from time to  time and these bloggers will always try to work with you if any option arises.

Have Authority Figures Talk About You

If you followed the previous point you are already one step close to meeting this goal. Networking with top bloggers in your industry and related industry is vital to staying on top in the blog world. Once you are in good books with these top blogs, its time to get some favors. Have them feature your products, talk about some free service that you offered them, or anything that you can do to get them to mention you in their blog posts, podcast and may be even interview you on their blogs.

Its important to get frequent attention and mentions from these top blogs as your name will become familiar among their readers who will soon become your readers as well. This is something that will work in your favor and help you grow your popularity and visibility to stay at the top of the ladder. This will happen only if you can build trust and respect with your peers, no blogger will want to feature you just because you did them a favor or mentioned them on your blog. Those silly tricks do not work anymore. The top guns need to have faith in what you do and trust in you before you can get a mention.

Produce High Quality Material In Your Industry

Continue to produce high quality articles on your blog or website. We often take for granted just because we have become popular or starting to get attention. Its important that we maintain quality and the consistency that we had. I’ve seen several blogs lose momentum and stop posting articles as regularly as they used to once before. Write valuable material that you readers love and come to your blog and what made your blog popular.

Do not lose focus of what made you popular else you will start to crumble and soon reach the bottom. This is irrespective of the money you make, the new products that you launch you need to keep up the good work to stay a popular blog in the blog world.

Become A Speaker At Popular Conferences In Your Niche

I will be honest with you on this one. I am not entirely sure if this helps you keep the momentum of being a popular blogger. But I’ve noticed that most popular bloggers are public speakers and present at various conferences around the world. This is a great way for the industry to notice you as a blogger and professional and also keep you at the top.

Blogging can take you places that I can say for sure. As an introvert I’ve had to decline a lot of opportunities that have come my way simply because I can’t talk to a crown I cannot do telephonic interviews and what not. There is so much more one can do to stay popular in the blog world. What I’m sharing with you are just the top few that can make a huge difference.

In summary, It might be easy to become a popular blogger in the blog world. But to remain popular is a whole different ball game. There are thousands of bloggers who were popular once, but are no longer being spoke about because they are able to stay with the momentum. There is a lot more than blogging one needs to do to stay popular in the blogging world. Put your best foot forward and don’t look back.

Question: Did you ever get to the point of being a popular blogger in the blog world? Are you a popular blogger? If you have risen to the top, have you managed to maintain the momentum. What has been your biggest challenge?

5 responses to “How To Stay Popular In The Blog World”

  1. Hi Editorial Staff,
    In the past, I have guessed posted on big blogs. Sometimes, people from those sites come to my site, but they do not subscribe to my blog. I have three optin boxes. I am beginning to think guest posting on big blogs is a huge waste of time.

  2. Hi Editorial Staff,

    These are great suggestions for us to stay popular in the blogging world. I do network with some popular bloggers and I have been mentioned by some but I have to say I get star struck approaching new bloggers. 🙂

    “Do not lose focus of what made you popular else you will start to crumble and soon reach the bottom…” this is so true.
    I wouldn’t say I’m a popular blogger and while it’s on my list, it isn’t in the top five. I’m just focusing on helping other bloggers who are just starting out and need guidance. 🙂

    Thanks again for sharing this with us. Have a great day and weekend.


  3. These are pretty good recommendations, yet I’m going to call you on one of them because, well, I’m contrary like that. lol

    You recommend writing high quality content. I see this recommendation on almost every blog I visit about blogging, making money, driving traffic, etc. Yet, in all the years I’ve been writing (almost 11) and reading blogs (longer) the only article I’ve ever seen describing what high quality content actually means was written by… me. 🙂 Since I couldn’t find a search box here I’m not sure if you’ve ever defined it here or not but just once I’d like to see someone else explain it to the masses to see if we’re in any kind of agreement or not.

    As for having authority figures talking about me… I can get behind that because it would be nice. I did get a mention in a Guy Kawasaki book 7 1/2 years ago; I guess it’s time for a boost. 🙂

  4. Most of the articles I see on buzzfeed or huff post or bigtime blogs like that are trash and I would consider them to be not be high quality at all yet they get a ton of traffic.

    Becoming popular and being put in front of a large audience is key but I don’t necessarily think it has to do with high quality.

    But dont get me wrong, i try and write all my posts high quality just in case. 🙂

  5. Really great points today! I might also add posting your blog to Viral Content Buzz for social shares and traffic. It has worked great for me.

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