How To Promote Your Blog (34 Simple Ways)

While starting to write this post it got me thinking that I’ve not done anything different to promote my content online and decided to give Flipboard a crack.

I read my daily news and feeds from Flipboard and given the number of users on the platform if enough people subscribe to my magazine on blogging (All About Blogging) it can drive a great deal of traffic not just to my blog but the various blogs I have syndicated within the mag.

Flipboard acts like a content  syndicating or aggregating tool that allows you to read various articles from various platforms. I have some top blogs added to the group and have decided to give it a 3 month run to see if it can really drive traffic to bloggers.

So if you run a blog that focuses on marketing, blogging, SEO, email marketing or social media send me a link and I will start adding content. To make it simpler if you have a Flipboard account leave your username in the comments section and I will add you as a contributor to the mag.

I was really excited about using Flipboard and marketing using the platform which inspired me to write this article on promoting your blog on various locations.

There are lots of things you need to do to have a successful blog. Write high quality articles that make your blog popular and learn how to promote your blog using different strategies.

Why Promote Your Blog 34 Different Ways?

There are so many blogs that I follow and read through on a regular basis and some of them do not get any social shares and may be not even much traffic. But that does not mean that its a bad blog. Its just that the blogger is not taking the effort to market and promote his or her blog to increase reach and visibility.

You don’t have to promote your blog 34 ways or 100 ways, there is no fixed number to the ways in which you can promote your blog. But if you take some time off your blog and do some marketing then you can not only grow your blog following rapidly but also make good money from blogging. The list of suggestions here are simple there to guide you to choose what best works for you.

When Should You Promote Your Blog?

Blog promotion is essential to its success. You can write awesome pillar articles and have no one read it except your mom and grandma may be if you do not promote your blog. There are various pre-requisites to making a popular blog but learning how to promote a blog is key to its existence.

You should promote your blog once you have enough content on your blog, that is if someone visits your blog they should have enough posts to go through your blog and dig deeper and gain value from it. Once you hit 50 posts on your blog is a good time to start promoting your blog extensively.

Once you reach the 50 post mark every time moving forward you should promote each article that is published henceforth. This will make sure that not only your older articles get traction but also the new ones get the attention they deserve.

What Sort Of Promotions Should Bloggers Do?

There are free and paid promotions and there are viral promotions. While many claim they can increase the vitality of a post, I do not believe that its that easy to get a post to go viral online.

With that said, there are various social media and online marketing companies that can offer you the services if you are interesting. All you need to do is google viral marketing agencies and you will find a good number of them.

As for free promotions I’ve made a very simple list of ways you can promote your blog online, these are more than enough to get your articles the attention they deserve and even may be get you on the first page of Google.

As for paid marketing, you can start with Google Adsense and move on to Facebook Advertisement, Twitter Advertisement, Reddit Advertisement and StumbleUpon Advertisement. I bet there are even more way to advertise like banner ads and so on.

Its only a matter of funding and the opportunities to promote your blog can be endless.

How To Promote Your Blog Online 34 Different Ways

  1. Send it out to your email list
  2. Submit guest posts on other blogs
  3. Make your content search engine friendly (SEO)
  4. Comment on other blogs
  5. Use blogger outreach
  6. Syndicate Your Content to Top Blogs
  7. Do Cross-Promotion with Other Bloggers
  8. Submit Your Content to Blogging Communities
  9. Promote Your Blog on Top Forums in Your Niche
  10. Publish Slides to Slideshare
  11. Post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus
  12. Post on Facebook Groups and LinkedIN Groups
  13. Promote Your Blog on Quora
  14. Convert Your Blog Posts into PDFs and Submit to PDF/Document Sharing Sites
  15. Start a Podcast
  16. Advertise on Social Media
  17. Sponsor a Blogging Contest
  18. Run a Viral Giveaway
  19. Retweet Old Articles
  20. Only Offer Partial Blog Feed, or Customize Your Feed
  21. Master the Best Time to Post
  22. Join Bundle Offers to Expand Your Reach
  23. Do Solo Ads
  24. Submit Your Blog to Blog/Website Directories
  25. Rewrite Some of Your Articles and Post them on Article Directories
  26. Identify Top Community and Q&A Sites in Your Niche and Participate Regularly
  27. Get Your Blog Listed in Google News
  28. Translate Your Blog Posts into Other Languages
  29. Create an App for Your Blog
  30. Link building
  31. Mention Your Expert Sources When Sharing
  32. Email Your Sources So They Read, Share, and Link to Your Content
  33. Contact People Who Have Shared Similar Content
  34. Turn the Content into a Video
You can also download a printable copy to put up on your dashboard.

8 responses to “How To Promote Your Blog (34 Simple Ways)”

  1. Some really good tips and some I had never even considered before. The translation is a good idea – what language would your recommend?! I had one article shared on Flipboard earlier in the year and it brought a lot of traffic. Always trying to promote but it can be time consuming – more time spent than the actual writing!

  2. Hi Nicola,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment and your kind words of appreciation. You don’t have translate to a specific language, there are these simple and easy to install WordPress plugins (if you are on WordPress that is) that will allow the reader to translate to any language they prefer.

    Let me know if you need additional help in finding or setting up the plugin. I’d be happy to help out.

    Cheers and Merry Christmas to you and your Family.
    Editorial Staff

  3. Hi Editorial Staff,

    Interesting advice about Flipboard, I should give it a try.

    It is true that blogging can be dauting. you have to create great content and at the same time, you have to promote it, and be good at both…

    I recently found a great service that helmps with the second one, and it is working really good for me.

  4. Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your comment. Blogging is interesting if you are into it. If you consider it a job and work on writing and social media marketing it can be a long winding list of tasks.

    Blogging is for those who want to add value to what already is out there. I’m someone who enjoy’s blogging and for me blogging relives stress and free’s the mind.

    Editorial Staff

  5. Hello Editorial Staff,

    Great tips I got to see!

    I must say I follow just a few which are totally normal and almost everyone knows and follows … But, I got many new and unique tips which I am sure will so help me in grow.

    Thanks for that, mate! And I am happy to share it on my social life!

    ~ Adeel

  6. Thats awesome. You can also subscribe to my blog so that you can get updates when I publish.

  7. Hi Adeel,

    Always appreciate your comments and I am really glad that you were able to find a few tips that you weren’t aware earlier. I hope they are helpful to get you that extra bit of traffic, leads or clients.

    Happy Holidays.

    Editorial Staff

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