How To Earn Money With A Blog (9 Experts Share Their Best Money Making Strategy)

The first step to making money online is to launch a blog. Then its to figure out how to make money with a blog.

I’ve taken the time to interview some of the expert bloggers from various niche markets who are making some good cash from blogging. You will find a short bio, a link to their twitter account and their blog along with their expert advice.

This is to provide you with some guidance on making money with a blog in 2016 as the new year is just around the corner.

Blogging to make money can be hard for many and easy for few. It depends on the network connection you have, applying the strategies that work with the current market conditions and even your ability to write and produce high quality content.

Sometimes even Google SEO factors play a major role in you making money with your blog (if you are depending on Organic search traffic).

What ever be your strength or weakness, 2016 is going to be all about making some hard cash fast and easy. Follow these experts as they share their wealth of knowledge from their experience as you embark on your journey to make money with a blog.

Michelle Schroeder-Gardner is a personal finance and lifestyle blogger. She earns over $30,000 a month from her blog and is currently traveling around North America in an RV with her husband and their two dogs.

Twitter – @senseofcents

November 2015 Earnings – $30,569

Expert Advice – My best tip is to make money by taking part in affiliate marketing. The majority of my income now comes from affiliate income, which isn’t passive but it almost feels like it is. Being able to earn a living while traveling the country is a great feeling!

Pradeep Kumar is the CEO & Founder of Slashsquare. I’m a Blogger, Internet Marketer, and a Minimalist. Slashsquare is an Indian Blog Network & Web Consulting Media.

Twitter – @SPradeepKr

November 2015 Earnings – 4-digit USD (He likes to keep his earnings private)

Expert Advice – It really depends on the kind of blog you are running. If you are a Movie Blogger, then some monetization methods won’t be applicable.

But, for a blog in general, we have plenty of awesome monetization methods without bothering the readers. I’ll list some below:

  1. Affiliate Marketing: This is something which is old yet working brilliantly right now. Say you love a product, you want to review it on your blog, and you have a good following. Then obviously, if people need that product, they’ll buy it. Here, instead of just reviewing the product you’ll also be adding your affiliate (or referral) link to it. So when people buy through your link, you’ll get a small (yet big) commission out of it. Tada!
  2. Sponsored/Paid Reviews: This is something different than #1 I mentioned. Here you are reviewing a product or service, like a total overview, for a fee. Like, if you are a Food Blogger, you come across a wonderful new restaurant, you love their food and their service seems to be great, you can just go to the owner, ask him/her whether they have a marketing budget or strategy for improving their business further. You can tell about your blog, the kind of following it is, the kind of conversion it can give, you can convince them to pay you some small amount for reviewing their hotel on your blog.
  3. Google AdSense: I guess we all might know this somewhat I guess. Display CPC/CPM advertisements on your blog, that means, whenever someone visits your blog, sees/clicks the ad, you’ll get a small percentage $ (or $$) for that.

Harsh Agarwal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.

Twitter – @denharsh

November 2015 Earnings – $16,000

Expert Advice – 2016 is going to be the best year for bloggers & online marketers. We will see new monetization technique especially pertaining to mobile web.

Here are some of the methods which would be in popular demand.

  1. Retargeting pixels: Leasing out website retargeting pixels could become a real thing as it would let brand reach out to target audience. Though it may not align with affiliate marketing goals of a publisher, but if it’s done well, it could open a new revenue stream
  2. Products: It’s about time when young bloggers are understanding the importance of having their own product. eBook, Membership program will be something which I expect to see on all popular blogs.

Hilary Erikson is part time nurse, part time blogger.  Mom to 3, wife to one.  She runs the blog Pulling Curls for overwhelmed moms to find more joy in the journey.  She’s been publishing detailed income reports since her first Adsense check back in 2011.  Be sure to check them all out if you’re wanting to increase your income.  Also, be sure to check out her blogging income spreadsheet to track your own growth.

Twitter – @pullingcurls

November 2015 Earnings – $3600

Expert Advice – Diversify. That’s my one best advice. Sure, you start out with one income stream, but then you need more and more. It’s much more beyond the writing.

Also, I would really recommend tracking your #’s. That includes hits, income, social media, newsletter. All those numbers give you an idea of what’s working and what isn’t.

Fabrizio Van Marciano is a proud dad of two amazing reprobates, a web designer, graphic designer and pro blogger at Magnet4Blogging.Net

Twitter – @vanmarciano

November 2015 Earnings – $1,720

Expert Advice – Making money blogging has evolved over the years I think. Where once it was all about trying to promote the heck out of every single product or service you came across, that tactic has actually proven to be quite useless over the years for many folks.

Long gone are the days where you just had to paste a ton of affiliate ads, banners, third party ads and other trash on your blog.

I think if anyone is serious about making money online in 2016 they need to look at blogging as a business rather than just a website they build in hope that it will churn out money.

These days people want more value, they don’t just want to be sold any old garbage. So with that said I think affiliate marketing still tops the list for blog monetisation in 2016, but doing affiliate marketing in a way that it educates people rather than just sells to them. I guess that’s where having a content marketing strategy in place really matters.

A very close second place would go to actually providing a service through your blog. The great thing about blogging and doing online marketing is that you learn a lot, and over time and with enough practice, you almost become an expert at doing certain things. This is a great opportunity I think for anyone to offer something they’ve developed as a skill as a service to others.

For me gaining the skills and experience I’ve gained in designing websites and graphic design work has led me to offering this as a service on my blog.

Matthew Allen is a full time trucker – part time blogger and imaginary entrepreneur. He is the only known trucker who is blogging about creating passive income online.

Twitter – @matt76allen

November 2015 Earnings – $1,633

Expert Advice – There are lots of ways to make money with a blog. Believe me – I’ve tried just about all of them! For 2016 and going forward – I’m mostly sticking with one tried and true method – affiliate marketing with total honesty and transparency!

First – you need an audience (readers) in order to make money. Here’s what I am doing. In short, I plan to continue growing my blog audience by SEO (targeting low competition keywords) and through outreach. I also like to build a long-term relationship with my audience by building and growing my email list.

Making money with affiliate marketing – this part isn’t that hard if you use the honest and transparent approach. I simply promote products that I actually use and love. For the internet marketing space that I blog in – this involves showing exactly how I use certain related products and how they produce results for me. In a sense, I “”un-box”” the products and show my readers and subscribers exactly what to expect if they buy that product (or service) too and I show them exactly how to use it. I then offer my affiliate link and make it clear to them that it is in fact an affiliate link and I will receive a small commission if they purchase through that link.

Readers really appreciate up-front honesty and transparency. Most understand that many of us bloggers are trying to make extra money on the side with our blogs – so they are usually happy to support by purchasing through affiliate links. Especially if the content promoting the product was extra helpful!

Ricky Figueroa is the creator of Blog Launch Insider and Buyers From Scratch – how to profit from your online course, before you create it (without spending a penny).

Twitter – @LaunchInsider

November 2015 Earnings – $26,791

Expert Advice – Here are a few things you should do:

  1. Have a clear and simple monetization strategy
  2. Validate all of your ideas by putting money in your bank account BEFORE you go into creating your products or programs.
  3. Have a clear strategy to deliver valuable (and relevant) free content upfront. This is part of your validation process. Have a clear INTENTION with each piece of content you create. Stop putting up content in your blog… just for the heck of posting something. Be Intentional and survey your audience about what they truly want to learn about. Sell them what they want and sneak in what they need as well.
  4. Create your own online courses, coaching programs and/or services.
  5. Be HONEST. Don’t try to teach about something you have not created results with yet. (a) Learn it (b) Implement it (c)
    Share your findings and results (d) Sell it with strategic positioning
  6. Develop these skills: (a) Conversions (opt-in + sales) (b) Build systems (funnel strategies) (c) Traffic
  7. Know your numbers.
  8. Start small. Small is good. Small is what you need when you are just getting started. Small is the first step to bigger results.
  9. Understand that being open to learn from your mistakes will make you and your blog more valuable in your marketplace.
  10. Don’t be attached to the outcome. Test everything. Turn your ideas into experiments.
  11. Stop focusing on the money. Where does money come from? It comes from people. Focus on people. The money will follow. LISTEN.

Adeline Gear, from has been blogging for about 4 years now, ever since I quit my job as an Instructional Designer. Apart from running my main blog, I have also done a bit of freelance work for and continue to occasionally write for and

I love the thrill and excitement of doing something new and exciting everyday and the competitive and challenging nature of blogging today has given me the opportunity and freedom to extend my education and push my capabilities and for that I am deeply grateful.

Twitter – @theapptimes

November 2015 Earnings – $300

Expert Advice – In my opinion, one of the best ways to make money with a blog in 2016 is to offer a product or service that will offer genuine benefits to the consumer; one that will entice him to share the benefits with others and drive more traffic to your blog.

It could be creating a course on teaching people new skills or one that encourages a hobby. Whatever your choice of making money with your blog, have a solid business plan, determine your monetization methods and frame workflows that will determine how you accomplish your objectives every month.

Rob Cubbon, I set up my website in 2006 and started blogging. I immediately started to get graphic design work for clients from the site and in 2008 I stopped work so I could devote all my time to the business.

Since then I have become an Amazon best selling author and a successful Udemy instructor. I provide web and graphic design services for clients as well as sell ebooks and video courses from my site.

Twitter – @RobCubbon

November 2015 Earnings – $8000

Expert Advice – I still see Udemy as an amazing opportunity that everyone is missing. You are already creating content through a blog and therefore building an audience and an email list. Your “content creation muscle” will be well developed so you can create a course on Udemy which you can then sell to your audience. Udemy will also provide you with sales and a new audience as well who will then search you out, find your blog and swell your email list still further.

This brings us to the end of the expert round up. I hope you enjoyed reading and learning from these exerts who all make money from their blogs and web businesses. How do you plan on implementing these monetization strategies into your blog and web businesses? Do you have a plan in place? Share your thoughts and opinion on this round up.

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  1. Hey Editorial Staff,

    Nice post with a lot of informative content. I like the advice from Rob. In fact Udemy is one amazing resource that a lot of people of missing out on. In fact online tutoring in all different forms are a very good source of income. People are looking to learn a lot of things and the easiest medium is the internet because they can do it without really moving out of their comfort zone.


  2. Hey family! Good post, my friend. Honestly, I couldn’t agree more with Harsh Agrawal, especially on the fact… that it’s time for young bloggers to start creating and launching their own products.

    One main common factor between the top successful mediapreneurs is that they focus on creating, promoting and selling their own online courses, and programs. There is a good reason why they focus on that monetization strategy out of thousands of other options (hint hint!).

  3. Yes are you right @DK btw @Editorial Staff i have some word for ur work and you 😀 about work…and writing style sir it’s impred me 😀 your work is fucking awesome….i’ll share with my friends and my facebook pages ” how to make money online (BLOG/AFFILIATES)” and I appreciate you and hopping for some more informative posts very soon 😀

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