How To Get Authority Bloggers To Promote Your Articles

This is “mission impossible”

You just cannot get bloggers like @patflynn or @problogger to tweet out your article, unless you are Tom Cruise.

Then this is just a walk in the park for you.

The challenge of getting a socially authoritative figure to share your articles is a tough task. There are various criteria you should meet. Even then there is a very low chance that they would share your post.

Let me be honest with you, I’m writing this post in the hopes that I can get Pat Flynn and Darren Rowse to share this article to their followers on Twitter and Facebook. And of course I want you to learn something from this article and may be apply it in your marketing and get some outstanding results.

These simple strategies are effective and have worked for me. I’ve got top social media figures to tweet out my articles which resulted in some additional social shares and visits to my blog.

Lets take a closer look at a few things you can do immediately to get authority bloggers to share your articles.

Use Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is a great way for you to reach out to authority bloggers and ask them for a tweet or a share. There are standard templates that are used by most marketers these days that you can use as well. Most bloggers who receive outreach emails do respond and share the articles. However, remember that the article needs to be of high standards.

You cannot just write some mediocre article and hope for an authority blogger to share your article. That will not work. Put in the effort to create a popular blog post and then share that with the authority blogger if they had shared something on those lines, else don’t bother.

Hi {Authority Blogger},

I noticed that you shared article {This is an awesome article} {URL}

I have written an article on the same topic that I think you might find interesting {This is my awesome article} {URL}

If you enjoy the article I appreciate you sharing the same with your followers on social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Stay Awesome,


Share Their Articles

Before you start with your outreach program you need to be known to the authority blogger. One of the simplest way to do that is share their articles. When I say share, I mean strategically share when the specific authority blogger is active on the social network.

Avoid spamming the authority blogger’s articles and sharing them all and all at the same time. This is something that will put you as someone they need to avoid or be careful as you seem more like a spammer than someone who has genuine interest in the content produced by the authority blogger.

Stay consistent and share the articles on a timely and regular manner. Ask questions and make comments on social platforms that will get the attention of the authority blogger. This will work in your favour and your outreach will make more sense.

Communicate With Them Regularly

When I say communicate with them regularly, don’t do it all the time and every time. For example, don’t email the authority blogger until they are very familiar with you and they start writing you. Start communicating with authority bloggers through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Share your comments on the articles they share. Write them a note telling them how valuable their share has been.

Simply let them know that you are able to do something that you were never been able to do just because you read an article they shared. Ask them questions and try to add valuable feedback from time to time. Soon you will find them engaging with you on a regular basis. Once you see this come to fruition you can start your blogger outreach program.

Give Them Updates That They Don’t Already Know

This is not something that you can do all the time because you don’t always get to know about news first. But there are times when you are ahead of authority bloggers. For example, because of the regional difference you might be a day or half a day ahead of the authority blogger you are engaging with.

Write a simple and neat email informing the authority blogger about whats going on or what has happened. Do not ask for favours and simply provide a source of reference that they can read and come to their own conclusions.

Report Bugs And Broken Pages To Them

Often while reading articles on various blogs we find mistakes, broken URLs and 404 pages. As a good gesture share this information with the authority blogger using screenshot so that they know whats going wrong and can fix it. There might be malware warnings when you visit pages during these times its good to let the bloggers know and good gestures like these will put you in good faith with the authority bloggers.

This will help you be more successful with the outreach program. In the middle of all your strategies don’t forget to follow your authority figure.

Key Benefits Of Getting Authority Bloggers To Share Your Content

  • Their Tweets Can Drive Social Media Traffic
  • Powerful Network Source For Future Launches
  • They Link To You And Talk About You To Others

I’m sure there is a load of other benefits and advantages of getting authority bloggers share your content. I would like to hear this from you. Leave a comment on send out a tweet.

Examples Of Authority Bloggers Sharing My Content

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  1. Hi Editorial Staff !

    I am also of the opinion too that it is not wise to ask for favors at the beginning of a relationship with an influencer. That can go south so quickly ! I know because it happened to me and it sure is embarassing. Great & solid tips.

  2. Hi Editorial Staff !

    I am also of the opinion too that it is not wise to ask for favors at the beginning of a relationship with an influencer. That can go south so quickly ! I know because it happened to me and it sure is embarassing. Great & solid tips.

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