How Small Blogs Are Making The Blog World A Better Place

I can still remember the time when I started my blog GenuineSEO an SEO blog. It was small like every other blog and focused on a niche topic that were of great interest and bloggers loved my content. I had my blog listed on BuySellAds and AdSense and was making a few hundred dollars each month easy.

As my blog grew I began offering services to my readers and the community at large and the revenue began to increase. And then came a time when I needed to move on and most importantly I needed the money to pay off my bills. I sold my blog on Flippa and then went on to start another blog a few years after.

Today I can say with confidence that anyone can start a blog, grow it and make money blogging. My blog did not grow to a million visitor blog but with a limit to 10,000 visitors. My blog even though was small it generated and provided for me and the family. Don’t give up hope your blog contributes to the blog world a great deal and it does wonders.

The small blogs out there are doing what none of the big blogs are doing. They are driving change and disruptions in the blog world. Established blogs are often too scared to take risk and often end up being stagnated.

  • They focus on a micro niche
  • They write articles that newbies need to know about
  • They are self sustaining
  • They create awesome products
  • They are working to make a difference

Small blogs kick a** as they are working their way to the top. They are the future big blogs.

They Focus On A Micro Niche

The big advantage small blogs have is that they can focus on a micro niche market that gets them a lot of attention from web surfers. These small blogs are able to drive massive search traffic and even generate some revenue from such segments. The bloggers don’t really have to work on backlink building as long tail keywords works wonders for them.

Micro niche markets can be highly profitable if the right strategies are applied and small blogs are able to take advantage of this. There is one disadvantage, niche segments can go out of season, meaning one year they can get you a $1000 revenue and next just $10. Its a risky business if you are going to depend on it as your primary income source.

They Write Articles That Newbies Want To Learn About

Fast growing blogs often focus on advanced topics or topics that they believe is the best place to start at. What many of the big blogs or fast growing blog fail to understand is that there are millions of users who have never used much of the internet before. They have no clue about starting a business online or even set up a blog or hosting or any of that.

This is where the small blogs come in. Many of the small blogs talk about very basic stuff like changing a header image and making tweaks that are so simple that we would not think that anyone would need help with. There are people who still have no idea about these things and need help. And small blogs are able to make the most of this because they write about topics that newbies need to know.

They Are Self Sustaining

Small blogs are self sustaining. Bloggers are able to make a living even if their blogs are small. You don’t always need millions of page views or visitors to make money online.  You can offer niche services, products and even offer content that will generate enough traffic for you to make money. I’ve been a small blogger and I can say there is a lot of money to be made even as a small blog.

The advantage is that these blogs or bloggers do not rely much on external sources or support and are self sustaining. May be except for search traffic which they can be penalized but you can always work on recover from google panda updates and other algorithm changes. There are a good list of bloggers who sell printable like the ones I offer as a freebie to my newsletter subscribers. The etsy market is filled with these types of small bloggers and they are able to generate a steady income.

They Come Up With Awesome Product Ideas

I love reading smaller blogs for this simple reason. They offer some of the best freebies in the market and also they come up with the most creative ideas for new products. As small blogs there is not much pressure on our shoulders. We are able to focus on creating something that will make a difference in the world we exist. Our readers and customers find our products useful and of course they are not expensive.

Some of the big blogs I know today were once smaller blogs with awesome ideas that grew into something magnificent. With the right focus and mindset small bloggers are able to do great things.

They Strive To Be Better

Small bloggers are always working so that they can one day become a popular blog and make millions of dollars blogging. Even though small blogs are self sustaining and come up with creative products. They do not have to remain small, they all want to grow into something big. Small blogs have only one place to go and that’s up and they all end up becoming large blogs someday as long as they do not quit blogging.

Small bloggers have to work hard to keep up the momentum and also keep the money coming in. This they do because they don’t make a lot of money and they are not always known by readers world wide. These bloggers need to work to find their way up the ladder and be known.

In summary, small blogs are contributing a great deal to the blog world. They are like the soldiers that we never see but is always there to provide support for us in time of need. Small blogs are the backbone to the blogging world.

Question: Are you a small blogging trying to make it big? What are your challenges and how are you making a difference in the blog world?

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  1. I totally agree with you Editorial Staff! Thank you for sharing this. I haven’t really sat down to think about what I’m missing versus bigger, well-known bloggers. I just keep in my lane and run my own race. 🙂

    Have a great day!


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