How I Doubled My Email List In 7 Days With A Simple GrowthHack

About a month ago, to my embarrassment, I learned I’d been tying to grow my list wrongly my whole life. Simply applying the strategies bloggers and internet marketer throw out there won’t necessary get you the conversions they are claiming.

List building is the biggest challenge for bloggers, internet marketers, SMB and even the large enterprise businesses. They all struggle, only a few have mastered the right technique and seen results.

The strategies of using pop-ups, sign up baits are all good. But that does not mean you will get sign up. Today you find almost every blog having an optin form on the home page. How many of them convert using that particular form? Not many. Well may be a few.

But a few does not cut it in the fast paced world of internet marketing where everything is changing year after year. We marketers need to hack our way to the top of Google’s rankings and start building a customer base.

I don’t have a very big list, but I have a healthy one. One that is above industry standard and I’m happy with that. This means I’m attracting the right type of crowd to my blog.

Before I get to what I did to get the 100% increase, I would like to talk about a few other important aspects that you need to keep in check to ensure that this works out in your favor and not just having some random readers sign up who have no intentions of buying from you in the future.

3 Reasons Why This Worked

After a little bit of analysis post campaign I was able to narrow down to three important things that works in my favor. I was able to get more readers to visit my landing page than ever before. I offered them something that would be the extra push for them to sign up. And I kept it real simple the copy was all in the above the fold section so the readers did not have to scroll down to sign up.

#1 I Got More Readers To Visit My Landing Page

One of main reasons we do not get enough subscribers or grow our list exponentially is because we do not have the readers undivided attention to the landing page. The lists on the homepage or the side bar do not convert very well because the reader is more focused on your articles than your signup forms.

As a matter of fact they have gotten so used to it that they completely ignore it. However, if you can get your reader to visit your landing page then you are in for some massive conversions.

Lets say you get 10,000 monthly readers who are all new to your blog. If you can get all of them to visit your landing page, you will get 10,o00 landing page views. Even if you are able to convert 10% of the readers you get 1000 new subscribers every month. Now thats considered good progress in my books.

#2 I Made Them An Offer They Could Not Refuse

Not every reader who visits your landing page would sign up. Some of them need that extra push to sign up. You don’t need to force them to sign up, all you need to do is make them an offer they cannot refuse.

Some bloggers just have a sign up form and nothing less nothing more on the page. This might work for some but not for all. In my experience it does not work well. Readers always love that bit of bonus that you offer them.

Make sure that you create something valuable that would contribute to the readers success.

#3 I Kept It Simple

I avoided the most common squeeze page mistakes made by bloggers. I was able to because I made these mistakes and learned from them. The objective is to tell the reader enough to sign up, there is no need to convince or sell something, all your doing here is generating a lead.

Keep the landing page small and to the point, then would also ensure that the reader does not lose focus of what you want of them and take action immediately.

2 Additional Strategies You Can Apply To Ensure Success

These tips are bonuses if you want to make the most out of my strategy. You don’t necessarily have to apply these, but they do come handy and contribute a great deal to your list growth.

#1 Invest In Some Paid Traffic

Its always good to invest in some paid traffic when you are running a new campaign especially one that you hope to generate leads from. Facebook, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Twitter all have excellent paid promotion systems that can drive a ton of traffic to your landing page.

Don’t put too much into your paid campaigns just enough to drive organic reach.

#2 Use A Bit That No One Else Is Offering

In the strategies above I told you about making the reader an offer they cannot refuse. eBooks are good, themes and other marketing products are great offers to lure readers to subscribe.

But the point at which most marketers fail is to offer almost the exact same thing that every other marketer offers. If you take a look at what ebook I offer you will notice that no one else offers a guide similar to mine nor are the strategies I’ve mentioned in the guide are offered anywhere else.

The key to biat the reader is to offer something useful and unique.

Now that I’ve shared with you some of the essentials to a successful list building campaign lets get to what I did.

What I did Different?

In an effort to grow this list I decided to try something that I’ve not tried before. To my surprise I got a 100% increase in my list compared to the previous month within 7 days of implementation. Yes, it took me just one week to get the subscribers of the previous month.

I got my hands on some of the best and well coded WordPress plugins to help me create attractive options and get more eyes on my landing pages. This was not going to be easy, if I had to tweak or meddle with those free plugins. The only way I was going to save time and effort is to get something that was readymade yet good enough to get a reader to become a subscriber.

With this in mind, I acquired two unique set of plugins – Thrive Leads (See My Review Here)and Welcome Splash. These two plugins were worth all the time and effort I was going to invest into getting more leads.

Within 30 mins of purchase I was able to setup and configure the entire system to be ready to grow my list. And after 7 days I had doubled my list from the last month.

Caution: If you are going to use the welcome splash WordPress Plugin, my recommendation is to not run it for too long. Keep your campaigns short and periodic, this will help you to grow your list without annoying your returning visitors.

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