5 Steps to Generating High Quality Leads

One of the most important lessons I learned as a blogger is about building a list. You might have heard the following phrase.

The money is in the list.

That is true, only if you have a high quality list.

List building is a blogger’s way of referring to lead generation. Once you are able to Generating Leads and understand the nitty-gritty of lead generation or list building you are sure to start making a lot of money.

Its the very first part of the sales process.

I’ve seen many bloggers who build huge lists but do not convert the leads generated into customers.

Most bloggers learn the skill of marketing using their blogs, and build a list. What they don’t learn how to generate leads that are healthy and not just leads for the sake of growing it.

It does not matter how big your email list is, the high quality of the leads in your list is what matters.

In this post I will be talking to you about 5 simple steps to generate a healthy and high quality list. You list might not be big but you can at least be sure that they are highly targeted and high converting.

Qualify the Subscriber

One of the biggest mistakes bloggers make is to title the Optin from with phrases like –

Sign up for daily updates, Sign up to my newsletter, Get these free goodies.

These work well for bloggers who want to grow a readership, but not for businesses who need to build a list.

These are called generic leads and are often hard to pursue.

You don’t know anything about the customer, all that you do know is that they are interested in your content or your free stuff.

With a little bit of A/B testing I was able to find out what works best. Here are a few examples.

  • 35 List building tips for SMB – Sign Up Now
  • Gain access to my secret recipe for social media success – Fill in your details below
  • Get a 1 hour consultation with me

With optin titles like this the reader is bound to read it before they sign up. This is the first step to understand and categorize your leads. You can clearly tell if these are SMB customers who need help with lead generation or social networks or consulting services.

This categorization take you one step closer to a qualified lead.


Building a list or putting up an sign up from on your blog alone does not do the trick. One important factor that most bloggers miss out on is to segment the list at the very beginning.

How did I do this? Its simple.

Create different optin forms for different types of Generating Leads.

For example, you might be giving away a free eBook, offering a newsletter, an eCourse and more. By creating web forms for each of these offers. You can segment your list at the very early stages.

Based on your eBook topic, you know what the customers where interested it and why they signed up. It also tells you that those customers love the free stuff.

A newsletter subscriber would be someone who is more interested in receiving weekly updates from you as they love your work and or like to keep updated with information.

An eCourse subscriber is most like interested in learning something and your topic will tell you what the customer is looking at.

Once you have multiple forms set up all over your blog, you need to start focusing on targeting these leads one step at a time.

You now have a highly qualified lead in your hands. Not only are these leads qualified but also segmented.

Convincing Call to action

Using the right call to action can make a lot of difference. From time to time experiment with different variation of call to action button, phrases and links.

There is no one concept that works for everyone. Every blog is unique and every customer is unique to it, making it difficult to use one method.

Use A/B testing to help you understand what works best and what does not.

In one of my recent post I wrote about call to action examples that will give you an idea of the various types of call to action used by businesses world wide.

Form Fields

Another important thing to building leads or lists is to know the various sections of the form. How many form fields to use or how much information to ask from the reader.

Its important that you only ask enough information that is most required at that time and not try to get everything out of the reader.

If you do that, you are going to lose out on a lot of leads as time goes by. It might work for a while but then you will soon notice a considerable drop in leads.

The best thing to do is get the name and a contact detail of your choice, phone or email or may be both. Once the lead is generated, you can always contact the customer via the preferred mode of communication and fully qualify the customer on what they need and how you can hep them get it.


There are two ways you can pursue leads.

1) Generate every possible lead, pitch and hope to sell.

2) Generate quality and qualified leads, pitch and sell.

The first trait is most commonly found in blogs, where optin forms are placed in pretty much every place possible. The about page, homepage, above the fold, below the fold, single post, landing pages, contact pages, comment pages, thank you pages and more.

The second trait is most commonly seen in blogs or businesses who are serious about selling. They carefully qualify the customer and have one hell of a pitch when the lead is generated. This method has a higher conversion rate as the lead generated are pre qualified.

So which one of these methods do you follow? Try out these tips and share your experience.

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