5 Facebook Engagement Tips to Garner Customer Relationship

Facebook has been one of the largest sources of traffic to my blog.

I get an average 10000 visitors from Facebook.

Google analytics does a good job of providing referral traffic information.

Its quite interesting that a social network with a few hundred followers on a fan page and a few good people in your network can help generate such volume of visitors.

Massive Visitors = Re-shares + Likes + Engagement

In order to drive traffic from Facebook to your blog and grow your business gradually, build an effective and highly engaging community of followers and fans on Facebook.

Facebook is the largest social network that can drive massive traffic towards your blog. Traffic that you can qualify at your blog and convert them into potential customers.

Build an Engaging Community

An active community is a healthy community to help a business grow. It needs to have a certain level of engagement and and constant activity.

For Facebook groups and Facebook pages to drive traffic to your blog or website, you need to learn to effectively engage your community.

It does not take an expert community manager or hundreds of social media management books from Amazon; all that needed is some time and a few neat tricks to get you started and you will soon find your way to becoming the expect.

There are different engagement techniques that work on social networks, each of them carry their own merit.

If you are able to harness the power of such social networks by engaging your audience, then reaching your goals should be a walk in the park.

The 5 Facebook tips listed below have been tested and has managed to get me quite a decent amount of traffic.

Appreciate & Reward Engaging Fans

This is something that I applied on a client project. When readers are super engaging, commenting on your posts, sharing them, liking them and encouraging people others outside the network to join in as well.

Appreciate them. Give them something more than what you would normally give your readers.

May be a free coupon. An hour’s of consulting with you. May be even a shout-out to your community.

Its fans likes these that help grow your community from a 100 Fans to 100,000 fans.

While they are making your community active by participating diligently, its important that you to show some love.

Get a good photograph of the super user and a short bio and publish a post on your Facebook wall or Facebook group letting others know about the show stopper of the community.

This in a way will encourage others to be more active so that they would be listed as a top fan as well.

Request Community Feedback

Often we tend to think that surveys are dumb and no one would ever answer them.

Its Facebook 101, statistics show that survey questions if asked the right questions and provided with the right options, can be one of the most engaging post on your fan page wall.

Most large companies and their fan pages tend to get their feedback and also get their community to engage in their conversations with the help of survey questions.

The best tip with surveys on Facebook fan pages or Facebook groups is to keep it to the minimum. Don’t have too many options for the community to choose from.

Try to understand what readers like or what readers do from time to time. I usually prefer running a survey every month, on fun activities and some quizzes.

These are most often well responded to and also tend to get some fun answers.

Conduct Giveaways Only For Facebook Fans

Fan love giveaways and contests.

If you ever reach a certain fan mark, like reaching 100,000 fans or anniversary are a great time to conduct a few giveaways and contests.

This will get all your fans excited to participate, giveaway something wroth it. Make best use of this opportunity to try and grow your fan base rapidly by implementing a few concrete marketing or marketing reach strategies.

While running such contests, its always a good think to use Facebook marketing apps like WildFire that will help you effectively manage your social media campaigns and also measure ROI on such campaigns.

For a small investment or a one time investment you will be able to increase your fan base.

Digital Media is an Integral Part of Social Promotions

Every time you post a status update remember to include digital media to your posts.

Don’t post text updates always, research shows that simple text or link updates don’t resonate very well with Facebook users.

However, if you are able to add an image or a video to the status update. You are bound to get more attention to your updates than just posting text updates. It’s a simple yet effective tip.

An interesting tip I learned by following Guy Kawasaki fan page, Enchantment.

Consider Social Times Before Publishing

The most important tip of all is to post at the right social timing.

Social timing is simply a study that tells what the best time to post on social networks like Facebook, this study shows when people are most active on Facebook and can get you your updates the maximum visibility and attention.

Understanding this tip will make a whole lot of difference to all the above Facebook Tips I’ve mentioned. By posting all your updates at the right time can boost your engagement to a great extent.

Once you are quite comfortable and have started engaging your audience, you can start trying out new methods of engagement and you will soon find different ways to get better results and higher engagement on your Facebook community page.

Infography courtesy of KissMetrics & Data courtesy of Dan Zarrella (@danzarrella) and HubSpot.

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