Email Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

Its important that you keep your cool with email marketing irrespective of the mistakes you make. If you lose control of what you are doing everything will go haywire. Simply apply the email marketing best practices and keep moving forward. You are bound to make some mistakes and you will learn along the way to overcome them.

What makes you a better email marketer is the ability to take charge and take action.

Every marketing email should have a few essential components and ensuring that your marketing email has them is meeting your goal half way. People make mistakes with email marketing because they are afraid that they do not know enough or they just don’t do enough research on the subject and some times they just don’t have a clue.

Its in times like these that bloggers and email marketers make mistakes that cost them dearly. Mark an old friend made the biggest mistake of not understanding industry best practices before starting his email marketing business.

But by the time he realized what went wrong they had drove his business into the ground. This is why its important that you pay close attention to the email marketing mistakes highlighted in this article.

  • Write Spammy Subject Lines
  • Send Too Many Emails In One Day
  • List Without Permission
  • Product Promotions All The Time
  • Share Email Address With Other Bloggers

Email Marketing Mistakes can cost you a fortune if you do not apply the right techniques.

Write Spammy Subject Lines

The first and the biggest mistake email marketers make is writing spammy email subject lines. This results in either the email ending up in the spam folder or the reader deleting the email. When you are an email marketer you need to pay close attention to everything. If you even neglect one small aspect, it might end up costing you. The best way to escape this mistake is to adopt email subject line growth hacks.  These will help you and even ensure that you only write high quality email subject lines that your readers will love.

As a general rule make it a habit to write up to 10 email subject lines daily. Think of it as a routine and do it diligently and before you even realize it will come naturally and you won’t have to worry about making this mistake again.

Send Too Many Emails In One Day

Another big mistake is that email marketers send way too many emails a day. This can annoy the readers and make them unsubscribe from your list. The best way to avoid this mistake is to ensure that you only send out blog posts on specific days. The rest of the days you can use to schedule other email blasts that you wish to send out to the entire audience.

Sending too many emails will make you look spammy as well. Remember the reader subscribes to various blogs and received way too many emails already, you don’t want to clutter their inbox and have them lose interest in what you have to offer. Be smart with email marketing and win the hearts and minds of your readers.

List Without Permission

If you are a marketer like me, you should have read the book “Permission Marketing” By Seth Godin. In the book he talks about the importance of getting permission to market. A lot of marketers and bloggers these days to save on time and in a desperate attempt to make it big end up purchasing list that are publicly available for sale.

These lists while they may be good by which I mean qualified leads, they still did not sign up to receive updates from you. This will result in them marking your emails as SPAM or just simply unsubscribing. There is a good chance that you make a few good sales, but that does not count for the lack of permission.

Its important that you grow your list your self. Set up a website or a blog, use email marketing software like AWeber and set up optin or sign up forms and start collecting emails with permission. This will ensure that you have a more responsive list of readers and future customers.

Product Promotions All The Time

Don’t promote your products or affiliate products all the time. People did not subscribe to your list so that they can receive promotional emails all the time. They want to gain knowledge and access to information that you offer on your blog.

Keep promotional emails to a minimum may be bi-weekly. This will ensure that you deliver quality material to your readers and at the same time nurture them to the promotions that you send out to your readers. They will love the sales pitches because they love what you write and share.

You cannot ignore promotions all together, because where is the money in the list if you can’t monetize it? right. So ensure that you have a good email nurturing system in place and the promotions go out in sync with that.

Share Email Address With Other Bloggers

I am not sure how many of you bloggers and email marketers do this. But recently I came to know that bloggers swap email lists with each other to make sure they reach a larger audience. This is a bad idea. Do not ever share the email addresses that you collect. Readers trust you with their information and you should never misuse that information.

Sharing email address is another big mistakes I believe is the recent trend and we should stop it at the very beginning. This will ensure that we create high quality email lists and don’t get into trouble. As mentioned in the point above the best way to grow a list and do email marketing is to collect emails yourself via a blog or a website.

Un-Segmented Email List

There are many newbie email marketers who just collect emails and send out blog posts on a regular basis. This is not email marketing. This is just using a powerful email marketing software to send out your RSS feeds. To be able to be successful at email marketing one needs to understand and segment emails, nurture them, convince and convert them to customers.

The last of the email marketing mistake is that lists are un-segmented and un-targeted. This results in sending out blast emails to the same audience over and over again. This will annoy the subscribers and soon you will see your list dwindle down.

The best way to avoid this mistake is to set up autoresponder rules to send out emails at certain intervals so that all your subscribers get the emails once and not more. Segment your list and you are on your way to managing your emails effectively.

In summary, email marketing is all about talking to your customers in a one to one manner. This marketing technique allows you to reach out to each individual in ways that other marketing techniques don’t allow. Its important to avoid the mistakes listed in this post as they can cost you a fortune. When you get things right with email marketing you can make a lot of money. Its one of the best forms of marketing that has been followed for a long time and still businesses use them effectively to win new customers each day.

Question: What are the steps you take to avoid such costly email marketing mistakes? Is email marketing costing you money? Do these pointers shed light on what you are doing wrong with your email marketing? Share your thoughts in the comments form below.

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