9 Email Marketing Best Practices for New Bloggers

Stepping up your blogging efforts to integrate email marketing into your business is vital to its marketing success.

It’s imperative that you understand the best practices of Email Marketing so that you do not make a mess of your marketing strategies.

Email marketing can be overwhelming if your a newbie blogger. Defining a clear goal and a plan to execute the goal will help you come up with a very effective strategy.

Before getting into Email Marketing there is quite a bit that you need to know to ensure that your email campaign is a success.

This is a good read be it your a new bloggers or a old one as long as you want to make sure your email efforts don’t go to waste.

Email marketing is more than just your blog posts being delivered to your readers via email. being able to provide qualitative information to subscribers and adding value with every email you send is what that will make you successful.

In order for you to achieve success with an email marketing campaign, you need to ensure that your email campaign is top notch.

Let me begin with the most important best practice first.


The first step in creating an email marketing campaign after you generate leads is to personalize your emails.

Don’t just ask for email, ask for their name as well while building your list.

If it were a lead where you have to call the customer, how would address them or how would ask for them?

Personalization helps increase action. Action meaning readers or subscribers engaging with your emails.

Build your List, Don’t Buy

One of the biggest issue with email marketing is using SPAM techniques to extract email addresses from the web and social networks.

Email marketers then use these email addresses to send out promotional campaigns.

Alternatively email address are purchased from networks and are are used by email marketers.

While this system works for many, they are not ethical practices and will not yield good results in the future for your business.

While studying email marketing we found that emailing people only who have voluntarily subscribed had a much positive impact on how well they converted.

So focus on generating leads right from your blog or business website and only email subscribers.

Grab your free copy of the list building guide. This guide will offer you 50 tips to help you grow your email list.

Email Relevant Content

Most bloggers are found sending out emails that are nothing but blog updates to their subscribers. Email marketing is more than that.

Its about providing relevant information, content, updates rather than just blog updates.

Take pro-blogger Darren for example or my friend Jens at SlyMarketing, their newsletters are not only unique but also provide valuable content to their subscribers.

Deliver what you promised and always only provide content that is relevant.

Consistency and Frequency

If you decide to send out updates and newsletter on specific days, ensure that you send them on time with consistency.

This is important because once an expectancy is set, the subscribers expect the newsletter to be delivered on time and if not that breaks the trust.

This makes subscribers wonder if its really worth it to sign up for your newsletter.


One of the best way to improve delivery of your emails is to ensure that the subscriber has your email address white listed.

This means marking your email address as safe and not be considered as SPAM.

Simply put up a message after the subscriber hits the submit button will help your email is marked as safe.

Here is an example you can use. Alternatively you can also add this message to the top of your emails.

“To ensure receipt of our emails, please add youremail@yourcompany.com to your Address Book.”

Keep Your Email 500-650 Pixels Wide

This trick works like a charm, having a narrow content space, proves easy to read and does not look as you have too much content to read on your newsletter.

I’ve never seen an email newsletter that was as wide as a website or a blog. I am pretty sure that you have neither, if you have, I would love to see who that marketer is and or which company that applies that methodology.

Brand Emails With A Logo

One of the best way to boost your brand and your business is to add a logo to your newsletter header.

Many bloggers today, forget the importance of blogging and prefer to send out plain emails.

While this might work for you right now, you are not really standing out from the hundreds of newsletters that one subscribers to.

By branding your newsletter, the subscribers know whose newsletter they are reading and will take action.

Incentives to Increase Open Rates

Offering incentives to your subscribers from time to time to encourage newsletter open rates.

The best way to keep your readers informed is by adding the text in your subject line.

Most newsletter subscribers skim through the subject line before they decide weather to open the email or not.

Ensuring that your incentive is mentioned in the subject line is key.

Anything from offering eBooks to free products works well.

Track Everything

Monitor and track all your email marketing campaigns. This way you will know what works and what does. Most email marketing software like AWeber has inbuilt analytics tracking that tell you the number of email sent, emailed clicked and emails opened.

So chose wisely and your email marketing will be a big success.

There was an interesting study that was performed on email marketing campaigns that sheds a lot of details on what really goes on in a campaign.

This infographic proved valuable in understand and tweaking my email marketing campaigns.

I hope it would add value to your business as well.

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Email Marketing Best Practices Infographics

email marketing best practices

Email Marketing Best Practices [Infographic]

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  1. Nice tips here, I’d also add always think about the value you can add to your list in every single email. If you think about them first, it’s hard to go wrong.

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