Quality Digital Products Every Blogger Should Create

Bloggers these days quickly branch out into various monetization models from blogging. Its no longer about banner advertisements or Google AdSense models or even affiliate marketing. Bloggers have started creating their own digital products even starting up Joint Ventures with other bloggers to build up their online empire.

While blogging is ever changing the core principle behind blogging has not changed much. There are bloggers who still write and make a living online purely from their blogs. Even I own a few web products but I’ve not monetized them and keep the money making just from my blogs.

Making money from blogging brings great joy to bloggers and this in turns motivates them to work on new monetisation models to increase their revenue. This in turn has brought about new ways for bloggers to make money. Its still a risky move for many bloggers as they are venturing into spaces they do not know much about.

As a cautious move, almost all the bloggers I know first come out with four base products. Not all at once, but these are the digital products they like to launch as the impact is not very high in terms of money. They like to create videos, eBooks, and consulting gigs. These are not easy things to do, I’ve tried and if you are not good at a skill it only makes it harder to create a digital product let alone make money from it.

Membership Portal

Membership portals are popular amongst bloggers. Its quite easy actually, simply create a membership portal with popular plugins like MemberPress and upload premium content so that only paid members can access them. Bloggers love this system because they can create unique and more targeted content based on user interest.

This content can be a combination of audio, video, text, presentations and work files. They focus on addressing a particular problem and create some high quality content that members can use. There are a few membership portals that I’ve seen that create content just like how I do at Eddie Gear. Actionable strategies that can be followed by even a common man who has little to no knowledge of what he or she is doing.

These days bloggers simply write article on what other leaders in the industry are doing and advice their readers to do the same. While its okay to follow a readers actions, its also important that you actually test out if it works for you before you even tell someone is does based on nothing but statistics.

To be able to start a successful membership portal you need to keep you content at high standards and deliver consistently.

eBooks or Guides

With the introduction of the Kindle Library by Amazon, almost every other blogger out there has started to create short eBooks for less than a dollar. Popular bloggers like Steve Scott have shifted their focus from being a leading affiliate marketer to a poplar kindle publisher. From what I recall, Steve has well over 50+ kindle ebooks published and made thousands of dollars just from his eBooks.

My recent research has showed that bloggers are stopping to write blog posts and instead they are putting three to four posts together and creating a short eBook and having it publishing on Amazon. Even though these eBooks are priced very low, there is a good ROI for these ebooks.

Guides are easy to make, writing an ebook is not rocket science. Bloggers can easily write a few eBooks within a couple of weeks and have them published, however the ROI depends of the quality of work you produce. This is an excellent monetisation model for bloggers to follow writing eBooks is just like writing a blog post, just organizing your content even better and sharing a more complete picture.

Courses (Content + Video)

Bloggers used to host their own courseware until recently when sites like Udemy were launched. These marketplaces allows anyone to create online courses and upload them and sell them for a profit. While these marketplaces take a small commission there is a great deal of money to be made, ask Rob Cubbon and he will tell you how much money can be made from online courses.

Courses don’t always have to be videos. They can either be just text, or just video or a combination of both. You can even send out your courses using email autoresponders. This is both cost efficient and easy for people to take up your courses by simply using their name and email address.

A good online course is a combination of video and text and are popularly hosted are marketplaces for maximum returns. Bloggers have branched out into course creation as a monetisation model because they can almost quadruple their profits from creating ebooks. If you haven’t created a course yet, you should create one right now and see what you can get out of it.

Consultative Coaching

There are a large number of businesses that are looking for consulting and bloggers with the experience and knowledge are able to offer one-to-one consultative coaching to various companies and make money from it. Top bloggers offer this type of service to companies and the much smaller blogger offer consultative coaching to smaller group of people.

Entrepreneurs love hiring bloggers who are going well in the industry as it helps them achieve the desired results at a much faster rate when companies to having an in-house marketer. Bloggers use PayPal options so services can be purchased and Skype calls are scheduled and training is provided.

As a bonus bloggers even offer recordings so that customers can replay their training if they have any questions or clarifications. These packages are also coupled with email support for an additional month which customers cannot ignore.

If you have been blogging for a while and looking to grow your revenue you should give these four options a try. I’m sure you will be successful.

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