The Beginners Guide To Content Upgrades

If you are involved in email marketing, it is imperative that you stay in touch with the latest developments and modern trends in the field. Taking any old fashioned approach to email marketing can literally cost you money. To optimise your email marketing endeavours from today onwards, you need to turn your attention to the use of content upgrades.

What Are Content Upgrades?

If you have never heard about a content upgrade before, then there is no reason to panic or be flustered. Yes, you are lagging behind other email marketers, but you can still catch up if you understand the basic concepts of content upgrade quickly.

The idea of a content upgrade is quite simple. It can be defined as bonus content that people are rewarded with in exchange of their email addresses. Content upgrades should not be confused with the conventional “site-wide” lead magnets.

A content upgrade focuses on the particular content that is being read or heard by the visitors on your website. In other words, the bonus content that you are handing out should be relevant to the content which people are interested in already.

A More Effective Strategy

There is no denying the fact that site-wide lead magnets work to a certain extent. In fact, a lot of website owners or web designers have attained a tremendous response from their visitors courtesy of site-wide lead magnets. However, if you analyze the situation in greater depth, you will realize that site-wide lead magnets do not always cater to the specific needs of the website visitors.

In most cases, there is no relevance to the content that people are already invested in. This leads to people being reluctant to download what you have on offer for them. A more effective strategy therefore is to use small, bite-sized and unique lead magnets that have a direct relation with popular content.

An Integral Component of Email Marketing

When you think about it, this is email marketing in its purest form. As an email marketer, the one thing that piques your interest the most is the email addresses of prospective clients. Getting people’s email address is certainly no easy task these days. You need to offer something of value to entice them to give away their email addresses.

A content upgrade is that object of value that will prompt people to share their email addresses with you. When you incorporate content upgrades in your strategy, your email opt-ins are likely to increase drastically. Some of the biggest digital marketers in the world today, such as Amy Porterfield, are using content upgrades in almost every single one of their posts. If it is efficacious enough to catch their attention, it should by all means work for you.

Top 3 Ideas for Content Upgrades

Upgraded content may sound like a lot of hard work and long hours, but it can be really easy if you have your sights clear. If you are struggling to find ideas for content upgrades, maybe the following list can be of great help to you.

1) Tools and Resources List

Everybody loves tools and resources. These make work much easier and save precious hours in the day. If you create a PDF file that contains a well compiled list of the best tools and resources that your visitors can use, then they will really appreciate your bonus content. Needless to say, the tools and resources have to be relevant to their areas of interest. For example, if your website hosts content related to SEO, then the content upgrade should be a list of easily accessible digital marketing tools and resources.

2) Transcripts

The podcast business is booming. The demand for podcasts is huge. With more and more people developing a taste for this form of audio content, it would be a wise move for email marketers to step up their game and come up with easy to read transcripts for podcasts.

People are always interested to take extracts from podcasts and share it on social media. A transcript allows them to do just that. Then there are those who need transcripts to better understand the audio content. Packaging well written transcripts as bonus content in exchange for email addresses can prove to be immensely successful.

3) Quick Start Video Guide

When it comes to content that conveys instructions to people on how to open, start or operate a newly bought product, a quick start video guide as bonus content makes all the sense in the world. Often times, people feel hesitant to go through pages of instructions on a manual or a pamphlet to understand how a product really works. This is where your quick start video guide can off great value. Very few people would be reluctant to subscribe to your email list in exchange of a handy video guide.

Rules for Successful Content Upgrades

The ideas for content upgrades can only be limited by your imagination. As long as it is relevant to popular content and has the ability to spark interest, it should pay off. In order to make sure that your content upgrades produce the best results, you can adhere to the following four rules.

1) Keep it Short and Sweet

Do not unnecessarily stretch out your bonus content. Creating colossal content will not win you any fans. The shorter the content is, the easier it will be for people to read or hear them. Remember, quality comes before quantity.

2) Design Them Well

The design of the content does not have to be your first priority, but you must not ignore it completely either. A well designed content can go a long way in earning the appreciation of your targeted audience. If you are not good with designing, don’t risk it. Find a designer who can create a wonderful template for you at a good price.

3) Let them Share It

This is the age of social media. Hence, you need to let your email subscribers share your high quality content upgrade with the world. By doing this, you are letting them do the marketing for you.

4) Make a Call to Action

Once people have downloaded your content upgraded, then should be well informed about what they ought to do next. To eliminate all confusions, simply add in a call to action.

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