Content Marketing Is Essential To Your Blog Success

In layman’s terms, content marketing can be described as the new kid on the block who’s been stealing all the attention as of late. Content marketing is a part of inbound marketing and is very different from traditional outbound marketing methods. As a matter of fact, content marketing can be considered a rival of conventional outbound marketing.

The growth of content marketing is picking up more momentum with each new day, and it seems quite unlikely to stop anytime soon.

Defining Content Marketing

If you are looking for a definition for content marketing, then focus on the word “content”. As the name suggests, content marketing is based on the idea of providing free media type content in an attempt to garner the attention of the audience.

The content is also provided with the intention of bringing in more legitimacy to the brand name and solidifying the reputation of the enterprise.

To Entertain and Educate

High quality content is deemed as a symbol of expertise in the field. The better the quality of the content is, the greater control the brand will have over its target consumers.

Understanding what makes content good in content marketing is very important. Good writing with flawless grammar alone is not enough. Crafting content with the intention of drawing in consumer attention is an art. Each word is placed in the content with the purpose of inspiring consumer confidence.

Engaging, amusing and informative, these are the three qualities that define a content worthy of being consumed by the target audience. It all boils down to entertaining and educating the consumers in a bid to earn their attention and trust.

Diverse Nature of Content Marketing

When you think of content, you think of write ups and blogs. Blog posts are not all there is to content marketing. It is a lot more diverse than that. Content can come in the form of video and audio media clips as well. A podcast discussing the various topics about an industry can be considered a form of content marketing. A video tutorial that highlights the features of a product you are trying to sell can be considered a form of content marketing. The possibilities are endless. The effectiveness of the marketing campaign depends entirely on the creativity of the content. Here is a list of ways in which you can introduce a content marketing strategy for your brand.

  • Blog Posts
  • Infographics
  • YouTube Videos
  • White Papers and other guides that can be downloaded.
  • Podcast recordings

Is Traditional Marketing Flawed?

To wrap your head around the reasoning behind content marketing, you need to first understand the flaws that made people turn away from traditional advertising. Traditional marketing has a very interruptive nature.

The Consumer

Take a look at the billboard in the streets for instance. Every time you are out to take a nice stroll in the park, you are being constantly bombarded with advertisements that you may not have any interest in. As the customer, you are getting no value from these ads or the ones on TV. It’s either forcing you to look away or grab your remote control to switch the channels.

The Marketer

From the perspective of the marketer, the conventional methods of promoting products are not too favourable. The goal of traditional advertising is to catch the consumer’s attention for a brief moment of time. That really does not help much in the long run. Sure enough, you can get the customers to look, but can you get them to come back to you for more? Also, traditional advertising is very expensive, and the results hardly ever justify the costs.

Advantages of Content Marketing

Businesses all around the world have their marketing teams focused on devising the perfect content marketing strategy. It is not as simple or easy as it sounds, but if you can execute your plans perfectly, you are in for quite a treat. Here are some advantages of kick starting a content marketing campaign that will make you think twice about going for traditional advertising.

1) Offers Great Value

With content marketing, you are not just selling your product, you are also giving your customers a reason to believe in your brand. By creating content that offers great value, you are rewarding your target audience for short listing you or choosing you. This is not the case with traditional advertising, where the tactic is to snatch the attention of the customers by all means.

2) Prompts Purchases

Content marketing helps you educate your customers to the point where they are instigated to spend their hard earned money on your products. Through high quality and penetrative content, you can get your prospective clients fully invested in your products. Allowing customers to understand the perks of using a product can greatly increase their interest in the product.

3) Facilitates Reciprocity

As you provide more and more content to your consumers, you slowly instil a feeling of reciprocity in their minds. They feel indebted to you because of how much you have helped them learn through your content. Eventually, they feel obligated to make the purchase so that they can reward you for your sharing of knowledge and expertise. In other words, your customers quickly become your fans.

4) Increases Traffic

Businesses that do not utilise content marketing struggle to keep their websites relevant. With content marketing, you can find a way to increase your web traffic. By producing fresh, evergreen content regularly, you are giving your visitors a reason to come back to your website over and over again. If satisfied with your content, these visitors will refer your website to others who may have an interest in your field of business.

5) Hits the Target

The goal of any major marketing campaign is to always attract the attention of a specific group of consumers. In other words, the success of a marketing campaign relies on whether or not you have been able to get your target audience on board. Content marketing is very specific in terms of its reach. By creating content that is tailor made for your target audience you are making sure that your marketing efforts are reaching the potential clientele.

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  1. Great points. The essence of great content marketing is learning to build relationships. Knowing how to listen, knowing what to say and how to say it.

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