4 Tips to Build Your Brand Online

Its been a very tough year for bloggers and businesses online as Google has been making major changes to its algorithm.

Google conveniently calls it all furry names like panda and penguin, the effects of these updates devastates businesses and even bloggers.

The best way to keep your business safe and away from being affect by these upgrades is to build a brand that is recognizable. Building a brand online is not easy and not achievable overnight.

It takes time, dedication and hard work.

As you start working towards it, you will start to notice that people recognize you as a brand and not just a blog or a website.

You will start building credibility. your brand is not built around your work alone, but also the visual presence you maintain. Visually appealing information will resonate well with your customers than text.

Set Up a Profile Page on your Blog

Bloggers and online publishers often do not give much importance to their profile pages, they are focused towards creating quality content, that they forget to project themselves.

One of the most important and most visited pages on your blog is your profile or your about page. Readers and bloggers who are interested in learning from you often want to know more about you and your experience and what you have to offer them.

And the about page is the first they go to, to know more about you and your blog.

Some of the best practices for an about page is to include a profile picture, an about you section, an about your blog section and also a little bit of history.

Some of the best profile pages on blogs include but are not limited to Neil Patel and Darren Rowse.

Brand Social Media Pages (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.)

Social Network Branding

The only way people will remember you forever is if you are able to build a memorable brand around your product. Your product can be anything, your blog, your service and more.

Creating a visual representation of yourself or your product is the very first step in branding. Creating a compelling logo, motto all add up to your brand.

Some of the best ways you and your business can build a good profile and brand online is to start off by Brand your twitter page, Facebook and Google plus page.

This adds great value and the moment people see your brand or hear your brand, they know where to go to get more details.

A good example of a site that brands itself using content and design is Social Media Examiner.

Design your Blog to Reflect your Brand

Designing your blog to build your personal brand is a great way to market yourself and your business. Now that you have branded your social profiles, its much more easier to brand your blog. You can go ahead and hire a designer to brand your blog, or buy ready made WordPress Themes, that you can use to build your blog.

You can always hire a developer or a deigned to make small tweaks to make your blog appealing. Now that is just the design part, there is also the content and the information that you share. By writing good and qualitative content, your readers will love and know your writing anywhere on the web.

You cannot mistake Brian Clark writing for someone else right?

As simple as that, your brand involves various aspects. It might be design, communication, and more.

Set up Pages on Sites Like About.me

Personal Branding is all about making your impression on as many places as you can. So when people look at your work they will know who you are and what you represent. This is a good source to drive traffic to your blog as well.

Create your brand pages all over the web. Profile pages like about.me are a great source where there are hundreds of readers. People might find you interesting and visit your blog or website.

There are hundreds of sites like about.me that allow readers to create profile pages and allows users to follow updates. These short profile pages turn out to be an excellent source to build your brand visibility.

So what are the places that you have your brand projected? Are you doing anything different to project your brand and increase visibility?

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