6 Tips To Build Your Online Blog Network From Eddie Gear

Even a blogger needs support and often the person he/she turns to is someone in their network.

Networking is important, and we will need the help of people in our network at some point in our career as bloggers.

You might be in a dilemma or contemplation as to whom you should network with and why, when and how. Its really a matter of preference and choice.

Who ever you choose to network with remember its not just meeting new people and growing your business but its about mutual respect and trust for one another.

If you are really looking to become a successful blogger you better network and have connections cause you will need them. The ride to the top of the hill can be a struggle and your definitely going to need support.

Its good to networks with like minded people, but always know to differentiate between connections and competition.

People would not mind pulling you down to grow ahead of you, especially if you are a threat to their business success. In this article I will list out a few genuine networking tips from a blogger, myself.

While this article is not a networking for dummies, It will cover the basics and the networking skills that are required. Apart from these tips be sure to use Social Media to boost your connections.

Tips to Grow Your Network

Genuine networking tips are hard to come by these days.

Both bloggers and businesses are so highly focused at making money and teaching others to make money to improve their business they forget to talk about various other subjects that would help a fellow blogger grow.

While they might have their own reasons to do so, I will talk to you about what I’ve learned as a blogger for the last 5-6 years as a blogger.

Build a Network From the Start

We are all often carried away by the overwhelming joy of ours blogs and what they can do for us.

While its all great to have a blog up and running, generating tons of traffic, making a few affiliate sales here and there, if you don’t network and build connections you will not get far from there.

You will continue to make some money, but that would be it. In order to grow your business and revenue you need to start networking at the very early stages of blogging.

Remember what email marketers say, “The Money Is In The List”, from my point of view the real money is in networking.

Give More Than You Receive

As humans we are always looking to be generous and give to the needy.

But when it comes to monetary gain, we always think twice to invest in something that is worth it. Its important that you are nice to individuals whom your trying to connect with, but you don’t have to get low.

Remember that are a lot of people who are quite cranky and would think that your trying to take something away from them.

They are always opinionated towards who you are and where your from and some are even quite biased towards people from different regions.

You can always choose to step away from such individuals and focus on people who are more interested in growing and helping other grow. its important that you remain focused towards your goals.

Be Genuine

As mentioned in the earlier point there can be a few bad individual that can change your view and perspective of others.

You might start being very cautious with your approach and start to lie and pretend about various aspects of blogging and what you really do as a business on the web.

Its important that you stay true and genuine. This will help build trust and respect for yourself as a blogger and a business. You know what they say, Honesty is the best policy.

This will take you a long way in your career as a blogging profession.

Follow Up & Stay In Touch

Often held up in blogging and marketing initiatives we forget about our pals on the web.

Time goes by and we hardly remember them unless until we have something to ask of them. This can be a bad thing for you and your business as it does not set a very good view of who you are as an individual.

Often people forget about the various modes of communication or even think why would I have to contact someone, when I don’t have anything to talk about.

Think of it this way, we often talk to people and we often say hello, how was your day and that is pretty much it.

Our conversations end there and go no further but it always provides a sense of assurance that you are being remembered and acknowledge. When time permits write an email to all the people whom you have networked with.

Ask them how was their day, and how are things with blogging and business, ask them if they need any help or support with anything. A good gesture can go a long way.

Pay Attention to Details

Paying close attention to details on what people in your network are doing is very important.

You can always subscribe to their RSS feeds, provide recommendations and suggestions from time to time. its important that you never overdo it, as it might make them feel that your stepping into their shoes.

And that is something you never want to do as part of any relationship. You can pay attentions to you network anywhere from an email, phone, RSS, newsletter and so on.

Don’t Stop Networking

Once you connect with someone online, networking does not stop there.

Networking is an ongoing activity like any relationship. I’m not saying relationships are activities but are ongoing.

If you are serious about your blogging efforts then you need to give a lot of importance to the relationships you build as part of your networking efforts.

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  1. Awesome tips!

    Couldn’t agree with point 3. Being genuine is very important for being liked trusted. People more likely to do business with whom they like and trust.

    As the quote says,
    “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ― Oscar Wilde

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