15 Reasons Bloggers are Obsessed With AWeber

Have you noticed that almost every email newsletter you sign up to is managed by AWeber? The email marketing software.

Well, that’s because bloggers are obsessed with AWeber to manage their email newsletters.

There are well over 10 premium top quality email marketing software that are quite affordable.

Some of them are even free to use with a few restrictions.

So I asked myself, why don’t these bloggers keep the cost down and go for the free tools?

This entirely depends on who your target audience is.

Sometimes it depends on what you’re trying to do with your email list.

I decided to get to the bottom of this to figure out why is that bloggers are obsessed with AWeber.

Why do Bloggers need Newsletters?

No one asks this question anymore they all take it at face value depending on who is advising the readers.

At one point we were all told that RSS was the best technology to distribute our content.

Back in 2007 when I started blogging almost every blog I read told me that list building was everything and everyone need to generate a lead with an optin form on their blogs.

Have you checked the AWeber pricing page?

Before I even realized what I was getting myself into, I was in 100’s of dollars in credit.

If you choose to start sending out email newsletters understand this.

  • List building is lead generation – if you don’t nurture the lead and convert the customer there is no point in list building.
  • AWeber is a premium email marketing software and one among the best I’ve used when compared to its competitors like (Get Response, Mail Chimp and others.) and they cost you if you don’t have a plan to figure out a profitable ROI.
  • You can start building a list early, but have a future plan to sell to the list.
  • Its too expensive to be used as just a blog content delivery tool.
  • The potential of a newsletter is more than what most bloggers do with it. (Build community or drive sales)

Premium Email Marketing Software

AWeber (aff link) offers a free 30 day trial so you can play with them to all to your heart’s content and see what the obsession is all about. Sign Up NOW!

My research shows different pointers why both bloggers and internet marketers are obsessed with AWeber despite the pricing.

Here is a list of reasons why bloggers like AWeber:

  • Built-in A/B split-testing – Makes it easy to optimize subscription rates for any form. Split Tests are a good way to test different versions of a message to see which gets the best response. AWeber randomly sorts your subscribers into up to 4 groups so that you can send a slightly modified version of your message to each group.
    For example: Different subject lines.
  • AWeber Form Scripts Integration – AWeber just gives you one simple little line of code to embed a form you’ve designed anywhere on your site.
  • Selection and Control over Web Forms – AWeber’s interface for designing forms is just easier to use, and there are more options to start with. This allows you to create AWeber forms that blend into your site’s design.
    Send Subscribers to a Specific Page – Instead of showing your subscribers an error message. You can set a specific URL and redirect your subscribers to a desired portal or location.
  • Better Deliverability – Blogger claim that from their experience in using different systems more people receive their messages with AWeber than with other email marketing software. Most bloggers also claim that other email marketing systems where often market as spam emails while the numbers were reversed when they switched to AWeber.
  • Unlimited Lists in One AWeber Account – Some providers charge per list or sites to send out email to. With AWeber they were practically able to set up email newsletter for multiple websites they owned. Isn’t that something?
  • Unlimited Emails – Some services charge per email that is sent out using the marketing software. With AWeber bloggers were able to send out as many as they wanted to each month to as many lists they wanted.
    Auto-responders – Offering mini course via email is a great way to generate leads. Bloggers loved to put together a sequence of emails that you can schedule to go out to your subscribers so that when they signed up for the course they got them in an order and timing as scheduled.
  • Text and HTML Emails – Some bloggers who were not very good with deign, CSS, HTML, loved the fact that they can choose both HTML and Text based email newsletters. As these built in HTML templates save a lot of time. And for when times you just need to send out a text based email, AWeber does the trick.
  • Analytics – AWeber has interesting ways to track the activity of subscribers of your newsletter. Not only can you track which links in your newsletter get clicked it allows you to know things like sales, CPC, CPM and more.
    Blog Newsletters – With Google not paying any importance to RSS anymore. Bloggers find it handy that a premium email software allows them to do something as simple as deliver blog posts as and when published.
  • Customer Service – AWeber customers loved the way they were being treated, guided and some of them even claimed that the customer service was impeccable. I as an AWeber customer was impressed with the support that they offered when I migrated from MailChimp.
  • Personalization – Many bloggers believed that the AWeber system was much better equipped to handle email customizations based on customers or lists. My bloggers lose customers because they feel that its like talking to a teller machine if the emails are not personalized.
  • Incentive – Both bloggers and marketers alike love to add incentives for their newsletters, like a bait to a fish. Having an immediate email delivered right to your subscribers inbox is a much better experience.
  • Follow Up – Auto-responders are terrific tools for developing an ongoing readership. They allow you to drip out valuable content over time (lead nurture) automatically. This allowed the bloggers to build up the excitement and interest before they made their sales pitch.

AWeber offers a free 30 day trial so you can play with them to all to your heart’s content and see what the obsession is all about. Sign Up NOW! (aff link)

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