8 Reasons Bloggers Are Obsessed With List Building

Why are bloggers obsessed with list building?

That’s simple.

List = MONEY

Bloggers try all sorts of techniques to grow their email list because its the best way to have a one on one conversation with their readers.

List building is the heart of any marketing strategy.

Even small business and large organizations use email as a form to generate leads and later on convert them into sales and actual customers.

As there is some work involved while working on email marketing and list generation campaigns. Bloggers love to showcase their efforts.

I’m sure your reading this post because your eagar to learn and build an email list yourself. Let me tell you a secret.

Email List Secret Formula: Amazing Content + Clear Calls-To-Action = Massive Email List

Why are Bloggers Obsessed with Email Lists?

  1. Email is Personal – It’s casual and is a great way to build trust with people allowing you to nurture the lead and convert them into customers.
  2. Email is Direct – No middlemen. Your message: delivered right to the individual and not to a group of people. You are talking to one person directly.
  3. Email is Private – People can be themselves and write back to you telling you and asking you what they want, or questions they have (unlike public comments on articles and social media for example).
  4. Email is One-on-One – People read email in the privacy of their inbox. The message is not on a public wall or timeline. Email allows bloggers to build a one on one relationship with their readers. Gradually nurturing them to develop trust in their brand and spread the word.
  5. Pitch New Products – Bloggers can easily pitch a new product to their subscribers because users willingly opted into the mailing list. Irrespective of that the product is as long as its in the same niche your in sales are almost guaranteed. Making a profit depends on the blogger’s ability to deliver an effective sales pitch.
  6. Exclusive Offers – Bloggers love to create exclusive offers for their readers. As a blogger for example, we work with other companies to offer special offers for our readers. HostGator currently only offers 20% discount on hosting packages. However as a blogger I can offer you a 25% discount to HostGator if you use the coupon – BrokeBloke25. Even readers love these offers because they would not be able to get such discounts on premium products.
  7. Deliver Blog Posts – When it comes to list building its not always about money or selling to your readers. Remember they love your work because they like the content or advice you offer them. So delivering your blog posts regularly to them will not harm.
  8. Promote Events – There is always something going on a webinar or a seminar or event in person. Emails lists are a great way to promote such events as you have already segmented the audience and their interests.

Start Building Your Email List

Considering the benefits of building an email list, it requires some effort, time and money to build. Now that you know why bloggers are so obsessed with building a list, here is what you need to do to start building your email list:

  1. Premium Email Service (like MailChimp or AWeber ). If you are on a tight budget, you could use MailChimp, but it has limited features. ( MailChimp is free up to 2000 subscribers, and ConvertKit offers a $1 month-long trial (See my review here.)
  2. Awesome Signup Form. If your website doesn’t have a clear opt-in form, then you’re missing out on a lot. OptinMonster, Popup Domination and Thrive Leads (See my review here) are popular amongst bloggers.
  3. Offer Incentives/Ethical Bribe. This can be an eBook or a free Podcast download or even an email course. Anything that you believe would convince your reader to sign up to your email list.

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Six Spots to Place Your Email Optin Form

#1 Below the Header Feature Box

This is by far the most popular and successful optin form placement. Bloggers just love this spot. Listing building has never had so much demand.

#2 Top Sidebar

This is considered to be the second most popular spot to place your optin forms. Its so popular such that bloggers keep their sign up forms there permanently. See a nice example from Jeff Bullas blog.

#3 After Single Post

This is my favorite spot. As a matter of fact, I consider it to be the best place to place a call to action list form. A great way to convert readers who love your article. Here is a screenshot from my blog.



#4 Turn the Blog homepage Into a List Machine – David over at Growth Hack is doing at wonderful job at converting all his visitors. As homepages are the place where your website gets the maximum traffic. Its obvious that you put up a list right were you drive the maximum traffic.

#5 On Your Landing Page – Landing pages can be a great way to funnel your readers and sign them up for something awesome. There are loads of bloggers who offer email courses and free guides to get grow their email lists. Here is an example from Niche Hacks.



#6 The Light-box Pop-up – Bloggers have been putting up blog posts about how pop ups have been such a great way to boost their list building efforts. Personally, I hate it when I constantly get popups while I’m trying to read an article. AWeber has a simple popup.



11 Tips to Grow Your Lists

  1. Run a list building contest or a free giveaways.
  2. Request your subscribers to refer a friend or colleague with a link to a simple landing page so it’s easy for users to sign up.
  3. Add social buttons “Tweet”, “Like” on your email newsletters. This will encourage your recipients to share your email across their networks and draw in new leads.
  4. Add a check-box that users can use to optin to receive email communication after a purchase/free trial.
  5. Be personal – Tailor your tone to the audience. Most email services offer invaluable segmentation tools. You wouldn’t speak to your spouse the way you talk to your bank manager; neither should you address your entire audience the same way.
  6. Be regular – Maintain a schedule and email your readers regularly. Not too much and not too little. I usually like to send about 3 emails a week. Remember, that your readers don’t just sign up to your email list.
  7. Make your email newsletter Digestible – Unlike blog posts where you have to keep in mind the post length else Google might penalize you with some sort of an algo update. Emails are completely under your control. Keep in mind that short and crisp content that are easily digestible do wonders.
  8. Have something valuable to say – While this might sound simple, think of how you will be creating unique and valuable content for your newsletter readers when you are also constantly publishing quality blog posts.
  9. Send out an introductory email to all opt-ins and set the context.
  10. Keep the optin forms short asking for a name and an email ID.
  11. Provide a link to your privacy policy below the sign up form.
  12. Add a sign up form to your Facebook page to attract sign ups.
  13. Let your PPC guide users to a landing pages with a prominent optin form.
  14. Place a form on your home page above the fold.

How are you building your email list? Do you have a marketing strategy with email as the center of attention? May be write a blog post and share with me what you do to grow your list.

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  1. Awesome points! All these places to put optins forms are effective, especially below the header and top sidebar, as these places gets much more eyeballs. And yes, when it comes to growing the list, being personal and consistent is very important.

  2. Glad that you agree with the pointers I’ve mentioned Nizam. Below the header is the best place and converts like crazy for me. Thanks for your comment.

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