5 Blog Types Based On Content Creation

What type of content do you create as a blogger?

Does it work for you?

Whatever be the answer to the questions, different types of articles work for different types of bloggers. Some bloggers write generic content and some tutorials and some list based articles and so on.

What works for one does not necessarily works or the other. What is most important and what bloggers need to pay attention to is what their readers want and like. Write content that your readers will love and come back for more.

Blogging is all about writing quality articles for many and for business its nothing but a marketing tool that helps create awareness and may be win new customers.

Whatever be the reason, the type of content you create will make all the difference. Each niche demands a type of content and there are bloggers who adopt the methodologies accordingly. While there is no hard and fast rule as to what type of content you must create as a blogger, here are some that I think are the most common and something that you can consider writing for your blog.

Generic Blog Posts

These are bloggers who claim to be in a niche but in truth they write about a whole lot of things and are not essentially niche centric. A good example for a blog that writes about topics that are not just about blogs is ShoutMeLoud. This blog offers some quality articles but tends to have a variety of generic posts that don’t necessarily add value to the readers as the content is distributed and not entirely focused on the niche.

There is nothing wrong to be a generic blog. ShoutMeLoud gets millions of readers monthly and the readers seem to love what the blog has to offer. Irrespective of the type of content it creates it draws people and generates traffic. This shows that the blogger Harsh is creating content that is what its readers long for and keep coming back for more. A big thumbs up to his efforts and Eddie Gear wishes him all the success.

Tutorial Based Articles

And there are these blogs that purely write tutorials that help people do stuff on their own. They are more like a learning portal that enables better lives. TutsPlus is one of the most popular tutorial blogs or websites on the internet. These sites are most sought after by people who are looking to learn new things. While most tutorial sites follow and teach how to use various tools there are also other sites that teach marketing, patience, personal development and many more.

Tutorial based sites draw a ton of traffic and are most sought after my sponsors. They are easy to target and easy to run and maintain. Are you a tutorial based blogger? If yes, what subject is your blog focused on?

Statistics Based Content

This is the current trend where blogger pick up statistics on performance of various blogs and put it together to justify their means and write an article based on all. 99% of the time the article is written to suite the facts. Today you will find almost every blogger trying to do this. And its not just what they have experienced its what others around the blogosphere have experienced.

Blogging Wizard is one of the very many blogs that writes articles that are stats driven. These get the attention of the reader very easily as people are quickly drawn to numbers  and when information is shared to suite those numbers people begin to believe.

These sites are able to grow their lists and generate leads easily and quickly become crowd favourite.

Strategy Focused Content

A strategy focused blog is one that most often shares strategies around how to get a certain job done. For example my blog is a strategy focused blog where I share marketing strategies that helps other to market and promote their business online.

While this is quite similar to a tutorial blog, the content of the site is focused mostly on strategies and not on tools or products. This slight variation causes the differentiating factor between a tutorial blog and a strategy blog. These blogs do more than just teaching you something new they help you achieve desired results.

List Based Articles

Another one of the blog types that was very popular and is still most sought after are those blogs that write list posts. While almost every blogger implements the list post strategy within their blogs. A few years back this was all the rage and people created dedicated blogs that focused on creating only lists and one such blog is List25.

Very popular and generating hundreds of dollars in revenue in paid advertisement, these sites never seem to amaze you. There is always something to write about and there is always something to inspire you. Writing list posts makes both the reader happy and the blogger happy. Creating content with a little research can get the job done.

Guest Post Based Blogs

There is always a blog that thrives solely on guest submission. While many blogs start off as a regular blog many bloggers lose interest or focus and soon open their blogs to guest submission. One of the very popular blog ProBlogger is one such blog that accepts tons of guest articles these days and barely publishes its own content. Sometimes I even wonder if Darren writes any more, now that he runs a multi-million dollar business.

Blogs that accept guest submissions get to enjoy their free time without having to create their own content and the guest submitters get to showcase their skills and get some attention.

If you are a blogger who is working towards starting a blog these are some good options you might want to consider. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

4 responses to “5 Blog Types Based On Content Creation”

  1. Thank you for this list! It looks like guest post based blog is not a bad idea (this is what I am trying to switch to from creating my own content as it is so much easier, to be honest!)

  2. Wish you the very best Natalia. Guest blogging can be benefiting when you are working on a side project as it free’s up so much more time. But a word of caution – Google does not like it, so be careful and take all necessary precautions.

  3. Hi Clement,

    Thats nice to hear. I love blogs that talk about strategies as well. They are more focused on helping businesses and also helps you get some consulting or even services gigs every now and then.

    Editorial Staff

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