12 Blog Title Tips for Improved SEO Ranking

Good blog title? Who needs them?

We, bloggers and marketers need them the most as our jobs and livelihood depends on it.

Don’t think that you have an awesome blog powered by StudioPress Themes (aff link) with a professional design. That’s just one part of providing a high quality user experience to your readers.

The first part is getting your readers to click on your post from Google and then arrive at your blog.

How many posts have you ignored and not clicked to see through what the blog had to offer just because the title did not convey the message you were looking for?

Almost, 60 percent search rankings even on the first page are ignored.

The reason is not just because they do not have awesome blog titles. Its also because everyone almost write the same blog titles for their articles.

Getting creative in this day and age is vital to a blogger and marketers success.

Writing a good blog title can do more than just get your post see by your readers.

It will help boost your SEO efforts, increase click through rates, search traffic and social shares. There are various components to a title, and you never always can add all of them to write a post title.

However, I put down this list of useful blog title tips to help you write compelling post titles that not only stand out from the rest of the blog post but also get your readers to click your post titles.

12 Blog Title Tips To Improve Your Posts

Everyone has their own way of writing using copy-writing techniques, and some simply write titles to convey the message.

I’ve put together a list of 20 cool Blog Title Tips that you can follow to ensure that your posts get read often.

  1. 10 Words Or Less – The best way to get people to read your post is to keep the title under 10 words or less. This not only makes it easy for your readers but also has good SEO value to it. It can even improve your click through rate from search engines like Google.
  2. Clarity – Writing a clear post helps. Often, one finds post titles so confusing that we don’t really understand what it is trying to say. Writing a simple to read and understand post title is very important. Make this a practice and you will begin to see success.
  3. Problem Solvers – When you write post titles that solves people problem, you are massively increasing your click through rate on your titles, both on your blog and search engines. Millions of readers are surfing the web looking for solutions for their problem and when your title is focused at solving a problem, you are bound to get more traffic.
  4. Sensationalism And Big Claims – Remember the number of times you clicked on post titles that said” How I sold my blog for $20,000 Dollars” or something like that. Yes, those titles do get clicks and lots of them. Make big claims, but please don’t like or make false claims, as it’s most likely to ruin your reputation as a blogger.
  5. Include Targeted Keywords – Of course the most important part of Google SEO and its guidelines is that you use your keyword is your post titles, such that your readers will know it. This goes good for SEO as well as it increases your click through rate on search engines.
  6. Using Catchy Phrases – Having a catchy phrase as a title can get readers attention and that is good as it drives a ton of traffic to your blog. You need to write what people want to read. This improves conversion rate of your blog.
  7. Create Controversy – Oh this works I tell you, not just on celebrity blogs but also on regular blogs that write about pretty much everything. You know why? it’s because people love to hear about controversial statements and news. So write something contr0vosial but make sure you don’t get into trouble for doing so.
  8. Start with Verbs – Verbs work like a charm, as you know these are action words. They tell your readers to do something. These work well when you are trying to solve a problem or trying to get your readers to take action on a particular subject. Test this technique out and let me know how things work for you.
  9. Make people curious – Make your post titles wake up the curiosity in your readers. Making your readers curious about what you are writing or what your post might have will definitely get readers to click on your post titles as well help improve your overall seo ranking as your traffic increases.
  10. Highlight Benefit – Highlighting benefits of your post in its title can get you a lot of clicks especially if readers are looking for something on those lines. Almost everyone on the web is looking for a solution or the benefits of something, and if you are able to write that well in a title, then you are in for some massive web traffic from Google.
  11. Ask A Question – Readers love it when you ask a question, because they want to help you out in answering the question. It not only makes them feel happy that they are able to provide you a solution but also it builds their reputation. People turn to you for answers when you are able to showcase expertise in a subject matter.
  12. Stay Relevant – The most important aspect of a post title is to keep it relevant to the content. You will find copy bloggers violating this rule quite often, they titles are very catchy and get your attention, but often you do not find the content relevant to the title. While this can be true in many situations, there are excellent copywriters out there. So do not be mistaken by the idea that all copywriters are poor bloggers.

Bonus Tips From Our Reader Juan Felix – Numbers work like magic in your title. Odd numbers work better than even numbers. Think of examples like: “7 Tips to Clean Your House in One Morning.” or “3 Secrets to Prevent You from Drowning in the Social Media Jungle”.

Now that I was able to list out some of the best tips that you can follow to write a stunning blog title to improve on-page SEO and click through rate from search engines, it’s time for you to tell me how this worked out for you.

4 responses to “12 Blog Title Tips for Improved SEO Ranking”

  1. Hey Editorial Staff,

    These are great ideas to come up with eye catching titles. I know for me and for most bloggers it’s the list titles that catches a lot of attention like “10 Ways To Attract Visitors To Your Blog From Facebook”. Since there’s a lot of bloggers that use Facebook something like this well get their curiosity going to see what you have to say and if there’s something the overlooked in Facebook.

    But I’ve use half of the ideas that you mentioned here and they have worked out quite well for me, even though with some of the content that was in it could’ve been better, but that’s my opinion 🙂

    Thanks for sharing Editorial Staff and you have a good one!

  2. Thanks Sherman, that shows my title tips worked. 🙂 I’m happy that my articles are helping both the blogging and the internet marketing community.

  3. Hey Broke
    Your comment box says “Don’t Be Shy” so I would like to express my insights 😉 lol..
    Subscribe and get updates twice a week at the top is followed by a Download CTA.. Some people may want a subscription & not an instant download and may restrict from clicking the Download button.
    (Now please comment and tell me I am wrong :p)
    I am new to this field.. I know nothing about blogging or website.. I have recently started following you 🙂 I have shared my link as well.. Its broken and crap.. please help me and don’t be shy !

    Girish Sharma

  4. Hey Girish,

    The reason you seen a download button was because the site was loading cached files. I’ve flushed cache and now it should read differently. Also if you are offering a free guide, Download is the best option to go with. I’ve already given you some insights into starting a blog on Twitter. I hope my articles help you become a better blogger and marketer.

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