How To Keep The Blog Active While On Vacation

Should you keep your blog active while on vacation?

Its the question on everyone’s mind these days. Bloggers tend to wonder if they should be actively blogging all the time even when they are on vacation or travel.

Some of us have taken up blogging because of its nature. It offers us free time and the liberty to work at our convenience, but are we pushing it too far to work even while we are not working.

The answer entirely depends on who is blogging and what their intentions are. I personally feel that depending on the topic or focus at the moment of travel you can choose to blog or not to blog.

I certainly will not want to leave my readers hanging in the middle of an interesting topic.

All this has come up simply because recently I had to travel to the US, Plano, TX to be exact. It was an amazing 16 hour long flight with a switch over at Dubai. I will leave it at that and not get into the details of the flight.

Blogging has been my passion for the last 8-9 years. I’ve made money from it, i’ve lost money to it and yet I get back to blogging each day. It gives me peace of mind and lets me be who I really am. A passionate marketer, lover of all things tech and a young man who loves to share his knowledge so that others can learn from it.

These points I’ve put together from a list of things that I should have done while I was on vacation. I was too excited to think about anything else as this was my first international travel and that to the USA. Come on, anyone would get carried away at that. Anyway, I did not plan ahead and might have even lost out on potential revenue opportunties.

Open up Guest Submissions

Allow for guest posting on your blog while your on vacation, this way you do not have worry about creating regular content. This is not something for everyone.

For example. I do not allow for guest articles on my blog and do not plan on introducing guest publications in the future as well. My blog is my opinion and I would like to keep it that way.

My knowledge shared the way I best can. But there are several of you bloggers who love and nurture guest blogging, for those of you this is an excellent strategy to adopt. This will help you keep your blog active and engaged.

Plan Well Ahead As To How You Will Handle Your Vacation Time

Planning well ahead of your vacation is cruitial to your blog. I made the mistake of neglecting my blog and focusing only on my travel. Plan what you want from your blog and what you want for your readers.

This will help you ensure that you take action when its needed and on time. My recommendation to you as you can see from the way I titled this post is to keep your blog active while your on vacation. Plan at least one month in advance so that you can implement various strategies and have them running before you set off on your vacation.

Request A Fellow Blogger To Take Over For The Duration Of Travel

Asking someone from your network who has a little time on hand to take over your blog while on vacation is a good thing. The only problem is that its hard to find bloggers who are that supportive or have free time on hand.

Request a blogger in your network that you trust and can rely on, send out a request note at least one month in advance. I say one month almost all through this post as that would give enough time for anyone to plan or schedule appointments to fit in your requirements.

I cant say this strategy will work, but I can say that its worth the try and might just get you a totally new set of readers while your out having fun.

Write Post For The Away Time

This strategy is going to need a little more than a month to plan, at least for myself. Writing posts and saving them as drafts is a good idea. This strategy is not just so you can blog while on vacation, but during times when you are not available, or ill or just have to get some time off from your busy blogging schedule.

Every time I am able to write an extra post more than what has to be published for the day. Lets say I wrote two articles in a day, I only publish 1 article and keep the other as reserve for a time in need.

Like I said before, this can be for times your ill, your on vacation, you need some time off, you are faced with a natural disaster and do not have access to the internet or anything that keeps you from your blog. These posts come in handy and help you save the day. You will never go without publishing a post again.

Schedule Your Posts So They Seem Natural

These posts that you write and save up or even receive as part of the guest submissions from the holiday strategy you implemented, its time to put them to good use.

The first thing you do is to sort the posts out so that they have some sort of a flow. Once you have done that, split out the days and their intervals evenly and begin scheduling them.

This will make it look like you are actively blogging while your on vacation. While you might have already told your regular readers that you are on vacation your new readers will believe that you are active. This will only leave you with comments and engagements to deal with taking up just an hour or two of the day.

Let Your Readers Know That They Should Expect A Delayed Response

Its always a good thing to be honest about your actions. Letting your readers and followers that you won’t be available for a while is not a bad thing. Its a good thing to let your readers about your vacation and that you will be taking care of stuff.

You can also share the strategies that you are implementing as part of a post so that even they can learn from you. Just like I’m writing this post, you can do so too. The only difference is that I’m doing this after my vacation because I did not plan right and you will be learning from my mistakes and you can do it before you travel.

Host A Contest or A Giveaway

This works wonders I remember doing this for one of my old blogs where I posted a giveaway that ran for two weeks. And all through that time all I did was promote, promote and some more promotion. When I got back from vacation I announced the winner and gave away the prize.

Its important that you have something good enough to giveaway so that more and more readers join the giveaway or the contest and keep your site traffic up and active. After all we do not want to lose traffic and earnings during our vacation.

Write While On Vacation

If you can spare time on your vacation you can always write from where ever you are traveling provided you have access to the internet and other things that are required for you to blog.

Blogging can be fun while on vacation, but then again remember you are taking a vacation so that you can get some time off. I would recommend that you do not blog during this time and just keep and enjoy the time with your family and friends or yourself if this is a single person travel.

While my negligence to plan appropriately resulted in me thinking of strategies and sharing them with you in this article I look forward to being more productive and organized as we enter in 2016. I’m sure you will also take sometime and travel during the year and if you are someone like me, you’d want to plan well in advance.

What other strategies come to mind to keep a blog active while on vacation? Share your thoughts and comments below.

4 responses to “How To Keep The Blog Active While On Vacation”

  1. Hi Editorial Staff,

    I was just looking at my calendar to see if I can take some time off the week of Christmas. Yes, planning ahead is important.

    Thank you for sharing these suggestions. I’m going to keep this up while I do my planning. Hope you’re having a great week.


  2. Hi Cori,

    Good morning! I never really thought of christmas when I was writing this post. I can see how it would help you out. I’m glad that I wrote it at the right time.

    Im starting to believe more and more that planning is the key to success. I won’t be taking a christmas vacation this year, but I have a whole lot of exciting blogging actives in store for my blog and I’m sure I will be occupied all through christmas.

    Here is wishing you an advance christmas greetings.
    PS. I’ve already set up the christmas tree.

    Editorial Staff

  3. Great tips! I will put this into my plan to put article asides for when I am away. Thank you!

  4. This is good advice. I have always wondered how some bloggers keep consistent posts even with such busy lives. I like the idea of hosting a contest; perhaps I need to start a giveaway, whether or not I am on vacation. 🙂

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