10 Tips to Increase Blog Engagement Through Comments

Blog engagement is an essential aspect for bloggers who are looking to build a community around their blog. Commenting and engagement was very popular or is still popular with forums.

However, that does not mean that you cannot get readers to engage on blogs. It takes a little more effort to get readers to comment on blogs.

But with the right set of strategies implemented you can get a whole load of comments on your blog. I am a big fan of bloggers who get loads of comments on their blogs, blogs like Vipercill.com, Adriennesmith.net, quicksprout.com to name a few.

If you are one of those bloggers who wants to get loads of comments, struggling to get any comments or simply trying to build a community, this post is for you.

Its time to get those comments that you have been wanting for so long.

Questions Readers Opinions Through Blog Posts

We all try to follow Google and create quality content as per their webmaster guidelines.

But, is that enough to improve comments and engagement? I don’t think so. There is more to it than just quality content. You need to be cunning and clever to get readers to leave a comment.

Write posts such that you question the readers opinion, being controversial and innovative in your approach will make the readers question both their thoughts and yours.

This will result in them leaving a comment asking you questions, or trying to prove you wrong. This not only gets a comment on your blog but also a really interesting discussion.

Make Commenting Easy

Some blogs have such a complicated system that by the type I figure out how to comment, I’ve lost the interest to even write anything there.WordPress blogs have a great way to encourage readers to comment.

Once on the post, you have an open form with the bold text asking for your comment. This is easy to find out even if you’re someone who has never seen or even knows how a blog works.

Integrating social sign in is also an outstanding way to make things easy for readers to comment.

Since most web surfers these days are always singed into Facebook and Twitter, when they are at your blog they don’t need to fill in name, email fields, all they need is a comment and they are good to go.

Avoid too many field values, check boxes or complicated CAPACHA that is quite hard to read and tedious to fill in. These are some of the big turn offs for readers to comment.

Showcase Top Comments/Commenters

Another interesting way that has worked like a charm for me in the past is to add a sidebar or footer widget to highlight top commenters.

This not only serves as a motivator to the current commenters but also to the new readers, making them want to leave comments and get featured.

This system can serve as a traffic generator as well as a publicity for the readers who comment. There are loads of free WordPress plugins that you can download and try out, try and pick the one that best fits your blog design and layout.

Ask for Comments

One of the most common things that bloggers fail to do while writing a post to is ask for comments or suggestions at the end of the posts.

There is no harm in asking readers for their opinions or suggestions as a matter of fact, even readers can add value to your post content by sharing their ideas.

Try and rephrase your leave a comment request in different forms, use images or direction to guide the readers to comment on your blog. if you are repetitive readers might learn to ignore the comment question.

Leave Comments 0n Related Niche Sites

One of my recent observations with comments and blog engagements is that readers or bloggers love to leave comments on other blogs and the other blogger would do the same as a gesture of Goodwill.

While many a blogger completely would ignore this, there are millions of bloggers who still like to engage and connect via comments.

The best way to get this to work for you is to only comment on blogs or sites that are in your niche.

For example, if someone from a recipe blog left a comment on my blog, even if I wanted to give back to the other blogger I wont be able to as I have no idea about cooking, so I would not leave a comment in return.

Reward Your Commenters With Free Goodies

This one works like a charm, rewarding first time commenters with free goodies is an excellent way to keep commenters coming back to your blog.

Alternatively you can use the What Would Seth Godin Do WordPress plugin to add a message or simple tweak your site design to add a line of text telling readers that if they leave a comment, you have something special for them.

Don’t forget to set a comment redirect to a page where first time commenters get to download their goodies. Of course you need to have something that you can give away for free that does not infringe any copyrights or any laws.

Conduct Contests/Giveaways

Running a giveaway or a contest everyone and then will get more and more readers involved.

Readers will learn to leave comment and began engaging. While not every one of them would be a returning commenter, you can at the least be sure that you will get a whole bunch of comments.

Some of the top blogs I know even today conduct monthly giveaways for readers to simply leave a comment saying what they would do if they won. This is so simply and easy, however you need to get some decent sponsors that are willing to sponsor your giveaway.

Set Up CommentLuv

Since the release of the Comment:Luv Plugin that allows bloggers to build backlinks via comments. This has become a hit. Thousands of bloggers use both the free and the paid version of CommentLuv.

This allows you to add the last post of the blogger who left a comment on your article.

This is a great way to drive web traffic as well as build some decent links back to your blog.

While this is a great turn on for bloggers, I am not sure how well this works for simple readers who are researching for information on the web. Give this a try and it might really work out for you.

There are tons of bloggers who are writing list posts listing all the blogs that have CommentLuv enabled, you might want to contact them and have them add your blog to the list once you have the WordPress plugin installed.

Make Your Comment Section Do Follow

There are a ton of bloggers despite the fact that Google does not feel good about sites passing link juice have DOFOLLOW enabled on their blogs.

Well, from that I’ve seen thus far, the sites are running well as always, maintain page ranks and no drop in traffic either.

So why not? It might be a good thing to make comments DOFOLLOW.

You might get a ton of comments, but make sure that you are filtering them for spam and keep comments of quality and clean.

Conclude Your Post With an Open Ended Question

You will find a good way to get people to leave comments on blogs to is to ask a question.

You don’t have to always be direct in asking people to comment, but you can leave a question that would get readers to comment.

Its interesting how many readers just cannot stand to leave a question unanswered, they have to leave a comment with an answer to the question.

This works for readers as well as fellow bloggers who like to help you out and add value to your post.

Bonus Tips To Increase Comments

These are some very simple tips that can add the number of comments that you can get on your blog. Its not just getting comments, but its about getting readers to engage and start a conversation.

Reply to Comments

You as a webmaster, blogger or a business have to be engaging yourself. You need to connect with your readers, reply to their comment, communicate.

This shows that you are interested to talk to people about the post and share ideas. This will get the commenter interested in the topic and will continue the discussion further.

Set Up Comment Reply Notification

Setting up a comment reply notifications is simply to let commenters know that there is a response to the comment they left on the blog.

Knowing that you have replied to their comment they will want to give you a response or probably take the conversation further. Give it a try, this might even increase page views on your blog.

It’s Your Turn

How do you encourage people to leave comments on your blog?

8 responses to “10 Tips to Increase Blog Engagement Through Comments”

  1. Hey Editorial Staff,

    I see one thing you missed and it’s something you don’t have here on your blog either. Your name, no one knows who is behind your blog. It’s very impersonal and a big reason people won’t be able to connect with you. It took me awhile to find out who was behind this one.

    Other than that, all your tips are definitely spot on for getting comments and I appreciate you using my blog as an example as well.

    I learned early on to just be yourself, add your own opinion, be genuine, help others and people just find that attractive. Once they start seeing you all over the place leaving those kinds of comments then they’re going to start stopping by your place because they’re going to want you visiting their blogs. I know it’s a me me society but if it gets their attention then it’s up to you to build those relationships from there.

    Great post and I’ll be sure to share it as well with my friends.

    Like the new blog by the way, great theme. Sorry you were laid off but happy to have you here full-time. 😉


  2. Thanks for your kind words Adrienne. Its more of social experiment to see if people appreciate the content from someone they don’t know. Plus it goes well with my situation. 🙂

  3. Hi Editorial Staff,
    Very interesting read (as usual). As a newcomer to the blogging scene, my question is what plugins or software are good for handling your comments and comment sections on your blog? Perhaps a follow up article?


  4. Hello Broke, thanks for your cool guideline. This is my first visit to your Blog. Just a learn a lot’s of cool idea about this. I was doing some thing wrong.Just learn the points. I am going to follow your these steps from today.


  5. Hey Anton,

    Thanks and I’m glad that you liked this post. There are two good options available to manage the comment section. 1. Disquss 2. Livefyre. While I say that, I still prefer the native comment system from WordPress to keep things simple.

  6. Thanks for visiting Tonmoy. Glad that you found good use of this article. I’m sure that you will share it with your readers. Do come back for more, I share tested and tried marketing strategies here.

  7. Nice post.

    It’s notoriously hard to get comments for many of the reasons you mentioned above bit for me it’s simply that people have little time or attention. To get them to click on your blog is amazing – to get them to comment is a whole new battle.

    I agree that most sites are complicated (this one was simple) and making it as easy as possible it a good plan. But it’s a tough game and I get the personality point above too. People buy people and people don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it! For me, it’s all about personality, controversy and, yes – asking them to comment!

  8. Todd,

    I truly appreciate your comment and yes I understand how getting a comment can vary from blog to blog. We are all in different niches and even dealing with different types of audiences. We need to work on creative strategies to get people to comment, if creating a controversial topic for you works then that is good. For some just educational material works.

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