4 Simple List Building Tips to Improve Your Blog Conversion Rate

Bloggers and businesses alike are constantly looking at gaining new clients be it from offline business or from the web.

With the online marketing boom, businesses are constantly trying to figure out what is it really they need to do to get more clients than their competitors.

While businesses and bloggers try to understand the blogging and social media. I would like to share with you some of the many ways that you can optimize your blog and convert better.

Before considering about blog conversion, I would suggest you begin marketing your blog for improved reach and also may be a little bit of design tweaks to optimize it.

If you are not into design or the technical side of your website you can always hire a developer to help you out.

Blogs are the pinnacle of traffic generation and growing your business.

If you have an online or offline business its imperative that you manage a blog to draw in potential customers.

I’ve been able to do it for the last 8 years and continue to generate leads and new customers.

These four simple tips have help me boost my blog conversion rate by about 73% and I’m sure that you can do that too.

Fewer Form Fields = Better Conversion


One of the biggest mistakes that business make is to have a great deal of forms fields to fill in before providing access to information to the readers.

While this can be very useful for the business ( to know details about the customer), it can also be very tedious for customers to fill in the numerous form fields every time they need to access something from you. One of the very good example that I often come across is HubSpot.

HubSpot uses a form that has a total of 10 fields that the customers need to fill in before they can download the free product. A lot of the readers who fill out the forms are not necessarily business. They might be individuals or bloggers who are looking to learn about a certain topic.

As most of the form fields are mandatory, the customer or the leads are most likely to fill in details that are not true. This results in bad leads that do not provide any benefit for the company.

The field limit can even turn away customers from your business as they might seem unnecessary at that particular time.

The best way to generate leads is to keep the required form fields to a minimal. The Name, The Email and many be a contact number, and one other important field, the form of contact. This gives you the edge to always contact the customer and generate the lead offline.

This method builds trust and keep the customer wanting to know more, as you convert the customer into buying your products.

Create Trust On Your Optin Form

Backlinko CTA


You have made a lot of effort into convincing your readers that your genuine and offer quality information. Now that you have built some form of authority in your niche, its time to build the trust and convert the reader into a quality lead.

By asking the right questions and following the base rule of any call to action you can generate that lead. There are no exceptions to this and your call to action must have the following.

  1. The headline that instantly gets the attention of your reader.
  2. The benefits that tease, usually with fascinating bullet points.
  3. The call to action that expressly tell people to sign-up.
  4. The opt-in form with minimal fields to sign up.

Here is a very good example from the Social Triggers, you can find a very catchy headline and some awesome bullet point benefit teasers.

And Oh, the testimonial is just the call to action required for the reader to sign up. This is just the perfect blog conversion rate form that any business would need.

Offer Something Useful Along The Way

Ebook Landing Page


Creating a landing page to generate leads is the key to building a successful business. What better place to create a landing page than your blog where most of your new readers and customers hang around.

A Landing page is a place where you offer something useful to your readers luring them into singing up or giving you a lead.

Some of the best ways to do that is to offer readers Premium discounts, Free products, access to tools and more.

In this example from my own blog, where I offers a free guide to market your eBooks. As simple as it might sound, the information about the free product is also enticing.

This is useful information to the reader about the product and the product itself is very useful for the reader.

Design for Mobile

With the birth of WordPress, designing user-friendly and computer friendly websites have become easy. Companies quickly and easily adapt to the latest technology trends.

If you are using StudioPress to power your blogs, then its easy to make your blog responsive. Responsive design is the aspect of making it easy to view and navigate websites on mobile or smartphone devices.

With the rise in smartphone technology, people are truing to smartphone to stay updated on the go. By updating your blog to be a responsive design, it would be easier for the reader to subscribe to your blog.

I’ve mentioned StudioPress as my blogs are powered by StudioPress designs However, most web design companies today offer responsive design services.


No matter the blog platform, design, lead generation tool you use, you will need to optimize, tweak your blog from time to time. As soon as you find out your Website Conversion Rates immediately start working on blog Conversion Rate Optimization to increase the sign ups and leads.

How long has it been since you last checked your blog conversion rate?

Are you satisfied with your blog performance?

Do you find the tips useful? Are you implementing these ideas on your blog, I would love to hear how they work.

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