6 Steps to an Effective Blog Business Plan

Starting a blog can be overwhelming.

Bloggers often neglect the most important things while starting a blog.

They rush things because they got a nice HostGator coupon to host their blog or someone gave them another nice offer.

While these things are nice. You can’t always jump in the pool and then learn to swim.

Starting a blog based business is quite similar. You need to prepare and make sure that you have everything figured out, at least most of it before you jump in.

I remember when I started off blogging, I was so excited it took me just 5 minutes to set up my blog.

And then I had no idea what I was going to write about or what I was going to do.

It took me only 2 months to shut down the blog.

It was a valuable lesson because, since then I always plan and the results have been much better.

I’ve outlined the process I followed and still follow every time I start a new blog.

Goals & Objectives

Your blogging goal depends on what you want to achieve and why. As a rule of thumb keep the goal simple and straightforward.

As your blog grows, you can set new objectives.

For example, a goal for a blog can be like:

  • Earn $10,000 per month within 6 months.
  • Grow Twitter following to 15,000 within a year
  • Build a healthy fan-base of 2000 Facebook Fans within 3 months
  • Build an email list of 25,000 Subscribers within 2 years

They key to setting perfect goals is to set a timeline that you hope to achieve it. If you do not do this you will not make the required amount of effort to reach your goals.

While goal setting is good and helps you know where you’re going. You still need to figure out what you’re going to do to get there.

The objective will tell you what you’re going to do with your blog to meet the set goals.

For example, an objective can be like:

  • I am going to write quality articles daily.
  • I’m going to engage in conversations and connect with Industry leaders.
  • I’m going to create a unique product and sell it.

If you need further help understanding the difference between goals and objectives, check out this neat YouTube video.

YouTube Video Explaining Goals & Objectives

Brand Name

This is one of the important part of starting a blog business. Its essential that you plan what sort of a brand you would like to build. How you want the public to perceive your business.

This is something that would define you, so its essential that you take your time to create all the branding material that would portray you and your business the way want to.

While considering your blog branding, consider the following as they usually have an impact on your branding:

  • The blog name
  • The tagline.
  • The site design
  • Color palette
  • Graphics
  • Blog voice

Banding take a lot of time. But you will soon realize that your brand image begins to strand out.

Take ViperChill for example, his strategies made his blog posts go viral and soon he was the guy to follow to learn about traffic generation and viral traffic building.

Marketing Plan

There is no point in working so hard to build a successful blog business, branding and content if you are not going to market it.

Most bloggers fail and give up too quickly because they do not see any traffic or actual results.

This is because they never have a strong marketing strategy or plan.

In order for you to succeed both in the online and offline world you will need to come up with a strong plan.

Just like how you prepare an editorial calendar to write your article. (Get a copy of my editorial calendar here)

You should also prepare one to market them.

Monetization Models

The next step is to figure out how you’re going to make money.

There are hundreds of monetization models for blogs. But you have to choose this very carefully depending on what you wish to achieve and it should be in line with your goals.

Some use advertisements, affiliate marketing and some even create their own products and sell them on their blogs.

Identifying your strengths can help you a great deal in figuring out what you can really do and achieve with your blog.


This is my most favorite part of the blog business. Blogging.

Blogging is a marketing tool that is used to get readers to your website or landing page to convert or sell.

But today, things are quite different we use blogging for quite a lot of things.

There is one thing about starting a blog that has not changed that is content creation.

Focus on writing quality articles that help your readers and draw them to your blog and make that your primary purpose.

Scalability & Growth Strategy

This step is when you have reached all the goals you have set.

Its now time to set goals that help you scale your business, improved results, more products may be.

The point is your business is growing and you need to have a scalability plan and ensure you can handling all the workload and clientele.

There are times that you might even have to hire additional resources to manage work.

I remember copyblogger starting off with just one guy. Today they have scaled up – multiple products, additional resources, larger office and more.

Blog business can be exciting if you have the passion and vision to grow.

If you have transformed your business or seen how a blog business plan can help let me know on twitter @zabrocofl

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