4 Things that Increase Blog Bounce Rate

It was about three in the evening, I finished my daily blog activities and began chatting up friends on Facebook.

I love to talk to family and friends scattered all over the globe.

I have the habit of following blogs on Facebook and I stumbled upon a post every well titled.

Intrigued, I followed through to the blog.

And to my surprise, it was one hell of a mess.

What was I even thinking going to a blog like that.

It was a blogger I recently started to follow and was not very familiar with.

There were a few good lessons that I learned from the blog and knew I should avoid at all costs.

Cause I would never want my readers to feel the way I felt visiting that blog.

I believe that if the pointers where followed in moderation amateur bloggers can surely reduce bounce rate. I applied some of the lessons I learned from the blog visit and I’ve seen awesome results.

Avoid too many Advertisements

It was not just the sidebar advertisements, but the content area and every possible white space on the blog was covered with a banner.

The blogger had not optimized the sidebar or the content area.

There were about 12 125X125 ad slots, 4 300X250 ad slots and 2 in content ad slots 300X250 and even text ads like infolinks.

There was so much advertisement that it was all way too distracting and I couldn’t really focus on the post.

It looked like the blogger was carried away with Google telling them that they could add more ads on the blog.

At least if the blogger had avoided the advertisements within the content area, it would have been easier for me to read.

Because of so many advertisements the blogger is losing readers daily and increasing the blog bounce rate instead of reducing it.

I unsubscribed from the blog and even un-followed it on Facebook.

After seeing what too much adverts can do to a blog’s bounce rate.

I quickly tweaked all my sites to place adverts in strategic positions and soon found some improvements in my blog’s bounce rate. It reduced.

Reducing ads and tweaking product placements reduced my blog's bounce rate by 73% Click To Tweet

Poorly Formatted Content

Taking a closer look at the articles on the blog, I soon came to realize that the blog post needed some serious optimization.

The blogger completed neglected to optimize the Blog post, there was no headings, no paragraphs, no images or screenshots, no examples nothing.

All that was there was a huge chunk of text that was almost 700 plus words long with all advertisements in between.

I often ask advice my clients and readers to optimize and format their content well before it goes on the site.

You will be able to engage the reader much better and keep them longer on the site if you well structure and format your blog posts.

These sort of things not only help reduce bounce rate but can also help you improve your personal brand.

Poor Content to Link Ratio

Please don’t try to link all your blog posts in one article. It looks like crap and I don’t want to read your article anymore.

Bloggers in the name of creating list post, simply link to hundreds of sites without actually having content on their blogs, Its important that you maintain a balance between the two.

Sadly I don’t know the exact ratio of content to links that you should have, but I recommend building up your content and links in moderation.

As a rule of thumb you can add anywhere between 1-3 links per post.

Lack of Branding

Create a nice logo that represents your blog is a great way readers can identify you.

A lack of logo or branding sometimes makes us wonder if we visited the wrong blog and we soon leave.

Its surprising that the bloggers put in so much effort into creating magnificent content but fail to brand it.

A good logo, clear fonts, banners and photographs will make your site look neat that even if you have adverts, readers wont really find it distracting.

I often admire quicksprout, copyblogger for their simplistic designs.

So what are you going to do to reduce your blog bounce rate and make your readers stick longer?


Source: Neil Patel

4 responses to “4 Things that Increase Blog Bounce Rate”

  1. I found you through Viral Content Buzz and I’m really impressed. It seems like a large percentage of the great blogging articles I pin/share are from you. You have a new fan. 🙂

  2. Thank you Marie for your kind words. Its always good to have new visitors and readers. I hope my articles provide value to you and in some way contribute towards your marketing efforts.

  3. A lot of social media clickbait headlines are starting to wear themselves out. I know FB are punishing headlines that do not deliver on expectations.

    I’m even cautious about including backlinks in forum signatures because that traffic seems to bounce quite hard, especially if you’re offering a local service and you receive international visitors who don’t stick around.

    I also hate blocks of text with no formating. Same goes for webpages with tiny font sizes. It instantly puts me off and I leave.

  4. Darren, spot on. Glad that we are on the same lines. Blogs and businesses need to start clearly defining themselves if they want o win in the game of ranking.

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