20 Backlink Strategies for the Daily Blogger

Backlinks of the highest quality are essential if you are trying to achieve a respectable ranking in the search engines. Right after you have set up a blog, the first thing that you need to do is create unique content. Once that is done, it is important that you focus on backlink strategies that are both easy to execute and effective.

To save you a few valuable hours of research work and days of experimentation, I have compiled a list of the 20 most effective backlink strategies that works for bloggers.

1) Make Use of Local Links

As a blogger, you are writing for the global audience. This often makes you forget how important the local audience and businesses are to you. Your blog may not necessarily address local issues, but they will almost always have a strong local following. To capitalize on the presence of a local audience, you must use local links and citations. These will help you rank locally based keywords.

2) Sign Up for HARO

Signing up for HARO helps you avail free PR for your website. You may think that free PR does not exist, but I’m asking you to trust me on this. HARO or Help a Reporter Out is a service that combines popular media outlets with quotable sources from your blog post. If anyone was to take a line out of my blog and post it on a high quality site, I would be ecstatic. HARO will reward you on the basis of your expertise and insight.

3) Go Social

In my opinion, using social media websites for internet marketing is the simplest, yet one of the most productive backlink strategies you can think of. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest, you need to have a strong presence in social media to secure good search engine rankings for your blog.

4) Purchase Backlinks on Fiverr

This backlink strategy is often ignored. If you have money to spend, I believe it’s a wise decision to simply buy backlinks on Fiverr. Make sure that you only go for those websites that have high PR and high traffic.

5) Submit Press Releases

In my book, there is no better way to get the word out about a newly launched blog than to have a press released submitted. There are literally hundreds of high quality free and paid press release sites to choose from.

6) Go for Guest Posting

Guest posting on other blogs which belong to your niche or are associated to the themes of your blogs can be considered a rewarding backlink strategy. Given that guest posts are submitted free of charge, I believe guest posting on relevant blogs is a win-win situation for both you and the owner of the blog.

7) Comment on Blogs

Commenting on blogs that are relevant to your blogs opens up a window of opportunity to post a link back to your blog. The more you comment, the more backlinks you will get. It’s a fairly easy backlink strategy that cannot go wrong.

8) Take Part in Forum Discussions

This is similar to commenting on relevant blogs. Make a list of all the popular forums that are somewhat related to your blog’s niche. You can start your own thread or contribute to a pre-existing one. Using forums to get backlinks should be a piece of cake.

9) Join Q&A Sites

Personally, I am a fan of Q&A sites because it gives me an opportunity to put my expertise to use. If you feel that you are the right person to answer questions related to your niche, then feel free to express yourself. If people love you words, they are likely to visit your website.

10) Use Popular Directories

Using local directories to get backlinks is no longer considered to be the most effective strategy. I feel that the best way to approach this strategy is focus on a few popular directories instead of resorting to numerous low quality ones.

11) Be an Article Marketer

Article marketing is one backlink strategy that greatly appeals to me. It is creative, simply and highly efficient. All you have to do is write high quality articles, blog posts and press releases. Once written, submit them in any popular content directory.

12) Be a Video Marketer

Video marketing, just like article marketing, is a form of content marketing. The videos you create are the content here. I would say that videos make for interesting and eye-catching entertainment, and hence they are great for backlinks.

13) Provide Testimonials

If you have been involved with a business before, call them up and let them know that you are interested to write a hearty testimonial. I would say that this is a hit or miss strategy. Nonetheless, it can increase your exposure significantly.

14) Comment on Social Media Posts

Some may call this foolish, but I say it’s smart. Commenting on posts of popular social media pages can yield dividends. If your comments are worth reading, some readers will visit your social media page and eventually end up reading your blog.

15) Provide Free Service

If you do something for free for an influential business or individual, they will reward you with backlinks. For example, you can conduct a SEO audit for another blogger who is more popular than you.

16) Improve Blog’s Linkability

Okay, linkability may not be a real word, but you understand what I’m referring to. If you want people to link back to your website, you need to make your linkable assets more visible. Fixing broken pages is a start.

17) Study Competitors

This is an old school technique that will never become redundant. You want more backlinks? Then research your competitors and find out where they get their backlinks from. I know it’s cheeky, but it works wonders.

18) Connect with Audience

If your blog has a healthy number of readers, it might be a good idea to arrange a meet-up with them. If you share a pleasant experience with your followers, they will link back to you.

19) Write About Other Bloggers

Yes, you have to butter people up sometimes for backlinks. If you personally know a popular blogger, it helps to write about them. Maybe it sounds cheap, but I would have done it if it benefited my blog. Backlinks from other bloggers will contribute to your success eventually.

20) Maintain Quality

I had to save the best for last. If there is any one strategy that you can bank on from this list of 20, it’s this one. If you want a steady flow of backlinks, all you have to do is churn out fresh, evergreen and high quality content that people love reading.

10 responses to “20 Backlink Strategies for the Daily Blogger”

  1. Hi Editorial Staff. Anybody who knows me knows that I love lists and this is a good one to tuck away. I’m putting together lots of resources as I build my new blog, and this will go in the operations manual. Thanks so much.

    All the best,

  2. Commenting on blogs is a great thing to do – but I would say most people have their comments on nofollow now – like yours is, so you wouldn’t get a backlink from those. If you do managed to find any dofollow blogs make sure they are the same niche as yours.

  3. Great list Editorial Staff.

    Guest posting social media and blog commenting have been working well for me. I might check out HARO, thanks for the tip.

  4. Thanks Editorial Staff,

    A couple of new ones here I’ve not seen mentioned anywhere else.


  5. Hi Editorial Staff,

    I am so huge on blog commenting these days. I do my big league, guest post sized joints on a few super well read blogs and then I post a paragraph on a bunch of relevant blogs, and even on a few outside of my niche. Mixing the 2 approaches helps me make a splash on the most popular blogs around while I build bonds with my blogging buddies.


  6. Hey Leslie,

    My apologies for the delay in responding to your comment. I’ve been travelling and was in Dallas and took some break from blogging. I do maintain a list but have never really put together a proper workflow and build strategies around it. Right now my email campaign is all but sending out blog posts nothing more.

    Hopefully the new year I will have some new strategies in place to grow my blog 10X.

    Thanks for your kind words and keep rocking that list.

    Christmas greetings from the Editorial Staff.

    Editorial Staff

  7. Hey Michelle,

    There is a lot of misconception around commenting and back linking on nofollow and do follow blogs. The thing is that even if its a no follow blog if it is from your niche you still get a valid link and that counts as a good link. Do follow simply lets the spiders crawl through the link and nothing more. That adds some value but even that is being questioned by Google these days.

    So I guess a good mix of do follow and no follow links are essential to make sure that your site is getting legitimate backlinks.

    Hope that helps you make more informed decisions in terms of building links and wish you the best in your SEO efforts. Do drop by if you need any support from me and I’d be happy to help.

    Editorial Staff

  8. Hi Clement,

    Thanks for your kind words and I always appreciate your comments. Do check it out, Its awesome.

    Editorial Staff

  9. Thats the focus Gary, to be able to offer information that you don’t always get and to be able to help business drive business growth online. Appreciate your comments.

    Do visit more often and I’m sure you won’t regret it. Loads to learn here.

    Editorial Staff

  10. Hey Ryan,

    First of all, thanks for your comments here and your presence here is most welcome. Glad that you like commenting so much its an awesome way to network and share your opinion not just on your blog but on a varied set of sites where you have like minded folks.

    Do visit often and I’m sure you will find loads to read here.

    Editorial Staff

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