About Eddie Gear Entrepreneur

Thank you for showing interest in who I am and I am happy that you are here. I hope you find my progress interesting and aspiring.

My Rags To Riches Story

Born for a poor Anglo-Indian Family, I grew up among the slums of southern India. Though my environment was harsh, I knew something about me was oddly different. I never fit into any group, event and even at school; I stood out from the rest of the class. I pushed my way through one of the prestigious colleges in Chennai India (Loyola College).

I’ve had the privilege of working for Fortune 500 companies like Hewlett-Packard and Lennox International. They have taught me a great deal about, product, leadership and empowerment. With only my will-power and determination to make it big, I started embarking on my entrepreneurial journey.

Just like many entrepreneurs from the early 2000’s I started my business venture with a blog and an SEO Service which I later sold for about $10,000.

Since then, I’ve been part of various online ventures; some of them failed and some of them are successful.

Then & Now

I’ve come a long way from where I was. The ones closer to me have seen me grow, the haters still talk about the things I’ve missed or messed up in life. I show you a small part of my life that I hope will inspire you to dream big and reach for the stars.


People that surround me don’t forget to remind me how shameful it is to share with the world to be from the housing projects. And I make sure to tell them when life throughs you lemons, make lemonade. My principle in life is simple, the world has enough negative people and drama; be someone who encourages optimism and exhibit a positive can-do attitude. 

I’m grateful for the life I’m blessed with and I work hard each day to make the most of it.

Where I grew up?
Housing Projects Chennai

This is a more recent photo I was able to get hold of from where I was born and raised. These are housing projects that are built for the poor to live. We paid a house rent of Rs. 100 or $1.29 at today’s value. Life was hard back then, but as children we always made the most out of what we had.

MultiStory Apartment
Multi-story Apartment Community

This is the home I live in today. This is not a rented property, it’s a property I own. I’ve come a long way from where I started; slow and steady. I’m grateful for all the blessings and support I’ve received from my family, teachers and peers who have taught me a great deal.


During the early days (Years 7-12) of school. I still remember walking 6 KM or 4 Miles to and from school each, and add about 3-4 Kilo’s of books that we were required to carry to school each day. There were times we wishes for cycle, may be a ride to school but; our parents were required to work morning to night to ensure we had food on the table each day.

Education and books were free as I got to study at an anglo-indian school that helped kids from the community to ensure we made a life for ourselves. There were days we didn’t have proper food, water or sanitations and its all you got.

Renault – KWID

I’m thankful for my colleagues, leaders who put their trust in me and what I can bring to the table. My lovely wife who supports me in everything I do and most importantly the lord’s blessings upon our life. This is how I get to travel these days.


At the end of the day If you ask me what makes anyone successful I would tell you these three words. Hard work, determination and consistency.

As I continue to grow so does this page… don’t forget to stop here every once in a while. While you know my story… if it would make you happy share your story with me.