9 Biggest Blogging Blunders And How To Avoid Them

I started blogging about 8 years ago and back then there were not many bloggers who pointed out each others blunders in the field of blogging. They all spoke about blogging can do this and that, but never what we were doing wrong.

It took a long time before bloggers or marketers began to look at the broader picture and started providing articles that supported and helped even a newbie who had no clue about blogging.

Blogging is fun and its a great way to keep stress out of your life and also make that $50,000 Annual income. Blogging for me has been lucrative and I’ve been capitalizing on it year on year. I’ve been helping out my community with information that is normally sold as a consultation for hundreds of dollars.

I blog so that you do not make the mistakes that I made when I started off as a blogger. You can be better than what I was and you can make money much sooner than I did.

Blog with passion and take it one step at a time and avoid these blogging blunders at all cost and you are already so many steps ahead of the game.

  • Blog out of Passion
  • Blogging can provide mutual benefits
  • Blogs not just for nerds
  • Blogs are not just for writers
  • Not all bloggers are experts in their respective fields

Not Targeting The Right Audience

The first in line to be crowned the biggest blunder bloggers make during their tenure as bloggers is writing and hoping that someone would read it and find value from it. Blogging is marketing and if you do not know your audience you are not going to reach them and if you can’t reach them then no one is going to read your blog and you are never going to become popular.

The best way to avoid this is to do some market research well before you start your blog and understand your target audience and write with a focus towards them. It is okay if you already started your blog, its better late than never. So do your market research now and target the right type of people so that you can make more money by converting better.

Focusing On Too Many Topics

There are millions of blogs out there and thousands of new blogs started each day. And most of these blogs focus on generic subject matters or a wide range of subjects. Most often these bloggers believe that they are going to run out of ideas and start to make the topic they write about wide. This is a big problem.

Why? you ask.

Because someone who is looking for gadgets is not going to be looking for gardening, for example. Bloggers blunder by mixing up too many different things that creates a massive impact on their blog in the long run.

The best way to fix this is to pick niche focused blogs. Write about one subject, let it be detailed and let it be broad enough that you don’t run out of topics to write about. This way when someone is looking for information on gardening and then they land on a gardening blog they have a whole lot to learn from what you have to offer and also they might subscribe and receive future updates from you.

Being Inconsistent

Another big problem with bloggers these days is that they are very inconsistent in their blogging. One time they post on weekend and another they don’t. Sometimes bloggers leave a long gap before they are back on their blogs again. There are many a times, I’ve left comments on blogs only to wait for 3 or more months to get a response because the blogger was away or focusing on another project.

These things create a negative mindset with readers across the world. They forget to visit your blog because they think you are no longer writing, they unsubscribe at times and forget about you all together.

The best way to overcome this is to plan your blog posting routine. Create a blog calendar either online or using printed copies. If you are looking for online options I would suggest CoSchedule and if you are looking for printed planner I would suggest EpicBlog Planner which is available on Amazon alternatively you can sign up for my newsletter and get the free printables blog planner. For 2016 I’ve set a plan to write 3 times a week on this blog, now this depends entirely on your time and availability. But by being consistent your readers are most likely to visit more often because they know you will have something new for them.

Focusing On Quantity Instead Of Quality

There is a lot of information on the world wide web stating that the more posts you write and the more frequent you publish your site would rank better and drive a ton of search traffic. Honestly, I cannot say if this is true or false as I’ve not tested this yet. But to be honest by following the strategy of focusing on the volume of posts that are published, bloggers are making the biggest blunder; they begin compromising on the quality of the articles.

This creates a bad image and people will start to visit your blog in the beginning, but as time goes by they will start to feel that you post too frequent and that the quality of the articles are not up to standard. Now, if you have an editorial team that’s a totally different story, but if you are an one man army like myself then you are in for some rough times my friend.

The best way to overcome this is to ensure that you only publish posts that you can handle. Like I mentioned in the point about, based on my availability I can write 3 posts a week and anything more than that would be way too much for me to handle. So the best thing to do is figure out the perfect rhythm and follow the posting pattern. Check out how you can create popular blogs posts and keep your readers wanting more.

Not Putting Your Readers First

I’ve noticed this mostly among new bloggers these days. They think that if they write a blog and create a product everyone will come running to them. They forget that blogging is not about themselves its about your target audience and your readers.

If you are not able to put your readers first and above your needs you are in the wrong business. Remember, its always about helping your readers and solving their problem. As a blogger if you can avoid this blunder you are on your way to making a whole lot of money.

Doing a survey, asking engaging questions and figuring out a way where your readers can respond to you and find a way to let you know what they what and what you can do to help them out will put you in the right path to success.

Not Having A Blog Plan When Starting

When it comes to blogging many think its just writing. Why would I need to plan. I can always write something off the bat and my readers would love it and share it and I would make a whole lot of money from my blog. The hard truth is that’s not how blogging works.

You need a good strategy, plan and execute the well laid out money making system. Its all about what you can do, how you do it and how much money its going to make you. And in order for all of this to work out you need to have a rock solid plan. Without which you are not getting far. You might make some money, but its never going to be a six digit or a seven figure income.

There are hundreds of planners out there that can help you plan your blog. Its all about putting your right foot forward and start the planning process right away.

Neglecting Social Media

Even today there are so many blogs that I visit that do not have social sharing options on the article pages. Bloggers do not understand the importance and the power of social media and what it can do for them. There are so many awesome blog posts that I’ve read but simple never shared them because the blogger cared less to optimize them for social media.

The simplest thing bloggers can do is add social sharing buttons so readers can share them on platforms they like and drive some traffic and visitors to your blog.

In this day and age if you cannot give importance to social media you might as well go offline, you are simply wasting your time online.

The key note that bloggers need to take here is to be available on top social platforms and also optimizing their blogs and websites for social media. This gets your business in front of more readers and customers than you imagined.

Not Giving SEO The Importance It Deserves

I often read that blogger spend too much time on SEO and they forget the audience. Most often I see this in reverse, there are so many blogs that I StumbleUpon each day that have some awesome information and I would have never seen them if not for the social network.

They are never to be found on search engines because how everyone else is using SEO to their advantage but the quality content providers are neglecting it. I believe that anyone who is online, need to cover the basics of SEO so that they can get to the readers who is looking for them. Remember its not about what you want and what you care about, its about what your readers want and where they are. Your content needs to be available at as many platforms as possible and that means search as well.

You Write About Everything That Is Already Out There

I made this same mistake when I started out as a blogger. I wrote about subject that was already out there. I covered topics that top bloggers covered. I was making money but it was not a lot and I often lost most of my readers because they were finding better content from experts in the field.

The bigger blogs were drawing away the readers from my blog. The mistake here is that we tend to focus on the same subject and the same posts even at times without realizing it. By taking a subject, writing your perspective, your strategies and something that is entirely new can drive growth and progress to your site. What you need to focus on is that if its already out there don’t bother writing about the same topic unless you have something entirely different to say about it.

In Summary, You might be a new blogger or a seasoned blogger it does not matter. If you are making these blogging mistakes or blunders then its costing you money and you are putting your reputation on the line. By reading this article and putting these points in check you will be able to set things on track and be a better blogger. Its not just about starting a blog anymore, its about not making the above mentioned blunders and seeing success.

Question: Do you want to build a popular blog? Then take action now and put these tips and suggestions into action and start rocking your blog to success in the new year.

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  1. Always enjoy reading articles on how to improve ones blog. I agree entirely about quality and not quantity. When I first started blogging it was the opposite. Today, I focus on good content & social media interaction. Like any business, you never stop learning!

  2. Hi there!

    I’m curious to know how you were able to gain a much bigger Twitter following than your blog readership? 100k followers is a lot!

    My situation is inverse where I’ve got way more blog readers than Twitter followers.

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