7 Things I Learned From Stay At Home Mom Bloggers

Over the last few months after I got back home from my trip to the United States I’ve been following and studying a lot of mommy bloggers or the stay at home moms who blog. These are some powerful bloggers. In the past I have underestimated their potential and their ability to be bloggers and money makers. But as I grew older and began following their work online my opinion of them soon changed.

Blogging is for everyone and I mean everyone. Anyone can become a blogger, even if they do not know or have the ability to become one. The best part of the last three months researching is that I’ve learned a lot from stay at home mom bloggers that It has literally changed my perspective of what makes a blogger.

There are one too many things that even I’ve neglected as a blogger and a profession that stay at home mom blogs follow religiously. What better way to share the knowledge than to write a blog post, so here I am sharing the piece of wisdom and the power behind mommy bloggers.

  • They are determined
  • They are focused
  • They will stop at nothing
  • They are kicking A**

Google Is Not Everything; You Can Survive With Social Media

We bloggers are so obsessed with SEO, Google and search traffic. The amazing thing I figured out is that mommy bloggers don’t rely so much on traffic from Google. From what I understand they do some basic on page SEO. From that point on they only focus on delivering value to their readers.

They have mastered the art of social media marketing and promotion. They drive traffic to their blogs in the six digit range and some even in the millions. Its surprising how these simple blogs that talk about baby care or cooking or even parenting for new moms and much more drive so much traffic from social media.

Somehow they are all able to do this. Its not just one mom here and another one somewhere else who is able to dominate social media marketing. There is a whole community of stay at home mommy bloggers who are driving a whole lot of visitors from social media platforms of all types.

Lesson: Do not rely so much on Google. There are other venues that can drive even more traffic and even high quality leads and customers.

Focus On What You Love To Make Money Blogging

Stay at home moms who blog focus on what they are good at or what they know best to make money with a blog. We all know that there are so many criteria that we need to consider before we start blogging. The niche we select needs to be profitable, it needs to have a low competition and it needs to be something that will draw enough audience so that we can monetize it.

But with stay at home moms and their blogs its surprising how many bloggers take the most simplest of things and turn it into a money making machine. They create something valuable and put it up for sale and there are people in the hundreds and thousands that flock to purchase these digital if not physical products.

Lesson: Do what you love the most and turn it into a money making machine. Create valuable products that people will want to buy.

YouTube Is BIG

They are all on YouTube.

I never imagined that they would have anything worth putting up YouTube videos, and man was I wrong. There are so many videos. I’ve been sitting and watching them all weekend long. There is so much value they pack into these videos even I learned something even though I’m not a parent yet.

YouTube is big and these stay at home mom bloggers are generating thousands of readers and also growing their YouTube channel like crazy. After watching them create these videos, even I’ve started putting out some videos out there. As you know I’m an introvert and very camera shy. But with a lot of effort I’ve been able to put out three very basic videos in terms of how they are created on YouTube. Please share your feedback if you believe that I’m doing something wrong, I’m still learning and would like to improve.

Lesson: Start creating videos. There is a lot of value you can add to your readers and draw traffic and new following.

You Do Not Have To Be An Expert At Marketing

After the volume of videos that I’ve seen on YouTube and the number of blog posts that I’ve read over the weekend on blogging advice. I can clearly say that they are all not experts at marketing. Most of them offer very basic and free marketing tips for newbies.

Its surprising again that they are able to garner so much attention with so little marketing skill and effort. Blogging has truly transformed the way we present ourselves online and this holds very true to the stay at home mom bloggers. You do not have to be an expert at promotion and marketing to be a good blogger and make money. Just some basic skills and knowledge is more than enough to get you to the top and start making some good cash regularly.

Lesson: You don’t have to be an expert marketer to be a good blogger.

Blogging Platforms Do Not Matter

You will find a lot of bloggers and even yourself if you are a pro blogger you will definitely say that self-hosted WordPress is the way to go. Mom bloggers have a totally different opinion about this. You need to be on a platform that is both comfortable and easy for you to use. No complications or confusions or too many things to worry about.

The lesser the attention that is required the better are the chances of the platform being adopted. I’ve seen so many stay at home mommy bloggers run their blog on blogspot. Some of them still on a free domain and some on paid domain option.

Lesson: As long as you can deliver value and have an easy to use platform; the platform you use does not matter.

Blog Planning Is Key

Stay at home mom bloggers do a lot of planning and trust me there is a whole niche around blog planning where bloggers are making 4 figure monthly. This is big and is growing at a steady pace. The best thing I liked most about mom bloggers is that how organized and well planned they are.

Everything is written down in a planner custom designed most of the time with the bloggers interest in mind. I guess if you are able to plan your blog it will help you blog better. Planning is a tedious task if you have not planned before. I’ve made plans for 2016 and it has taken me over 2 days to figure out stuff. Get a blog planner and start planning if you haven’t already.

Lesson: Planning is key to your blog success. Get a planner and start planning now.

Endless Monetization Strategies

This is the most amazing thing that I’ve seem during my research. Stay at home mommy bloggers have the ability to come up with some of the best monetization strategies. They can create a product out of nothing. They can write just about anything and there will be an audience for it.

They will do anything from staff writing, to filling out surveys, app testing and what not to make money. With that said, when it comes to the end of the month they are making a decent 4 figure monthly income and they are content. As they constantly come up with new ways to make money they increase their earning potential and are constantly growing.

Lesson: Look out for opportunities, there is money to be made with everything.

In summary, there are one too many things that we neglect as blogger when we start to grow. But when you take time to look at the new bloggers and the more humble bloggers there is so much you can learn from them that will make you realize what you are missing out on. Stay at home mom bloggers are rocking it in the blogosphere and they are here to stay, if you want to learn something new about blogging, start following mommy bloggers and they are bound to teach you something new.

Question: What was your opinion of mommy bloggers? Did you know some of them who I’ve had correspondence with make a solid 5 figure monthly income? Do you want to become a mommy blogger as well? The potential is endless if you have the will to conquer and dominate the blogging industry.

3 responses to “7 Things I Learned From Stay At Home Mom Bloggers”

  1. Hi Editorial Staff,

    Yes, mom bloggers are kickin’ a** and so rock the blogosphere! I’m so glad to be a part of that community. I’m learning from some great ladies and so admire their ability to balance it all. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this.


  2. When I first started blogging I employed a lot of the tactics mom bloggers use to promote their blogs. Later on I thought I was so “smart” and abandoned some of those practices. How silly of me !

    Late last year I started using blog hops, a very common way of blog promotion in the mom blogger community and the traffic I got from that was amazing ! It is definitely a community to learn a lot from.

    Thanks for sharing Editorial Staff.

  3. Hello Editorial Staff,

    Yes, I have also read a lot of mom blogs. I am a member of several wahm forums. You are right about that. They are very focused and determined. They really do what is best for them. I believe that is the best way to go.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

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