4 Link Building Strategies for SEO That Still Work Today

Link Building has always been the backbone of search rankings. No matter how Google altered its algorithm it always made sure that backlinks had the highest value to rank any website on the internet. Link building strategies have changed dramatically over the years while many of them do not work today, there are quite a few that still stand strong.

Take guest blogging for example, bloggers have been building backlinks by writing articles on other blogs for a long time, even after being told that it is bad. The point that everyone missed was guest blogging for a backlink is not bad but doing it in high margins can impact your site performance in search engines in both positive and negative ways.

However if the strategy is applied correctly you can gain good results from guest blogging. I will talk about guest blogging more in one of the sections below. For now let’s focus on the link building strategies that work in the current timeline we live in and how we can make the most of it.

The four points I’m going to talk about are:

  1. Building Links By Submitting Guest Articles
  2. Backlinks From Submission Sites
  3. Blog Community Based Backlinks
  4. Press Release Backlinks

Building Links By Submitting Guest Articles

As I mentioned in the overview of this article guest blogging is still one of the best ways to build a backlink. The benefits of guest blogging is not just limited to link building, guest blogging can help in social amplifications if you take the right approach. The trick behind guest blogging is not to stuff keyword rich backlinks but genuine links pointing to the main site. This approach will get you more guest posts submitted and also a good name with Google.

Writing high quality articles will improve the chances of you landing your guest post on top blogs like I did on SEMRush and GetResponse and many other top blogs that increased my page authority and rankings respectively. Guest blogging also creates awareness of your blog but importantly it gets you that one link that matters the most.

Backlinks From Submission Sites

We often neglect the power of sites that host content. There were content sites in the past that were penalized by Google which created a negative impact on our blogs and websites. With that bloggers, SEOs and marketers have been very cautious to tread on new networks.

Top content sites that use a different medium when compared to blogs and website generate massive traffic as high quality links as well. For example slideshare is known to generate over 100,000 visitors to your blog if you apply the right strategies. You can also focus on PDF hosting sites and sites that distribute free eBooks and have your content circulated and links pointing back to your blog. Be careful as there are also sites that are quite spammy and you do not want to end up your stuff being submitted there.

Blog Community Based Backlinks

Blog communities are awesome. Today we have a whole lot of blogging communities that provide you a healthy backlink and also drive a ton of traffic if used properly. There are awesome communities that you can be part of like Bloglovin, ViralContentBuzz, Triberr and much much more.

Blog communities don’t necessarily have to be like forums or a group where you have conversations. They can be social sharing platforms, engagement mastermind groups and so much more. Most groups have a good profile page and they carry good page authority because of the high level of engagement they nurture.

This is still strong today and will continue to grow as we step into 2016 and is worth investing some time and money in.

Press Release Backlinks

You just might not have given it a second thought. Why, who reads press releases these days? Well most journalists and new reporters and bloggers who report about companies read them a lot and they are very popular among them. Its important that we publish high quality press pages so that journalists and bloggers from large networks catch hold of our press and write about us.

Imagine if someone from TechCrunch or HuffPost came across our success story and decided to feature us. We not only get a very high quality backlink but also a whole lot of traffic that sometimes our servers crash. I’m not saying this will happen to you if you submit a Press Release. But, this will not only get you a Press Release backlink but also a good opportunity to be featured by news networks and top blogs.

In summary, building backlinks in still the way to get on the first page of Google. If you are a blogger or a business trying to reach the first page of Google, you should be applying the above mentioned 4 link building strategies for SEO that still work today.

Question: What are your link building strategies? Are you applying these methods to improve your organic SEO? Share your opinion in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

3 responses to “4 Link Building Strategies for SEO That Still Work Today”

  1. Thanks for sharing. Guest blogging has been working well for me. Its a great strategy both for SEO and for building my profile.

    Triberr is fantastic too, didnĀ“t realise that Triberr links have SEO value.

  2. I just clicked through to this via a tweet from SEMRush.

    I agree that guest blogging on top industry sites is a great way of generating links and a fantastic brand awareness approach.

    My thoughts on using guest blogging as a link building tactic just to add links to your site is it just doesn’t seem natural and I wonder how long it will be before big G clamps down on it.

  3. It’s not a practice I’ve been particularly keen on, but I’d be interested in your take on the “link-bait infographic” strategy – create an infographic, contact a bunch of sites to include it in a post in exchange for a backlink.

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